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Metal Dash Project: 1967 MGB

1967 MGB project

I love my MGB GT! It’s fun to drive and proven to be a reliable daily driver. There is one thing that would make it better though. Well, three things – a metal dash, leather seats, and wire rims. Being a ’71 model, mine doesn’t have all these hallmark features that were found in earlier cars. That’s why this BRG project looks so tempting. The seller claims that “it will not take much to finish this car”. Well, let’s be honest. It will take a lot to finish it, but the end result will be something special. The body is going need a lot of work, but does look relatively solid. The engine is out of a newer B and the seller claims to have many extra parts that are included in the sale. You can find it here on eBay for $2,000 or best offer out of Huntsville, Alabama. The listing ends in an hour though so you had better hurry!


  1. jim s

    auction has ended. looks interest but a lot of work still needed to be done. a black MGB, the top down, with a female long leg blond driving go by me today. made me thing i should get one for myself. nice find

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  2. rogerowen

    Hang on! What’s that in the background? At first blush it looks like a 1960’s Jaguar ‘S’ type, although the grille looks Lancia.

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  3. Ira Ball

    If closer to me this could be a fun “long term” project. However, up here in New England this GT is not a $2000 MG, more like $750-$1000 even with all those original not new parts.
    Engine appears to be in rough shape..

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  4. 1977ChevyTruck

    My guess is a Daimler. Built by Jag as a more upmarket car.

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  5. Rufus

    A freshly restored 67GT that is all correct can, in the right circles, bring well over $15. Unfortunately it would prolly take 20 to get this one there. Too easy to pick on this one there are so many things wrong. But, it appears its off the market now. Another happy day in the lives of the buyer/seller.
    Have fun

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  6. Dolphin Member

    No bids, not surprised. Some buyers might value the first GT year, but probably not many. There are always a lot of these for sale, with prices all over the place. You can do better than this one, especially with more rust and work here than the seller thinks. The first resto seems mainly to have involved taking things apart and spraying on some rattle can primer.

    Hold out for a better one.

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  7. Doug M. (West) Member

    Jesse, I have had a number of MGB roadsters and GT’s. I too thought they all should have wired wheels. That was before I had one with wire wheels! They can easily be out of balance, out of round, or even have loose wire spokes. Although I still like the looks of the wires, it is pretty nice having a clean set of steelies that never need maintenance! Oh, and I have seen later model dashes get retrofitted with a metal dash… maybe that would be a good weekend project? I love the GT’s, too.

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  8. mg Kent

    Jim’s comment about a “Long legged Blond” with the top down going by,
    made me remember my long lost MGB. He could tell she was long legged,
    because her legs were sticking up above the dash due to the lack of legroom
    in a “B”.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      @ Kent — I’m surprised to see your comment; my main experience driving B’s has been with a 1980, but I always thought they had a lot of legroom, once you got into them. Spitfires…that’s another story, and Midgets are now too small for me unless I’m really determined! :-) Are the B-GT’s different? I thought they were the same floorboard-wise?

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  9. rogerowen

    No such problem with a TR!

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    • Rufus

      @dolphin the first year for the GT was 65.
      @mgKent the only folks that had legroom shortages in MGB’s were over nine feet tall

      Have fun

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  10. mg Kent

    Just a (poor) attempt at humor, folks. Actually mine was a 1967 roadster. I’m six foot plus,
    and I would say the legroom was, adequate. It was my first vehicle, and as most young
    guys I had a love affair with it. Time went on, I got married (NOT to a blond), wife said no,
    and it was sold. Over the years I guess I wore her down, as we are now both working on
    an MG TA, which we hope to have on the road this summer. It has way less foot and
    legroom than any of the MGB variants.

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