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Mark of Cool: 1973 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

At the end of a long day, there’s no better medicine that stepping out to the parking lot knowing you’re the high-rolling owner of a fine ride like this. Open the nine-foot long door, slip onto the mammoth leather Comfort Lounge seat, and twist the key a fraction of a second. The powerful V8 quietly ignites and settles to an imperceptible 600 RPM idle. If you see yourself piloting such a luxurious land schooner, check out this 1973 Lincoln Continental outside Spokane, Washington. Brilliant green over green, with few visible flaws, and described as a “comfortable cruiser,” this Lincoln refuses to be ignored. The listing here on craigslist asks $8000 for the permission to come aboard. Thanks to reader David R. for spotting this Spokane Special.

The dark green interior invites long-distance driving, and nothing here refutes the sellers claim of an original 70k miles on this Mark. I looked at one of these, years ago. It would have been my second car, after a ’73 Mercury Capri, which would likely have fit neatly in the trunk of this Lincoln with the lid closed. I passed on it then, but I would absolutely consider owning one now.

These sweet wire wheels and the factory wheels come with the sale. Chrome rocker trim really pops against the high-gloss paint. This may be a respray, but it could be in the original extra-cost hue of Lime Gold Moondust Metallic. Other factory color choices include Dark Green Metallic, Medium Green Metallic, and Light Green. That’s a lot of greens!

The blinding white vinyl top looks too good to be original. Someone took great care of this car either originally or after sinking some green of their own into it. The namesake “Continental Kit” trunk treatment echos the days when luxury cars concealed an upright spare wheel and tire on the rear bumper.

Kashmir walnut and a Cartier clock add class to Lincoln’s ultimate personal luxury coupe. The listing includes no mention of the car’s mechanical condition, though it appears to operate. No engine pictures grace the listing either, but the Ford corporate 460 carries a reputation for velvety torque and longevity. With fewer than 100,000 miles and, assuming regular maintenance, the big V8 should deliver plenty more miles of cushioned cruising. How many $8000 cars roll with the stature of this luxury Lincoln?


  1. Avatar photo alphasud Member

    When I saw this listing I thought wow that color really works with that car! Maybe it’s like wearing clothes of certain colors when you are trying to hind some extra weight. The green pulls you away for the sheer size of the Lincoln. 8K buys you something that cosmetically needs nothing to be seen in and I’m sure driving this car will bring smiles and thumbs up from people that remember a simpler time. I love it I just don’t have room for it!

    David R.

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    • Avatar photo Dave

      Almost looks like a Hot Wheels car, doesn’t it?

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  2. Avatar photo Bob_in_TN Member

    I’m with alphasud and Todd on this one. If you want something to cruise in, which oozes presence, here you go. A representation of a completely different era, complete with a time-appropriate color.

    This sort of car would be perfect for what I call a “mental health drive.” Plot out some quality two-lanes and go for a leisurely ride. Enjoy the scenery, stop in a small-town cafe, check out a historical site along the way.

    Green: amazing, four greens available on 1973 Lincolns. Maybe someday people will look back on 2020 and wonder why there were three or four shades of silver/gray available on a given vehicle.

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  3. Avatar photo Howebrad460 Member

    To me it looks like medium green glow metallic but would have to check the code to make sure. Absolutely stunning Lincoln. This car has presence and when you bought one you knew you had something to be proud of for your money. Wish I had room

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  4. Avatar photo GBagwell

    This thing is sweet! When you run out of gas, you just whip your Prius out of the trunk and head to the station.

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  5. Avatar photo jeffro

    When looking at this car, it gives me the urge to buy a plaid leisure suit!

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  6. Avatar photo Arby

    If you can feed it, you can own it.

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  7. Avatar photo TimS

    I’m a sucker for green cars from the 50s through the early 80s. Especially with green guts. Add me to the “if I had room” list.

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  8. Avatar photo Dual Jetfire

    It’s a factory pimpmobile. I was there in the 70s.

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  9. Avatar photo Cruising high

    That is one sweet ride spark one up and sail on down the road oh yeah

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  10. Avatar photo Mike

    My best friend’s father had one in Maroon. I drove with them in the back seat from LA to Sacramento nonstop and it was the most comfortable back seat I’ve ever sat on!!

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    • Avatar photo Jon

      If it made it from LA to Sac non-stop it got there on fumes … my ’78 was only good for 10-12 mpg downhill with a tail wind … and with a 25 gal tank I hoped for 250 miles before I had to stop … his must have been the 400 – mine was the 460 …

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  11. Avatar photo John Oliveri

    I had a 75, I called the color Pool liner blue, same color interior and a DK blue half roof, spokes and 1.5 inch whitewalls, the teak dash, car was the most beautiful looking and riding vehicle I’ve ever owned, loved gas, but when you arrived in it, you arrived

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  12. Avatar photo Johnny

    To describe these fine automobiles—you didn,t or don,t say anything. The expression on your face tells it all. I saw one on craigslist in eastern N.C.for $2,500 and its in really nice shape too. I always did like the big cars. ,but still have my mind set on a MG or Triumph next year. Get out of debt and pay cash for it. This is a really nice looking car, love-it.

