Matching Numbers Project: 1968 Pontiac GTO

This 1968 Pontiac GTO is going to require a complete restoration, but when complete it has the potential to be a very nice car. You will find it listed for sale here on eBay. Located in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, it comes with a clear title. Bidding has seen the price reach $6,800 but the reserve hasn’t been met at this stage.

There’s certainly some rust issues to be addressed in this particular GTO. The trunk pan looks pretty sorry and looks like it will need replacing. There are no shots of the underside of the car so we have no indication of the condition of the floors or frame of this car. The vinyl top has deteriorated quite badly and there may be some issues between the rear glass and the trunk frame. There is also some potential corrosion appearing along the bottoms of the rear quarters, the rockers and the bottoms of the front fenders, but none of it seems to be severe from what can be seen. On the plus side all of the exterior trim appears to be present and in good order, and the car has been optioned with the popular concealed headlights.

The interior is a rather pleasant surprise on this GTO. It appears to be in really nice condition. The upholstery and trim all look very nice and will need little work. It looks like the upholstery has come away from the edges of the door trims in a couple of spots, but I suspect that these could be glued back into place with no problems.

The dash and console also look to be in good condition and they should come up nicely with a good clean. The only thing that looks like it will need replacing is the carpet, but that isn’t a big or expensive job.

Under the hood is the numbers matching 400ci engine backed by the 3-speed automatic transmission. The seller states that the engine turns freely, but that he has not tried to start it. He also doesn’t indicate how long it has been since this engine last ran. The car is also fitted with power brakes, power steering and air conditioning. He indicates that all components are with the car.

This GTO certainly has the potential to be an extremely desirable car. A huge amount will depend on what is going on underneath it, but if it is solid then it really is a viable project. It features a number of nice factory options such as the hidden headlights and the air conditioning. The fact that the engine turns freely is another positive aspect. With good examples selling for prices in excess of $35,000 this Pontiac appears like it could be a viable project.

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  1. redwagon

    there is a lot of rust here and what looks to be a poor repaint job possibly in the original color. amazingly the interior is much, much, much nicer than the exterior.

    • Superdessucke

      I think it was originally Springmist Green judging by the P code on the data plate (and the remnants of the old color visible in the photo of the trunk). I’m always instantly suspect of the originality of the color of these cars when they’re either red or black.

      As to the spiffy interior, my guess is somebody started a restoration and those are repo seat covers. This might be a good candidate to finish but if you wanted it to be original you would need to plan to strip it down and completely repaint it. That wouldn’t be cheap.

    • mike D

      I spotted it right away the one pic of the passenger rear quarter ,either painted over rust, or a serious case of orange peel … and something feels odd about this car .. just me..

      • Superdessucke

        Looking at the pictures closer, I can see the original and rather glossy Springmist Green all over the joint. The chop shop who stole it or Earl Scheib basically just sprayed the red over the original paint! Wow. I would have some serious concerns about how the body is under that ugly cheap paint job. I’m going to guess not very good.

  2. Jimmy

    Depending on his reserve price, that will be the make or breaker of a screaming deal.

  3. Ralph

    That Pontiac Morokide…..amazing material, it looks like it just rolled out of the showroom.

    • Superdessucke

      More like Year One Morokide just out of the box, LOL!!!

  4. Robert Sabatini

    Any numbers matching GTO is worth restoring in my opinion, although it will cost a lot of dollars. The great thing though is these ressurected Pontiacs are by far more appealing and handsome than any Chevelle.

  5. leiniedude Bugs on my sunvisors Member

    I have said this before. Why not get it started? A relative trying to make a buck that knows nothing about old cars. And thats OK, get her running. FCS.

  6. Jay

    I just did a full restoration on a 68 GTO convertible, and they are beautiful cars, but they are a challenge….due to the front Endura urethane bumpers and especially with hidden headlights….but definitely an eye catching car when they are nice.

    • Glen

      Gorgeous car Jay. Nice job!
      I love the combination of that body-color nose and the hidden headlights.

    • George

      Beautiful restoration, my dad had a 68 goat that looked exactly like that. I loved that car it’s my favorite car. My dad had to sell his and it broke his Hart to do so. He had a 400cfi. With a atuomatic tranny and it also had the slap shift. Very fast cars. I’ve always wanted one and haven’t found one i could afford. I do have a 67 firebird though , i love it but it still not a gto unfortunately.

  7. wuzjeepnowsaab

    What looks to be a new Edel”brick” carb and manifold but seller hasn’t tried to start it?


  8. Den Member

    Hmm, Wuzjeepnowsaab, sounds like fake news !! I own the car, carb and intake been on it since 1993, have not messed with it recently and no plan to do so. Thank you.

    • Steve R

      The carb and intake have lots of oxidation on them, it’s obvious to anyone looking they have been in there for an extended length of time. Edelbrock carbs have been available since the 80’s and are basically unchanged in their appearance.

      Steve R

  9. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Sorry Don. Didn’t mean to get your “goat” (see what I did there?). It’s just curious why you wouldn’t have tried to turn the key…but now that you say it’s been dormant for 25 years, I understand. That’s a long time!

    • Bob

      “Didn’t mean to get your goat ?
      A pun…no wait, 2/3 of a pun…PU. Lol

  10. Skippy

    Seats are far from original. Stitching and other elements are wrong.

    • brian crowe

      I’m pretty sure those are the correct seat covers for 68. They were different for 69 and looked much better then the 68’s.

  11. Matt steele

    Jay.thats a beautiful car


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