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Matching Numbers Project: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

The Road Runner was introduced in 1968 as Plymouth’s budget-minded, mid-size muscle car. It would be an immediate hit, thanks to aggressive marketing which included a tie-in to the cartoon character of the same name. 1970 models would be the last before the Chrysler B-bodies were revamped again. This Road Runner, once finished in Lemon Twist paint, is going to need a lot of work, but has matching numbers with the engine and transmission. Located in Sebastian, Florida, this once-mighty Mopar is available here on eBay. The bidding stands at $3,700, but the reserve is still looming.

In 1967, Plymouth introduced the Belvedere-based GTX as a premium muscle car with a 440 cubic inch V8 as standard equipment. The following year, they went the other direction with the Road Runner to appeal to youthful buyers who might have limited funds. The Road Runner came with a 383 V8 as standard equipment and – if money was really tight – you could get one with rubber floor coverings as opposed to carpeting. In 1968, Plymouth moved about 44,000 of the autos with the “Meep Meep” horn, followed by 81,000 in 1969, and about 39,000 to round out the generation.

The seller bought this car as a project from its original owner, but more recent health issues have prompted him/her to “thin the herd.” The 4-speed has already been rebuilt and the motor has been disassembled and is also ready for rebuilding, so the engine compartment is bare. We’re told that the hardware is original and the seller believes the car’s build sheet could be somewhere under the back seat.

Repairing the body is going to take time, patience, and funding. While the seller says the car’s frame rails are good, most of the sheet metal is bad due to rust or damage caused by an accident (note the passenger side rear quarter). The interior isn’t much better, but the materials needed to redo the seats and other pieces are readily available. This is the second time the car has been offered up for sale as we’re told the previous buyer failed to show up.


  1. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    That trunk shot would surely give you pause.

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  2. Tom Lafferty Member

    Desirable car back in the day. Too bad it’s in such bad condition. The rear frame appears gone due to the elements. It would cost mega $ to fix.

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  3. GuernseyPagoda

    Previous buyer was a smart man…………

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  4. Robert West

    Well, it’s the correct color, cause the body looks like swiss cheese. 😂 Do you think the seller waited until it was far enough gone before trying to unload it?

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  5. Maggy

    This is a parts car. It’s up to 4600 and reserve not met? Not for me , way over what it is worth imo.

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  6. George Mattar

    These cars in mint condition were $1,200 when I was in high school. I bought my 70 from original owner with N96 hood. Should have kept it. This yellow junker is a mess.

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  7. Stanley

    Well I can tell ya from experience that the 1968/1970 Mopar B body’s are difficult and getting very expensive to restore, Mopars don’t have as many choices as far as picking up a catalog and ordering replacement parts and the replacement parts you can get are very expensive and some don’t fit right or need to be modified, so if someone plans to buy this car it better be your dream car, because it wouldn’t be a easy flip!!

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  8. Bick Banter

    Ugh! It’s hard to believe it got that bad in only 53 years.

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  9. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    SOLD for $8,300. Not much $$ for a ’70 RR, but you aren’t getting much either.

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  10. Leslie Martin Member

    Yikes! I’m a Mopar guy and would love to see any B body saved, especially a 4-speed. But $8.3k for all that rust a 383 in pieces and a rebuilt A833?

    I hope the buyer has a donor car and a lot of welding experience if they plan to actually restore this crusty creature. The good news is that AMD sells every panel and part you would need to replace on this car. The bad news is that’s what it needs…. every part and panel. Whoever they are, I admire their bravery!

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  11. Davey Boy

    By far my favorite car in my favorite year. Drove one of these a lot 40 years ago. Was a friends. 440 4 speed. Was going to give it to me when he bought a “YIKES” v6 mustang ll. The day before the transaction was to go through, he wrapped it around a telephone pole :-( . Luckily he wasn’t hurt. to bad I couldn’t say the same for the road runner. Sorry. No way I would pay $8,300 for this one unless it came with a doner car as well.

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  12. Lon kearl

    A 70 383 4sp turn key sells in the 50k range call graveyard cars his complete restoration start in the 70k range this mopar needs a lot dont know if the eng runs I would pass on it one thing leads to another read a few post lately the cars are not worth it and owners want more than there worth

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  13. Grant

    Wrecked and stripped in the early 80s and then left to rot when it really should have met the crusher for some one on one personal time. The person who left an eyesore for all to have to look at then, is cashing in now. Somehow seems so unfair on so many levels.

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  14. Ffred

    There was a MOPAR auction about 2 months ago selling 5 big block b-bodys. There were 2 or 3 a V-code cars including a 1970 roadrunner. It looked new compared to this and was almost complete. Included was a truckload of new parts. I think it sold for 12K

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