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Massive Find in Farmville


Farmville may be the title of a farming game on Facebook, but it also happens to be a small town in Virginia. Small towns tend to be some of the best places to hunt for barn finds, but it would seem this town is home to more than just a few classics. When Brian M. sent us an email about an upcoming sale of cars in Farmville, we assumed it would just be a couple old cars. We were more than a little surprised when we looked at the craigslist ad to discover that this auction includes a large number of cars. Be sure to take a look at the listing here to get a detailed list of what is being sold off on January 18th.


Besides having a barn full of cars, most of which appear to be Mopars, the seller also has a field full of rusty iron. We are going to guess that this was a salvage yard at one time, but given the overgrowth we would assume it’s not been open to the public for a number of years. The seller didn’t state whether everything is for sale or just the cars they have listed in their ad.


Besides having a massive number of cars, the seller also has lots of parts, especially for Mopars. This might be a great chance to score some parts for that barn find project you have parked in the garage. We aren’t sure how many of these cars are solid enough to restore, but we are sure there are more than a few worth saving, even if it’s just to rescue another car.


We aren’t sure if we would buy anything from this collection, but we would certainly love to spend an afternoon walking through it. Seeing so many pieces of American Iron lined up in perfect rows like this would bring back great childhood memories of going to the salvage yard on a Saturday morning with dad. Sadly we won’t be able to attend this event, but if anyone is in the area be sure to stop by and take a look. Be sure to let us know if there are any hidden gems in there!


  1. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff
  2. Livermoron

    Looks like they tried the same thing back in November. I Googled one of the numbers and a bunch of deleted Craig’s List ads came up.

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  3. Clint

    I live 30 minutes from Farmville. Me & my crew may see if this is legit.

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  4. Bryan Cohn

    Interesting, it looks like this hoarder was at least organized. What an odd combo, hoarding and OCD.

    I don’t think this was a salvage yard, the grounds are too clean, no roads through the fields of cars, just row after row of cars.

    When was the last time you saw a salvage yard that didn’t have mud roads through it, parts strewn about, cars in various states of disrepair looking like they were attacked by a axe and hammer. This looks personal as its organized, the grass was cut once in a while and so on. Its a collection, not a salvage yard IMHO.

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    • Bill (Melbourne, Australia)

      Its OCPD not OCD – TV/Hollywood has used the wrong term for years and the public (AKA sheep in the audience) then follow and start using the OCD term.

      Look up the symptoms and go ask a professional – OCD repeats destructive habits etc – OCPD has the perfectionist/neat/rule component etc NOT OCD..

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      • larry

        Chill out Bill :-)

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  5. paul

    these are crop circles for those martian landing’s you all have heard so much about. These are not cars they are bugs & don’t get too close.

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  6. Dave

    It looks like they were parked in a pasture and the cattle kept the grass down.

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  7. Rolly Doucet

    I agree with Bryan Cohn on this one. It looks more like a collection placed for viewing, than a junkyard. There’s a junkyard in eastern Ontario, Canada wher the cars were parked like that as they came off the road, so you can see the vintages are progressive. You see the late thirties, then the forties and fifties and so on. One they were parked, the grass wasn’t manicured around them, and since then , trees have grown between the cars, and some have grown through certain cars.

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  8. Horse Radish

    …..they should have given the beer to the guy writing up the listing AFTER he is done.

    .. also photo number 5 is a parts cars for the 59 Ford from a week ago.

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    • jim s

      forget the ford from a week ago, this one might make it back on the road again. and look at all the vans in the background. plus a school bus.

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      • jim s

        and more buses in the google photo.

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      • Alan

        Yes, I like this ’59 a lot more than the smashed-in rust bucket we saw last week. Who knows, this one might be had for $1K too, and it does look complete.

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Yes, this would be quite sufficient as a parts car for the one last week. Last week’s car looked like it was missing a wheel.

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    • rancho bella

      The Radish returns………yaaaaaaa

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  9. Jim-Bob

    With this event being so poorly advertised it is likely that much of what is there will be sold for scrap. Where’s the auctioneers that did the Lambrecht auction when you need them? Not everything here is a gem but many of the cars would be salvageable even if just for a VIN for a reproduction body shell.

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    • Brian

      Oh, please NOT another Lambracht auction!!! The parts car/project car market still hasn’t recovered from September’s lunacy! If things like that continue, I might have to get out of the hobby and start collecting beer cans!

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      • Jim-Bob

        What… you don’t think a 4 door 57 Chevy 150 sedan that has been sitting in a field for 30 years is worth $50,000? What’s wrong with you?

        What I really meant was that I want “collections” like this to be well enough known when they come to auction that the scrappers don’t end up high bidder on most of the cars. I in no way meant that I thought the silly prices seen at Lambrecht should be repeated! The only way those prices made sense is if we were experiencing hyperinflation, and that hasn’t happened…yet.

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      • Horse Radish

        I for one am happy that with the high prices @ Lambrechts’ most of those cars were given a second chance and were put back in circulation, even be it only for parts.
        I would have been sick, if it were the other way around,(prices so low the local steel mill would have re-opened….)
        A few cubes less for China for now!
        And an event to remember !

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  10. jim s

    this stash of cars is only about 3hrs. from Washington DC and 4hrs. from Charlotte NC and close to a lot of other cities. also not far off of the interstate so i think it should have a good turnout, i hope. pictures show a lot of interesting cars/parts. great find

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  11. Dolphin Member

    If Peanut Slim’s descriptions are more accurate than his creative spelling it looks like there are enough Mopar muscle car parts to make it worthwhile for someone to visit this lot and make some real-world cash offers based on the condition of the parts. A few of the cars might be worth taking on as projects, but a lot of them would make me want to pay more for cars that are much less rusty and much more complete.

    I hope anyone who visits the place adds some comments about what they saw there.

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  12. Don Andreina

    Some of these vehicle parks should be preserved as they are. Sites like BF are hell bent on taking this native fauna and ‘giving it a good home’. Thanks to Google Earth, these precious spaces are disappearing.

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  13. Mark E

    A ’64 Polaro!! I haven’t seen one of those since my high school buddy sold his and bought a Camerino!!

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  14. Brian Mack

    Brain M?……thanks

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  15. Ken

    Here is their Facebook page, more details on what they have can be found in some of the posts.


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  16. ConservativesDefeated

    Slim and Peanut are not only syntactically challenged……….there may be some syntactic bootstrapping occurring………..as well as rusty and ignored cars in a field.

    Now I have to go and work on my OCPD. Gonna line up my toy cars in perfect rows

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    • Bill (Melbourne, Australia)

      Yeah – but if you keep picking them up and putting them back over and over – then you may be OCD – HA

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