Make An Offer! “Ferrari” Daytona Spyder

Jeff LaveryBy Jeff Lavery

Just so you all know, we weren’t going to tell you about this epic discovery. But, being the generous souls that we are, we’ll let you in on this secret Ferrari Daytona Spyder that’s been locked away in a Connecticut garage. It’s just been unearthed, and boy is it special: it’s a dual Corvette / Ferrari prototype, the only one made! Find it here on craigslist where the seller merely asks that you make an offer. 

It’s not everyday the owner of a Ferrari Daytona Spyder with Corvette power on board lets his guard down and solicits reasonable offers, as opposed to shipping this thing straight to Barrett-Jackson. Sure, the paint’s dead and it looks like the headlight doors are damaged, and there may even be a chunk of bodywork missing from the driver’s fender. But all it takes is one look at the badge on the hood and you know: this is the stuff of legends.

Clearly, the ownership history of this Ferrari was among only the most fastidious connoisseurs of the Prancing Horse legacy, opting to swap out those notoriously uncomfortable Italian leather seats for a set of re-covered buckets from a luxurious GM product made during the Carter administration, a high watermark for quality and performance from domestic manufacturers. The seller opines, “Must’ve been a great car back in the day” – yes, and it’s a great car now.

Those look like desirable two-piece magnesium Campagnolo wheels, a staple of any stallion from Maranello. Although the car does have some demerits – including, among other things, a rotted frame, missing rear suspension and no drivetrain – the value of this beast isn’t the sum of its parts. It’s how it makes you feel when driving it, with the roar of (insert engine here), the wind in your hair, and the endorphins flowing as you pilot the world’s saddest kit car down Sunset Boulevard. And before anyone asks, yes, I’m absolutely 100% joking.

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  1. Mountainwoodie

    You guys are being sarcastic, right?

  2. Mark Member

    Corvarri , but I do not think it’s worth the tow.

  3. Mike W H

    God I hope so

  4. JC

    Just slap in an LS and you’re good to go, that seems to be the trend here with some when it comes to Ferrari’s.

  5. TechnoHippie

    Sooo is it a REAL Ferrari or a kit car?

    • D. King

      Per the Craigslist ad: “This is a kit car built on a 69 Corvette chassis must’ve been a great car back in the day Daytona spider Ferrari fiberglass body…” (sic)

      Maybe the emblems are real.

  6. Alex B

    Well I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord

  7. Dolphin Dolphin Staff

    “Can be restored”.

    “there is no rear suspension no interior no motor and trans the frame is completely rotted out”
    All words in “quotes” were taken directly from the listing.

  8. michael streuly


    • Jim Mc

      More like, “Ferr-eally?!!?”

  9. fhuket

    Imagine what the shape of the persons head is that decided one morning when they woke up. …. Hmmm.. today I am going to get my already ugly fibreglass Corvette and I am going to build it into a Ferrari.

  10. Alan Brase

    they weren’t that bad! Ferrari looks with American stone axe technology. It worked for Miami Vice. But this is example of what happens when the list of projects gets too long. Car sits out for a decade.

  11. John K

    for $5 it might be a good start for a LeMons car.

  12. Jeff V

    The Ferrari emblem on the hood might b worth something, that’s it! lol

  13. Bob Hess

    Last Daytona we worked on didn’t have a fiberglass body. Miami Vice replica did. Slice it in half and you have wall art.

    • jcs

      Yeah Bob, ugly wall art. lol

  14. Lane A

    Hmmm… Lots of incorrect proportions on this one. The ones made by Tom McBurnie for Miami Vice were more realistically shaped. This looks like scrap to me, but what do I know?


      Lane A ,, i was lucky enough to tour Tom’s shop and factory back in his prime, he did supply and build the feature cars for Vice, he was going to build specially modified for me with handcontrols and my Vette chassis .. he told me all about the BS from Ferrari law suits, so he would have you sign off, then in stall emblems and other trim. just a month later his shop and molds were burned to the ground,,, very sad end.

  15. skloon

    Built one of these for a client in the late 80s the kit was an abomination of style and construction this should just be allowed to die quietly

  16. Pete

    Christ all mighty these Ferrari / Corvette were going for big bucks in the 80’s I love these cars. I live to have one they were cool in the 80’s they are cool now!!!

  17. Peter R

    Even Miami Vice gave up on this abberation and went for the real thing – this should be buried in an unmarked grave and forgotten forever

  18. Richard Holmes

    The parking light lens alone will cost you over a thousand dollars. How ’bout a nice McBurnie for about forty-five.

  19. John

    Nuts, and I had been looking for a few rare parts for my Daytona — I don’t want to take it out in public till its absolutely perfect. In the meantime, I’ve been clocking all of the phillips screws so that they all point in one direction, there’s so little to do after you have adjusted all 48 valves and rejetted the DCOE48s.

    See, I can BS, too. Just set that thing out by the curb, someone will pick it up for the flea market.

    • Art

      What are you looking for, maybe I have it?

  20. IanM

    Loved Miami Vice and the McBurnie. The Testarossa which followed was not a favourite. You guys in the US get some often well executed remakes of the 1955 Mercedes 300SL gullwing (but why not a decent 300SL roadster replica???), Ferrari Daytone Spyders, and a myriad of others which we Aussies almost never get to see. Good luck to the buyer of this fiberglass rep, that’s a lot of work ahead of you. But to Richard above, that’s a spectacular McBurnie and it must be fun to drive!

  21. Ross

    I would maybe (and it’s a very week maybe) give up a bag of recycle aluminum cans for it….maybe??

  22. 55chevy Chuck Foster

    That’ll buff right out! Good thing it’s far away, I like cheap projects, C3 Vettes are cheap, put the body on a better donor.

  23. chad

    Mr. RH,
    Like 2 C more of the finished vehicle….

  24. Elden

    well i’ll admit it needs some tlc, maybe it would mount up on my old 4×4 frame with some work, my old plow lights can be my new headlights, and I think I’ve got a set of trailer lights for the rear end, some bucket seats out of wrecked something, the list goes on…..lmao

  25. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Is it honestly considered a kit when all they did was graft a different nose and tail onto a C3?

  26. F.G. Kaye

    Instead of the usual Chevy ” Mouse “, or ” Rat “, motor, or even an LT motor,

    Why NOT find a ” Dodge Viper “, with it’s great V-10 Engine, Transmission &

    Independent Rear Suspension ?

  27. Keith

    My sarcasm detector (patent pending) exploded about half way through reading this article.

  28. Scott

    The owner says he does not have time for this project. If a baby born today were given this car and lived a long and healthy life, he would not have enough time for this project!

  29. J Jefferson

    Hey, this thing is near me if anyone wants me to look at it for them…. but only if you promise to take it far, far away. Never mind, my time is too valuable to look at this ‘car’.

  30. RP

    Where is Sonny Crocket when you really need him?


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