Mini Minivan: Cushman A-Team Mini Replica

Does anyone even remember the A-Team? It was a TV show that ran from 1983 to 1987 and then a movie in 2010. The original van in the TV show was a 1983  GMC Vandura. Would “Mr. T” even fit in this one? This van is likely made by the China Motor Company with either a 0.9 liter Mitsubishi engine or a 1.06 liter 4-cylinder. This van is capable of highway speeds, but the vans imported to the US are limited to 25 mph, although the listing says 35 mph. This one is listed on eBay in Mundelein, Illinois with a BIN of $4,995.

Inside, it looks like a real van. It even has A/C. Even the upholstery was redone in the A-Team colors!  The overall height is a couple inches short of 6′ or about a foot shorter than the original van, so it’s not going to be roomy. Can you imagine Mr. T hunched over the steering wheel trying to look tough?

This van is less than 12 feet long, about 6 feet shorter than the original, so the A-Team would be a tight squeeze back there.

There’s even a replica spoiler. So, if you’re a big A-Team fan and you’ve outgrown your toy A-Team van, perhaps this could be the next step up. They say there’s a butt for every seat or is that a seat for every butt? Is there a buyer for this Cushman? Remembering Mr. T, his signature line “Pity the Fool” comes to mind. Is anyone thinking of installing an LS engine?

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  1. Fred

    If you are going to do an A Team replica, why not use an appropriate full sized US 70’s van??

    • Jerry Brentnell

      5 gallons of gas and 2 dozen hotdogs and have a bonfire!

  2. Vegaman Dan

    I really wish we could get these legally on the road in the US. I have Cushmans and even a GO-4, but they are all 3 wheelers and having a runabout 4 wheel vehicle like this would be great. I like the pickups a lot. Freeway use? Not likely as they are twitchy as hell and any sudden movement of the steering wheel will be instantly sideways on the road way due to the insane turning radius.

    And I still want one. Just can’t get them legally on the road in most states.

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  3. Alex B

    This size would have made a better “Mystery Van”

  4. LAB3

    At 6’4″ I’d be tempted to put in a sunroof over the driver seat and poke my head through the top while driving.

    • Pat A

      That would be pretty funny until you got rear ended or hit something. Then you might be decapitated. Might win yourself a Darwin award.

      • LAB3

        Those who fear what COULD happen are rarely truly free.


    Pretty useless and Kinda stupid. I would rather buy a golf cart.

  6. Steve

    “Love it when a plan comes together.”

    • Danno

      Ah pidy da foo who buys dis.

  7. chad

    gimme some help here…seats look real sized. What sz is the tire or show a 5’8″ to 6’2″ man beside it…Who made it so I can google a pic & more info…

    I’m in the market for something ‘not sedan’. After 40 yrs of wagons (3)I hate my (style) car. No p/u, suv or sedan leaves – wagons, minis (connect, MPVs, mazda5, etc) so will continue the search. Plea show more info on this 1 to find an oem…

  8. Gay Car Nut

    Sweet looking A-Team minivan. I remember the A-Team TV show back in the 80s. My favourite of Japanese minivans are the Toyota, and the Mitsubishi.

  9. Pat A

    I always thought that the 1st Nissan minivan looked like a straight ripoff of the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo. And Nissan seemed to take a lot of their designs from the Judge Dredd movie.

  10. Doug Towsley

    For some neighborhoods, this would be super cool and a great idea. Not everybody cruises the interstate to Vegas with their attorney and a supply of intoxicants.
    I have a golf cart at my cabin and we use that all the time instead of our cars or trucks. Same for some people in certain cities..

  11. sinned96

    Friend of mine has one Mitsubishi pickup pickup version. It does about 60 miles an hour we figured it out that they put a pin inside the shifter transmission linkage not allowing it to go into 3rd and 4th gear. So that what limits the speed. We removed the pin and now it does 60

    • Ben Thompson

      heh will remember this IF I ever find one

  12. Chebby

    Would make a better Grape Ape van

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