Minty Spacecab: 1988 Isuzu Pickup 4×4

There are a few classes of vehicles that are effectively extinct, thanks to many years of stagnant values or never being worth much to begin with. Now, with the realization that some types of vehicles just aren’t coming back – like light-duty pickup trucks – collectors are seeking out the nicest examples left. Take this 1988 Isuzu pickup equipped with four wheel drive and the desirable “Spacecab” option – of the few that are still in regular use, this one has less than 80,000 miles and looks to be in exceptional condition. Find it here on Autotrader for $9,988 in North Carolina.

As I’ve become more and more of a fanatic for vintage Isuzus since starting my junkyard find 1986 Isuzu Trooper two-door project, I’ve realized just how few of these were kept in mint condition. They were work trucks and extremely durable, with inevitably invites owners to abuse them to within an inch of their lives. While many American trucks end up being preserved by older owners, imported pickups rarely got treated with such reverence. Check out the bed gate decor – I can’t tell you the last time I saw one of these in such nice condition. The bright finish on the wheels is amazingly well preserved, too.

The interior of almost any Isuzu model from the 90s was a utilitarian affair, with lots of hard plastics every where you look. The dashes can crack if left exposed to the sun, and forget about the carpets if the truck was used by anyone who wore work boots to the jobsite. Fortunately, I’m willing to bed this Isuzu was driven by a set of coastal North Carolina retirees, as it looks like it was used for basic errand running and light-duty hauling. The upholstery is likewise mint and even the leather shift boot around the manual transmission looks dark and lustrous. It would appear to retain a factory radio / head unit, too.

Other details that speak to the Isuzu’s preserved condition includes perfect chrome on the bumpers, OEM mudflaps, and a rare-as-hell color-matched bed cap. The four-cylinder engine is nicely detailed, and legitimately looks like new – an impressive feat considering the Isuzu still has almost 80,000 miles on the clock. Timing belts and cooling system updates are must-dos for any vintage Isuzu, so plan on doing that job – along with a new tensioner – if it doesn’t have any records showing that work has been done. As the saying goes, find another one.

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  1. IkeyHeyman Member

    You rarely see a 30+ year old Isuzu anything looking this good – if driven on salted roads they turn into rust buckets. This has probably everything you would want in an Isuzu pickup: A/C, 4×4, 5 speed manual tranny, Space Cab configuration – and a matching camper shell!

  2. GMoparman

    I love this truck, the want is strong!

  3. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    I’m not sure what the true value would be for this, but I personally like it at this price more than the 95 Forerunner with almost 200k from a couple weeks ago, and I really liked that one. The New England winters wouldn’t be kind to this though.

  4. Gunner

    Wow. This Isuzu is off the hook. Everything about it is super cool and I want it bad. Condition is nothing short of amazing. Love the Space Cab. Is there any weaknesses in these trucks?

  5. Dave

    All it needs is a cardboard cutout of David Leasure saying “You have my word on it!”

  6. Chris H

    Wow! Fantastic condition! These were fun little plastic trucks. Wife’s uncle had a completely worn out ’89 regular cab with a smashed windshield he left to die at our place. I’d fire it up about once a month and run around the block a few times. Wound up pushing it home more than once. Sold it for $100 to a guy for parts.

  7. Dan B.

    Dang. Stick? 4wd? Stock? Nice truck. I love how not only is the belt line low and the A pillars are slim, but the side windows of the extended cab dip below the front windows for extra visibility. It’s the antithesis of a modern truck.

    Someone is going to get a diamond.

  8. Bhowe Member

    Anyone who would even consider driving this on salted winter roads should have their head examined. Save these time capsules please.

  9. chrlsful Member

    I say give em 5 grand and tell em to keep it. Right there. Or in SoCal, etc. “Unwrap this package” and it falls apart. Bring onto my job site & its a goner like the others. The ARE top sez it all – goat roper cadillac.

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