Mechanical Rebuild Completed: 1972 Ford Mustang

This 1972 Mustang is a nice looking car that is hiding a secret. Under that shiny body, the current owner has spent a significant amount of money on the mechanical components of the car, and it should make the car perform quite nicely. You will find the Mustang listed for sale here on eBay. It is located in Waterbury, Connecticut, and is being sold with a Bill of Sale and a CT Registration, as Connecticut does not provide a title on older vehicles. The owner has set a BIN price of $12,500 for the Mustang, although there is also the option to submit an offer.

The outward appearance of this Mustang is quite nice, with the blue paint exhibiting a nice shine. It’s hard to be sure from the photos, but it is possible that some of the horizontal surfaces may be slightly faded, but this could also be due to the light. The owner states that there are a couple of minor rust spots in the body, but these are hard to detect in the photos. The car has new floors and a new trunk pan, but there is apparently a 1″ hole in the trunk which will need repair. He states that under the car is rust-free, but we don’t get any photos of this.

The interior has been fitted with new carpet and a new dash pad, but there is more to do in there. The car comes with a new headliner which is still in the box. The front seats are showing some wear and seam separation. This may be able to be repaired, or it may be easier to source new covers. The cards for the door trims are also warped, so these may also require replacement. Hopefully, I’m not the only person who finds that aftermarket gauge hanging down in the center of the dash to be irritating. That is something that I would have to change.

This is where the owner has invested some money, and what he has had done sounds very nice. The car is fitted with its original 302ci V8 and C4 automatic transmission. Both have recently undergone some pretty extensive work, and the car has only traveled 500 miles since this work was done. The engine has had a complete rebuild, and it now sports new pistons, a new cam, new Edelbrock intake and carburetor, a double row timing chain, new oil pan, high volume oil pump, an HEI distributor, and aluminum pullies. The transmission has also been rebuilt and features a shift kit and finned oil pan. The car also has new shocks, a new master cylinder, and rolls on new alloy wheels and BF Goodrich T/A Radials.

This is a nice looking Mustang that promises to provide some pretty respectable performance. It might not be one of the more desirable models, but it appears to be a solid car that should provide good performance and long-term reliability. If the body of the Mustang is as solid as the owner claims, then this is a car that you could drive and enjoy immediately.

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  1. Gaspumpchas

    Waterbury Pickers? This guy did himself a disservice by associating himself with the American Nosepickers. They call it picking- I’m sure most of you guys have been scroungers long before these *ssclowns came along. Put a name on it and now everyone is a picker.

    Guess I’ll cutback on the caffeine. Check this one out as it may be a northeastern Rustang in disguise.


  2. Green66

    6 thousand dollar mustang all day long………..Don’t care much about whats under the hood. Its a coupe with an automatic, not a Vert or fastback with a 4 speed. The interior is rough AND it’s been repainted at least once, who knows whats under that respray.

  3. Keith

    I’ve always wondered why folks put $$$, time, and labor into rebuilding a engine then selling it 500 miles down the road? Makes one think that the rebuild didn’t quite turn out to be expected so they sell the car……just saying?

    • robert semrad

      Or…maybe they wanted to drive it far enough to make sure there were no bugs in it.

  4. rustylink

    agree with Green66 – its a snoozer. I look at these sorts of projects and alway wonder what that motor was in before it was pulled and placed into this heap.

  5. Davis

    No hood scoops, spoilers or stripes? Perfect. Automatic is a bonus too. All better for cruising, not showing off.

    • Jeff

      I agree with you on the former. All the tack-on parts meant to make a car look fast don’t mean squat to me. The automatic, though, is a downer. I pick manual transmissions not for showing off, but for driving involvement.

    • Steve R

      That may be true, but not at this price.

      Steve R

  6. exitoffnine

    looked at this listing for more than few minutes for a friend who loves these understated stangs – unfortunately has all of the earmarks of a rusteration. Look at the bottom inside corners of the passenger door – looks like it might even be rotted through with a sheet metal patch over the top on the outside! Look also above and below the tailights – obvious rust in real troubling areas. I’ve also never seen a reasonably low mile car with lots of surface rust around the glove box – unless it was stored in a bog or sauna!

  7. Wrong Way

    Sorry, but I don’t know any Mustang enthusiasts who would or have any Mustangs of these body style! One day, they will be worth collecting! That being said, it’s a great looking car, great for entry into the classic car world! I don’t see this body style as a investment at this time tho!

  8. Jeff

    I think the problem with this car is twofold:
    1) It’s an under-appreciated body style. The coupes held base-model status compared to the fastback “sports roof” and convertible models. However, the car itself isn’t unattractive, and taken on its own objectively is a pretty cool example of early 70s automobile styling. Honestly, I’d take this over a comparable convertible, any day.
    2) Given the above, it’s overpriced. The classic car world is a me-too proposition. Everyone wants what is popular, and you can’t price the unpopular against that standard. This car would sell immediately at half the price.
    That said, the price of these cars can be argued down, which is a good thing. Coupes don’t drive any differently than a similarly-spec’ed fastback. And eventually, they will rise in value.

  9. Herbee

    Not a very desirable model of mustang.

  10. Don H

    The only thing wrong with it in my opinion is the wheels.

  11. kenzo

    looking at the glove box corrosion , there is also corrosion in the air vent and on the inner fenders. Wonder if the mileage is 146000. The black around the trunk seal + seam looks like the rust stopper stuff I used on my DD Volkswagen. Definite bubbles around the tail lights, wonder id it close to going through.

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