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Marriage Forces Sale: No Reserve C4 Vette


When I got married, I was fortunate to have my biggest car project close enough to completion that it would have been tragic to sell it. Luckily, it was never even a consideration to put my treasures up for sale to score some quick cash, but the owner of this 1984 Corvette here on eBay claims he has no choice but to sell his baby for no reserve, with an opening bid of just $100. 


Surprisingly, this Corvette seems fairly complete despite the potentially low sale price. The seller claims it’s a strong runner with no oil leaks, and recently received a new carb. While it’s the less desirable automatic, the seller did install a rebuilt unit to ensure smooth shifting for the next owner. New pads and rotors round out the mechanical updates.


Inside, the seats will need recovering but there are plenty of spares out there if you just want to replace both with a better pair. The seller has already tackled some of the hard stuff inside, including a replacement dash pad. Hell, the A/C even works and he’s dropped in a functioning C/B radio. Factor in the solid body and it looks like a deal to me.


The seller acknowledges that the car will need a “tune up”, so you’ll want some clarity on why that is. The front windshield glass will also need replacing. While not the most desirable Vette on the road today, getting this car on the cheap could at least make for a comfortable cruise-night vehicle or justification for a 5-speed swap and going racing. Do you see a potential project car opportunity in the seller’s vows of misfortune?


  1. dj

    People are so scared of the Crossfire and think its junk and replace them with a carb. They’re pretty easy to work on and usually the only problems are worn throttle shafts and they’re not balanced correctly.

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    • Rocco


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    • Wayne Thomas

      Carb? Replace it with a LS engine and tranny and do it all up right.

      Jay Leno’s Garage has quietly stripped many of its older videos, but there was once a sweet episode a few years ago where Dick Gulstrand showed up and showed what a C4 could be.

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    • Lee

      Yup…the single biggest issue with the CFI cars are the terrible factory fuel pump. Drop in (literally) an ’85-’91 TPI pump and the difference is amazing. :) Plenty of torque and all around grunt to light the tires up. And they are dependable and the TBs are easy to clean/maintenance and modify.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Good to hear the positive comments on the Crossfire setup. I thought I was on my way to C4 land but the C3 keeps calling me back. An ’82 would look nice in the garage.

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  2. Howard A Member

    I think Corvettes are like boats, it’s fun when you buy them, and it’s fun when you sell them. This one looks a little tired. I’m surprised it even has a carburetor, as Wiki claims, all 84’s had fuel injection.(?) And why is the guy’s face etched out? Selling the ‘Vette before the future ex-wife get’s it? Too bad, who’d have thought a divorce would be such a PITA. ( we all have or story’s) I wish the guy the best of luck, he’ll need it.

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    • Howard A Member

      Oops, sorry, I thought he was getting divorced. Tune in in 6 months for that.

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  3. Joe Howell

    Keep the car, dump the bride to be. This would be a great car for someone to go old school with. Keep the carburetor and add an old points style distributor and that SBC will run forever and future engine troubleshooting will be a cinch. Friend just picked up a sickly 84 for $1000. He had it running in no time.

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  4. Fred W.

    Every previous Corvette has ended up being desirable, this one will too, just not quite old enough yet. The time to buy is NOW.

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  5. ccrvtt

    It’s debatable if the C4’s will ever be collectible, and this is coming from the happy owner of a ’95. I think the understated styling will be recognized as a classic design … someday. In my humble opinion ALL Corvettes are screaming bargains, even if you buy it just to look at it. But don’t do that. Buy it, fix it, drive the hell out of it.

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  6. Mr. Bond

    It really tears at me to see the plastic bumpers so warped on these and other cars of this vintage. On the one hand, I see it as clear evidence GM (et al) went for lower quality to maximize profits. On the other, I see technology has vastly improved since then, and auto manufacturers have benefitted, as well as the car owners. I wonder if anyone is making repro bumpers for these with better materials?

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  7. Blyndgesser

    On an early c4 the automatic is preferable to the awful Doug Nash 4+3 manual.

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    • dj

      When I worked on them new at the dealer, we called them Dog Nash.

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  8. mark

    Bid is currently at $1875.00

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  9. Luke Fitzgerald

    That’s a new spin on the vin/tag scrub out

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  10. MikeK

    Divorces are expensive…. because they’re worth it !!

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  11. Harry Loyd

    Screw that, keep the car. Who cares if you are getting a divorce. Get yourself a 1 bedroom place or move in with a friend or family. But don’t get rid of the car.

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    • D. King

      It’s worse than that–he’s selling the car because he’s getting married. Ridiculous! If my hubby wanted to sell our ’64 Porsche, that would CAUSE a divorce. (Then again, we’ve owned it for 49 years…)

      I’m amazed that the seats are in such shabby shape for only having 72,000 miles. Is that normal for these cars?

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  12. Roselandpete


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  13. AMCFAN

    Haha a term the my old man says! Whipped! Meaning beat.

    I know I’ll get beat by the Corvette/GM loyal having been “into” and owning Corvettes myself but my experience doesn’t seem to sit well them. But even in the 80’s it was an unritten rule to stay far away from the 84’s. Not just Crossfire issues but full of rattles and production issues that were never quite worked out until the following model. There were at the time specialists who would go over the car to make it like GM should have. Many years ago now to remember the details.

    1984’s have always been a good buy for those reasons. I don’t think the values will ever be strong . Still I think for no more money that the car will realize would be in the owners best interest to grow some and just keep it. He would be better off in the long run. Giving up what you like to please someone is never a good way to start off (unless there is a lot more wrong with it then the ad says.

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  14. angliagt

    You never see “Just married,Wife wants me to buy a-
    sports car/motorcycle”.
    These seem to have no resale value,which is probably a
    good/cheap way to get the Corvette urge out of your system.

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  15. SeaKnight

    I owned a 1984 Corvette. Drove it every day. Was reliable, good car.
    Keep up the maintenance like any other Corvette and they run.

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  16. ToniM

    Seriously. Take me AND my cars or leave it. Not getting rid of the cars for anyone. And I’m a woman!

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  17. Jeff K.

    Amen Toni!!!
    BTW……….What’s your number??!! LOL LOL

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  18. ToniM

    LOL Sorry Jeff, my husband beat you to it. We have a mixed family–his cars and my cars!

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  19. jaymes

    carb ruined it (

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