Lumber Number: 1979 Chevrolet Wooden Truck

Maybe the title of this one should be Wooden Wonder. I wonder what makes a person build a custom truck out of wood? This unusual build is a 1979 Chevrolet Wooden Truck where the body is made of wood and it’s planted (ah-hem) on top of a 1979 Chevy truck frame. It’s on craigslist in Williamsburg, Kentucky with an asking price of 2,500-sawbucks.. or, dollars.

I wouldn’t know where to start in making something like this, although I guess it’s like anything, just sketch up a couple of ideas and get started. Now, the why is a different story. It’s a pretty creative piece of work, that’s for sure. The front end looks pretty mean, I can’t imagine that it would be fun to have this truck barreling down on you on a skinny country road.

You will, without question, be thee only one with something like this at the next Cars & Coffee event. I wouldn’t suggest putting a grill in the back and selling hot dogs, though, I don’t see a fire extinguisher anywhere in the pics. It had to be quite an endeavor to do a project like this and they say that it looks good and drives good. It has new tires and a new interior.

Which looks like this. Ha, no really, that’s it. If that isn’t a literal dash-board I don’t know what is. You probably aren’t going to go too fast with this one anyway so no need for a speedometer, or gauges, or much else.

So, sellers, case in point: a guy makes a vehicle, OUT OF WOOD, and he still includes interior and engine photos! Why can’t every seller include those, even those selling regular ol’ formed-sheet-metal vehicles?! Come on! This is a 350 V8 and it’s said to run good. I have no idea how this vehicle would work without flexing and pulling itself apart, but it must not do that, right? Have any of you made a wacky wooden creation like this?

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  1. BronzeGiant


    • Edd. Smith

      Looks like something the “Professor” probably built on on the 1960’s TV sitcom Gilligan’sI Island>

  2. Steve65

    Well, that’s one way to go when the sheetmetal rusts out…

    I just pitched it to my sister as the starting point for an RV conversion. We’ll see how that goes.

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  3. RayT Member

    It’s, well, different, I guess….

    I’d suggest that the next owner re-work the roof over the passenger compartment, as you’re likely to blow the shingles off “at speed”….

    Years ago, I saw pictures of a replica Ferrari V12 engine made of wood. It was beautiful; incredibly detailed, and the builder used different exotic woods for different components. If I had this “truck,” I’d try to find that engine and swap it for the 350. And then put the SBC into something I could drive down the street without wearing a bag over my head.

  4. sir mike

    Watch out for termites and wood bores..

  5. Chuck Cobb

    Legoland has a Ford Explorer made out of Legos, why knot a truck made out of wood!!! Being from Kentucky, maybe it was made out of Southern Pine.

  6. Don H

    That’s a woody

  7. Van

    This looks like a high school project.
    “Hey mom, can I have grandpa’s truck”
    “Go ask your dad”
    “Sure thing Jr. If you can get that wreck working you can have it,” he he he chuckle

  8. JW

    I guess if you are handy with woodworking tools anything is possible, here’s a motorcycle made out of wood a guy brought to our local car show., it was amazing piece of art.

  9. DAN

    ls3 swap needed
    wood bike

  10. KevinW

    One tool box for the obligatory tools, the other one, I suppose, would consist of nails, screws, and a whole lotta liquid nails just to keep it together! I think they should have put an outhouse behind the cab, make it an extended cab.

  11. Keith

    Needs a small wood burner for winter to keep warm ….. No heater !

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  12. Dave Wright

    The Norwegians still like to build boats with wood, there rational is everything will need repair eventually and wood is easier to fix than steel……..probably more valid when labor was cheep and steel was expensive. This one looks like a shop class project.

  13. Rodney

    Wooden this be nice to own? I guess knot.

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  14. Kiwi Glen

    Beverly hillbillies Reboot?

    I had a rusty motorcycle seat base that was unobtainum. made a new base from wood and recovered it with foam and a seat cover – worked then and as far as I know is still on the bike 20 years later

  15. Cris Carver

    Seen worse, but what bugs me is the “metal” hood ornament. There’s so many wood “sculpture” available at local thrift stores, church rummage sale, garage sales…

  16. Rockhead

    How did he get a license plate for this thing? I can’t see any state inspector or dmv allowing this to be driven on public roads

  17. Slick51

    That looks safe.

  18. Frank Hallett

    Wooden car construction is done here in Canada too. In the early 60’s as I was just starting out working for a living my dream was to get an MG convertible so as to impress girls. Unfortunately my income dictated my Morris Minor was all I could afford however another fellow at work had similar dreams of fast sports cars. Finding an unwanted rolled custom built racing car at Westwood track was a stroke of luck. The aluminum body was a complete write off but by combining our talents we managed to build a fine looking two seater. Using thin mahogany plywood bent over plywood frames we created a rather attractive tourer. Sporting a TR2 windscreen, torsion bar suspension, Fiat four speed box and a Crossly overhead cam motor we had it on the road after about a years effort. The vehicle passed the city of Vancouver motor vehicle test, had full auto insurance including fire and theft. Top of windshield was 38 inches above the road and ground clearance was less than two inches with two passengers on board. First trip was camping thru the interior of British Columbia then south to Portland Or. and home. I never did get a real English sports car but didn’t miss out on the experience either.

    • DavidL Member

      Pictures, Frank, Pictures!!!
      That sounds like an awesome project! How did that 2 inch clearance work on a camping trip though? Regardless sounds like a memorable adventure.

  19. Steve

    one way to keep the tinworm away!

  20. Mark-A

    I “wooden” be surprised if it doesn’t pass tech inspection! 😉

  21. Dustin

    Different but awesome!

  22. pwtiger

    This thing is BAD ASH!!! I’m impressed that someone followed through with their dream

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