Merry Spirit: 1978 Citroën KG Farfadet


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What could you do if you were tired of your Citroen 2CV and wanted a Morgan? It appears that’s the situation one enterprising Citroen owner was stuck with. They took their old 2CV and turned it into this 3 wheeler that’s found here on eBay. It’s made much better than some other Morgan replicas, with an aluminum body over a wood frame. There are 5 days left on the auction with no bids yet, but it can be yours for a BIN of $11,000. The word “WHY” comes to mind, but it could be fun to drive, is really unique and won’t take much room to store. The name “Farfadet” means “merry spirit”and Farfadet is remembered as an early submarine that sank with the loss of her crew and was refloated, happily, just not so much for the crew and their families. Special thanks to Jim S for this tip!


It’s right hand drive, but this car is so small, it hardly matters any more than the lack of A/C or power windows does.


Engine access is certainly easy. This is the 29HP 602cc engine, an upgrade, if you can believe it. 29 HP really is an upgrade from the nine and twelve horsepower engines. This also has a later transmission with inboard disk brakes.

with nose copy

Previous owners in England had installed a nose that continued the body lines with just the cylinders sticking out the sides. I prefer the open “Morgan” look myself.


This looks like a fun little car (for someone else) to own. There have been several Morgan replicas built using more modern motorcycle engines. What do you think someone would be willing to pay for this little car? I hope to read some fun and perhaps interesting comments. I can not imagine the comments the next owner’s spouse might have for it!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Van

    You mean ex spouse.

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  2. RayT

    Somehow, I feel as if I shouldn’t like this…but I do! One gets a mental picture of a Brit — wearing a shop coat, of course — creating this in a tiny garage with fairly simple tools.

    And it should be fun to drive. It is likely as fast as most three-wheel Mogs (or a bit faster) and, having a 2CV-based powertrain, should not present any parts issues.

    I have a feeling most of us might build a car like this, just for the fun of it. I would, if I had the necessary skills!

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  3. Bill

    That’s a whole lot of fun right there! Makes me want to head to the garage (in my lab coat) after work and start tinkering….

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  4. Jerry Long

    Paging Dr. Frankenstein.

    Dr. Oldsmobile refused the case.

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  5. James HGF

    A shop coat isn’t required for every British constructor. Colin Furze has again surprised the unsuspecting British public with another of his motorized wheeled “specials”. Unlike *Arthur Daley, he’s not the least bit dodgy, a little crazy (in a good way) maybe, but ‘E’s definitely alright. What would he do with a 2CV?

    Building a MotorHorse???

    * Arthur Daley by The Firm 1982

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  6. Bob La Mar

    This “car” disparages both Citroen 2CVs and Morgans, of which I own multiples of both . . . and never the twain shall meet!

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  7. brakeservo

    Google “Citroen Lomax” – I’ve imported about a dozen of ’em! Great fun and just a fraction of the cost of a Morgan!

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  8. Ken

    Awesome, my spouse would be delighted to have this parked among the other automotive oddities already clogging the garage.

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  9. Mark S

    Sometimes it all about the build, I tip my hat to the builder of this Citorgan. This is what looks like a fairly decent build. And was probably a lot of fun to create what is technically an autocycle. The great thing about auto cycles is they don’t have to pass any crash testing as they are considered a motorcycle. This rigg makes me want to go out and buy an older goldwing and dig into my own version. I like it.

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  10. David

    Remember when myth busters turned one into a motorcycle?

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