Matching Numbers: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro

We cover a lot of first-gen Chevrolet Camaros on Barn Finds and it’s understandable why. Among the first gen’s three years (1967-1969) there were about 700,000 produced, big numbers! Fifty years on, they are still popular, certain models in particular with collectors. Found in Enumclaw, Washington, and listed here on eBay is a 1968 sports coupe example with a BIN price of $10,500 or a make an offer option.

The Camaro models that generate the most interest are the performance variants like the Z28 and SS but the volume play (about 60% of production) is with the standard sport coupe/convertible model. This example is a fairly common sport coupe model with the standard V8 engine and an automatic transmission. And while this version is not one of the more desirable, higher dollar models identified above, one like this in nice condition can command a very respectable price.

The standard V8 engine utilized in ’67, ’68 and the first half of ’69 was the Camaro only 210 HP, 327 CI V8 and that’s what we find here. But where the engine is usually found under the hood, in this case, some of it is there but the rest of it is in the trunk. Needless to say, it’s non-running. The seller says that he parked it 20 years ago when a head gasket blew but I know from experience that you don’t have to take the entire engine apart to affect that repair unless there is significant block damage. The seller doesn’t elaborate beyond that. The transmission is the typical two-speed Powerglide automatic. It does appear to be under the car where it belongs; no word on its operational capability.

The interior image portrays a damaged dash pad and trashed seats, some trim is missing too. The carpet looks like it is absent but that’s beneficial in that a clearer view of the floor pan is visible and there is no obvious sign of rot. No word regarding dash items and their operability.

The underside looks quite sound. There is some surface rust but what’s visible of the floor and sub-frame indicate there shouldn’t be any metalwork or fabrication necessary. The trunk pan appears rough, but again, it looks mostly like surface rust.

The body shows to be basically sound. There is some rust in the lower fenders and quarters but overall it looks minor. The roof is another matter, however. The former vinyl top covering did its typical work by trapping moisture and perforating the roof panel in places. It will take a close examination to determine the correct fix. Beyond this, there are a lot of dents and creases that will need attention. Now if you are going for that “51 years of well-worn appearance” you could probably leave the body (other than the roof) alone and tend to the mechanics. Any way you cut it, it’s going to take some time, effort and expense to get this Camaro really road-worthy again.

Of the six Camaro generations produced since inception, I like these first gens the best and this year, 1968, in particular. They are a breath of fresh air in a motoring world dominated by gray, silver, black or white, FWD, jacked-up CUV’s. And while I appreciate the fact that Chevrolet saw fit to bring the Camaro back to life in 2010, I still find these first gens to be cleaner in design than the current gun-slit window, looks like a grand piano fell on it, version. The seller is promoting the matching number nature of this ’68. He’s probably referencing the body and engine – don’t know how far beyond that point the matching game may extend – and for that matter, how much it really matters. The question here is, do you put this one back together as Chevrolet intended or go for modifications to make this sports coupe more sporting. Which way would you go?


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  1. Arthell64 Member

    Looks like a decent restorable car.

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  2. Rob

    A Blue 327 ????

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    • Jim ODonnell

      Duly noted! I thought that seemed suspicious too. I can’t get a good enough look at it to determine what it might really be.

  3. Steve R

    Matching numbers is overrated when it comes to non-performance engines. If there isn’t much rust around the rear window and trunk area the price isn’t fat out of line.

    Steve R

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    • Chris M.

      Thank you Steve. Those were my same sentiments on a certain 318 Challenger a few months ago.

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    • SusanOliver

      I still think it is too much, but since you are about to learn a new skill, you are maybe thinking of extra cash to buy stuff in the future.

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  4. Gaspumpchas

    Good commentary. Since this is from Washington state it might stand a chance of being fairly solid, but as steve r said, depending on the rust in the trunk and around the r window. Hole is the roof is troubling. best take a trip to Enumclaw for a look see up on the lift. Good luck to the new owner.

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  5. mike b

    Just the ticket

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  6. 8banger David Mika Member

    Well at least the block is bungeed in – wouldn’t it to shake loose.

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  7. Paul

    I think this one will sale! Looks fairly solid…lots of potential. Seller seems open to offers

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  8. Matt Murray

    Back in 85 with my first girlfriend ( 15 yr old) I found a 69 327 camero sitting in a garage near her house anyway I left my number in the dirt on it lady called and I went to look at started and she said shed take $75 bucks!! Little rust in bottom of quarters. 10x this car

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  9. erik johnston

    My first camaro was a 67. it had deluxe black w/white insert int. had the console with tach and gauges even had disc brakes drove it home for $500. A closer look reveled that is was a rallysport. The car had a minor accdent and the son of the lady I bought it from said he was learning body work and made the front a standard grill, He took replaced the rear tail lights with non r/s ones and mudded in the area that would have had the backup lights. I would say that was a preety well optioned camaro.Really solid.

  10. Del

    Away over priced.

  11. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    The asking price for this heap puts the price and condition of the earlier convertible into perspective.

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  12. John Taylor

    Plus the $35,000 + you will spend here, h’mm does that put it into perspective

  13. George Mattar

    Like John Taylor says, but add $10,000 for interior. Vinyl tops were the dumbest waste of money and looked like crap 50 years ago. I peeled one off 30 years ago.
    Instant Swiss cheese. Look at the holes. Get ready to cut off the roof and spend 40 hours making a China aftermarket POS try to fit.

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  14. TimM

    It seems solid enough to restomod if it’s bought at a reasonable price!! The motor after sitting with the heads off for years might be better used to anchor your boat in the harbor anyway!! A newer LS with a Tremec 5 speed would make this a really fun reliable ride!!!

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  15. 1st Gear

    North of $10g ? Stripped mostly under the hood most body panals crunched,rot through around bottom of rear window AND a non-SS ? WHO’S DRINKING AND SMOKING TOO MUCH? Pipe dreams or insanity, take your pick.

  16. Ryan Hilkemann

    Got to love that squat!

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