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Massive Collection of Seized Collector Cars Up For Auction!

Jeff and Paulette Carpoff had a car collection that would make even the most avid collector jealous. The owners of DC Solar appeared to be running a successful solar-powered generator company. They are now accused of running an $800 million Ponzi scheme. While they haven’t been charged with any crimes, they agreed to auction their collection. As you will see, there is something for everyone. You can read more about the auction here on and here on The sale is being handled by the U.S. Marshals Service and Apple Auctioneering Co. in Woodland, California and bidding has already begun. The full auction catalog can be found here and the bidding will continue through a live event in Woodland on Oct. 26. Lets check out some of these amazing vehicles!

This collection literally spans almost every kind of vehicle imaginable. From AM General Hummers to Volkswagens and everything in between with a few boats, RV’s and motorcycles sprinkled in! There is something for everyone at this sale! Tons of muscle cars from every brand, trucks, hot rods, classics and even a police car!

How about some Chevrolet muscle? Chevelles, yep. A dozen or so Camaros, yes. 1950’s pickups and sedans, sure. El Caminos, at least three.

Dodge and Plymouth muscle is in abundance as well. From a 1968 Super Bee to a 2018 Challenger SRT Demon, any MOPAR fan will find something that gets their juices flowing! How about some Superbirds? There are three from 1970!

There are also quite a few oddballs in the collection. They include the following: a 1967 Autokraft Panoramica Wagon, a 1940 Cadillac Sedan deVille Limousine, a 1948 Chevrolet Suburban Custom Panel, a 1959 Chris Craft 1017 Boat, 1930 Cord L-29 Brougham, a 1968 Fiat 500F, 2008 Maserati GranTurismo, a 1965 Plymouth Fury LAPD Tribute, and a 2014 Tesla Model S P85D. If you could only choose one car from this collection, which one would it be?


  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    What a find Montana! The U.S. Marshalls must have something on me, I could not open any info on the cars. I could not pick just one car so I will take the 1959 Chris Craft.

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    • RayT Member

      Those mini-listings might be all we get. They are all I could see….

      That said, most of the collection is of cars I wouldn’t be so interested in owning, though I’m sure some will attract strong bidding.

      If circumstances allowed, I’d definitely take an in-person look and toss in bids on the Mini, the Fiat 500s and the Austin-Healey. If they are as nice as they look, all fit nicely into my automotive worldview….

      Why anyone would want to own multiple examples of a single vehicle — e.g., the Hummers and some of the Mopars — is beyond my comprehension. I guess you can do that when you have a lot of money (yours or someone else’s) to throw around!

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      • SWells679

        Right? I white, Ram 2500 for each day of the week…and then some.

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever
    • five_w_coupe

      to bid, go to and start bidding. Don’t add anything else to the web address….
      Your Welcome

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  2. Tony Primo

    Not an easy job to scam Warren Buffet, these two are bad a$$.

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  3. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Boy, if I had the chance to pick up a car from an auction like this selecting one would be had to do. Challenger or Cuda, one of the Mustangs or one of the SS Chevelles, it would be difficult. Ironically the 67 ElCamino has a draw to it also – which to choose?
    Why do all the crooks get all the good stuff?

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  4. Tom Member

    How do you know when someone has too much money?

    They have a Superbird sitting on a flat tire !!!!!

    I wonder if they arrested them and took them into the station in that old squad!

    Not sure what was worse, getting busted OR having to give up these cars !! Just kidding, we all know giving up the cars was the worst !!

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  5. Gasoline

    So many to choose. But no doubt (for me) it would be the 1969 Charger 500 in bronze. Can’t go wrong with a 426 under the hood. Not a fan of the nose cone or gigantic wing on the Daytona’s or Superbird’s, but the 500…sweet.

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  6. Arthell64

    They were doing well for a little while.

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  7. Joe Machado

    Over the years, I saw some of these at Auctions. Scottsdale, Monterey, Vegas.

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  8. Classic Steel

    Ponzi scheme of EPIC proportions huh.
    These started just with pintos and Vega
    “bond” type cars looking for fast returns then had bigger better super type bird 🦅 prey on investors jump in with better “faster” return cars. I hear it ended with challengers “hemorrhaging” pulling a “hemi” for shorting financial institutions in the end 🏦 😉😏

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  9. mainlymuscle

    I recognize many of these from the auctions as well ,not the least of which is My Petty Blue 6 pack Superbird .I had the white roof put on because I thought it looked good with the white interior and graphics.Obviously the 2 subsequent owners did too.Car was sold in 2015 at BJ Scottsdale,then again at their Northeast sale last year.This sale is so amazing,I initially thought it must be a scam.The sale list features better “real cars”,than any of the big BJ or Mecum shows.This will be a real interesting watch !

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    • Joe Machado

      Is this the Petty blue Bird with white vinyl top I asked about at Welborns if it used to belong to Ken Langford? The answer was it was not. But, was that you? I had the number 06 Daytona and the wind tunnel Daytona inside the museum.
      We created Winged Warriors back in 1974

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  10. mainlymuscle

    I think it was a different conversation Joe.We did meet at a show in Palm Desert,where you were showing a well used and very cool ‘bird.I think you’ve hauled for me as well,through Dave at EG.

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    • Joe Machado

      Wow, another white top then. DB has another auction-show in about 3 weeks. Will be bringing the 1991 Ridler award winner for that show. 33 hi boy done by Foose and Coddington.

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  11. mainlymuscle

    I look forward to seeing you there,as I will be there for both his show,and Kieth’s the following weekend.Hope you do better with your Chip/Boyd car than I did.I had the beautiful 32 Purple Boydster,one of a handful actually built in Boyd’s shop.Sold at BJ Vegas a few years ago for like $42k,about 30 grand under the money.

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  12. C5 Corvette

    well no Corvette’s so I guess I’d pick the Motorhome!

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      Better have a stash to spend, the bid is so close to $1 Million! (with a $25 bid increment, LOL!)

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      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Thanks Allan, some interesting bidding going on. I know there is a lot of lakes up by you. Did you notice the pontoon for almost $50K. Wow!

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  13. Bob McK

    May I please have the Jeep?

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  14. scottymac

    No Galaxies or Marauders, so I guess I’ll have to settle for the Bentley. That is a sharp ’62 Jetfire, though. Wonder if it’s my old car?

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      The Jetfire appears to have been one of the ones with the 4-barrel swap. No turbo parts are evident in the engine compartment photos!

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  15. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    Not enough Cadillacs, Lincoln’s or Imperials. But what is there is worth bidding on.

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  16. Clay Bryant

    Think of all the enclosed glass in this collection. What solar power. They’ll probably be getting solar energy out in the yard after this.(You know, the yard with brick walls all around it, no trees)

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  17. Dave Mazz

    At last….some info we can all use!! If you want to be a serious classic car collector, first set up a Ponzi-scheme energy company!!

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  18. CaCarDude

    No mention about the nice 41 Plymouth Woodie so I guess it’s all mine, lol
    I also like the ’65 Buick GS post car, if only a 4 spd car I would own it this weekend. Being only 60 miles from Woodland helps a bunch!
    A very nice lot of muscle cars and that old Chris Craft is to die for according to a friend who actually got over to Woodland and saw it up close and personal. What a find!

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