Meet Alfred, a 1971 Land Rover Series 2A

When I see a Land Rover from this era, I can’t help but imagine it rumbling through the Sahara or stopped in the deep grass on an African safari with tourists taking photos of exotic animals. This 1971 Land Rover Series 2A is affectionately known as “Alfred” and can be¬†found for sale here on eBay with a current bid over $10,000. Located in Aguanga, California, as you’ll see, Alfred is a world traveler.

Here you can see Alfred on his many adventures. The ad states that he took the owner’s family of five on a trip through Europe a few years ago and also has adventured through his home state of California. While the adventure photos abound, unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of detailed photos of the wagon. There are only a few photos of the interior and you can tell it looks pretty comfortable. The truck is right-hand-drive, which is really cool and adds to the uniqueness of these Rovers (at least in the states it does).

Here is one of the detailed photos of the exterior. You can see the brush guards that protect the taillights and headlights. It also features a full-length roof rack with a ladder along with a roof-top tent. The engine is the original powered by gasoline and the seller has also added overdrive, which is a necessity for pretty much any on-road driving. What do you think of this ride? More importantly, have you ever named a vehicle? Let us know!

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  1. Russell

    From the photo … it has the “safari roof” which is a roof pan above the normal roof… keeps, well delays, your brain pan from cooking off. I have only seen these on vehicles that were actually in Africa.

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    • Mike

      I have an 80’s Fiat Campagnola 4×4 and they also have the double roof on most of them.

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  2. Richard Miles

    I had a 1982 Ford Escort XR3 with SPK727X number plate and he was always known as Spike !
    Nice Landie. Just the wrong side of the Atlantic for me……

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  3. BTG88

    Nice Series LR. My first car was a 1980 Saab 99 GLi that I named Otto. (Otto the Auto).

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  4. RussellS

    Interesting old 109, but no mention of corrosion in all the normal places. Wish the pictures were larger and more of them on eBay.

  5. Bob McK Member

    They say the mileage is 50K. Really?

  6. JohnfromSC

    Seller has (perhaps deftly) not included any underchassis pictures on perhaps the only vehicle (LRs) where a new replacement frame is considered highly desireable (like replacement IMS bearings on early 2000’s Porsches).

    If it does need a new frame, the 2A is the last one where a conversion from RH to LH steering is practical, especiallty since new frames have the cutouts and holes for both versions in place. Still need some specific parts, but doable.

    This one hasn’t reach reserve, so no idea what the real $ is.

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  7. BR

    I had a ’70 Bonneville wagon. I called it Falstaff (after Sir John), because it was big and fat, and drank a lot.

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  8. Randy

    I had a 1977 V8 Aston Martin I called Oliver, for Oliver Reed. Big, British, Loud, and likes to drink. A lot.

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  9. Ian

    ..for readers not knowing !!

    The Ace cafe is a decades long motorbike/classic car place in NW London. If USA readers wonder sometimes where ‘their’ cars go to check the website Ace cafe London and look at the gallery pictures-even including WW2 bomb damage pictures

    It’s a very interesting place-and worth a look !

  10. TCOPPS TCOPPS Member

    nonsense poopy pants!

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