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  13. Avatar photo Brian Weyeneth

    I had a 71 Eldo finished in Sausalito Green Metallic with white top and seats. 500, FWD. Leaving or arriving was always the same. It made a statement.

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  14. Avatar photo JEFF S.

    A neighbor 3 doors down in South Gate, CA had the same car and color. He had 3 green cars, me I am not a fan of green. But this looks right for some reason. I was 17 and went with him on several shopping trips to down town LA, the ride was fantastic, all the roads felt like glass. We always got plenty of thumbs and great car comments. In 1986 I purchased a 71 Mark III, I always thought the Mark III had better lines, with the 460/365 hp motor. A true “HOT ROD” Lincoln. Wish I still had it.

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    • Avatar photo Joseph E. Saad

      Had to put this here…


      I recall my friends face was white as a ghost, the night we went into a bridge, right around the side, and up the hill, left front fender and bumper were glazed shiny metal. What a ride, won the race, took months to fix the car… dad said no way you are claiming insurance, fix it yourself! It was a Dodge though.

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  15. Avatar photo Johnmloghry

    What a beautiful shade of green. I also owned a dark blue with white vinyl and moon roof and white leather interior 75 model. Bought it used in 78, it was a beautiful riding car. Complicated braking system that I had to rebuild at one point. But as some have said it had presence and people took notice wherever I went. If this was in Texas I’d have already bought it.
    God bless America

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  16. Avatar photo martinsane

    Thats literally a lot of car for your money, i love it and its ridiculous to think of a rusted out rolling shell being worth twice as much as a car that is in need of nothing more than a butt in the seat and a gas card…

    Id own amd roll this with infinite pride.

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  17. Avatar photo Amy

    Had a lovely 74 that was burgundy. Loads of fun to drive. With all options. Gas guzzler for sure, but the ride!! Ahhh I miss Elvira.

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  18. Avatar photo Super Glide

    All my friends are the Low Riders.

    Sweet comfortable ride.

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  19. Avatar photo KarlS

    @JEFF S ah, South Gate, Ca! I lived on Bowman, between Michigan and Tweedy and this car wouldn’t have fit on the driveways of most of the houses on our block.

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    • Avatar photo JEFF S.

      I lived on San Vincente, we always parked on the street in South Gate. You could park in the driveway, but then the passengers would of had to crawl out the windows, lol. No problems now, I live in Montana.

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  20. Avatar photo Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    Hey, I have a question for all you aficionados on cars. This has nothing to do with this beautiful Lincoln.

    Ok, so, how long should tires last? I’m not talking treadwise, but the actual age of the tire . I have tires on my car that have decent tread, but, they are from 2015. The side walls are getting cracks in them and my tire pressure monitor is always going off! And on top of that, I live in Vegas and the summer’s are brutal on cars. I have to replace my wipers almost every year

    Thanks guys

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    • Avatar photo John Oliveri

      Any cracking or dry rotting on a tire means they are trash, because you bought them 5 yrs ago, doesn’t mean they weren’t on the shelf for 2 or 3 yrs, tires have a year on the sidewall in very small print, tires that are exposed to the weather, or extreme cold seem to , in my opinion age quickly, I have Vogues in my collector car, and they are 14 yrs old, have no cracks, or peeling, it I’m gonna change them this yr, just because

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      • Avatar photo Angel Cadillac Diva Member

        Thank you, John O.
        They came with the car

        when I bought it 3 years ago. It’s a 2008 and from it’s history, it has been everywhere in the US. Spent several years twice on the east coast. A couple on the west coast and a few in Midland north

        Time to change the tires

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    • Avatar photo JEFF S.

      New car tires have a DOT 4 digit code on the sidewall next to the rim, showing the week and year the tire was made. Tire makers say 8 years is the maximum, but I have had tires at 5 years that need replacement here in Montana. I replace all tires when 75% of the tread is gone, because of our winters.

      Wipers – Try cleaning with rubbing alcohol once per month, you may not need to replace as often.

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  21. Avatar photo K. R. V.

    Oh that green! Back all through the 70’s till he retired, my wonderful Dad in fact had new Lincoln’s, in 71,73,75 an finally 78, all but the 78 were Coupes! But the 73, was the same exact colors as the above beauty! The words of longevity in the 460 that went over 200,000 miles, see after Dad was finished with each of them he didn’t trade them in! No he handed them to his brother in law, who was the sales manager of the family run trucking company, who was required to spend his. days driving back and forth all over the Rhode Island, Mass. areas. But not only that, he also used them to tow his family’s travel trailer around with the Lincoln! Yes a 26’, 5,000 lbs camping trailer! With ease I might add! With only regular schedule maintenance, the valve covers were never removed, only water pumps, alternator but never the drivetrain!

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  22. Avatar photo Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    Jeff S. Thank you . I’ll try that tip on my wipers.
    You have extreme cold in Montana and I have extreme heat here in Vegas

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    • Avatar photo K. R. V.

      I use wet wipes on my wipers! Plus clean bugs off with good sharp acrylic ice scraper.

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  23. Avatar photo jrc

    o 2 put my buttocks and cruise the turnpike at 80 mph in this

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  24. Avatar photo Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    Thanks, K R V
    We don’t have much a big problem here. Too hot I guess. But I like that trick, too

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