Mopar Barn Finds Being Flipped!

Mopar Barn Finds

It isn’t really surprising to me that the collection of Mopars that we featured back in April is being flipped. With an asking price of $120,000 this collection seemed like a good deal, but was a considerable investment. It appears that a classic car dealer in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania recognized what a great deal it was and was able purchased the whole lot. I normally don’t like when dealers move in on finds like this, but if they at least clean them up and go through them I don’t really have an issue with them making a little money! Strangely, the photos they used in their listing are worse than the ones used in the original listing, making it hard to tell just what kind of condition the cars really are in. And they haven’t posted any photos of the car out of the barn, so I would want to see the cars before making any kind of offer. When we first featured this find the only cars listed were a 1971 ‘Cuda 340, 1970 Dart Swinger 340, 1971 Super Bee 383, and two 1970 Chargers, but the dealer also listed a Hemi Cuda and a Superbird. I’m going to assume they already had those cars and are just throwing them into the listing to drum up a little interest. If they were part of the original sale than this really was the deal of the century! The dealer has already sold the ’71 Cuda, but the rest of the cars are still available. You can see their listing here on craigslist and based on their attitude I’m going to guess they are planning on making a serious profit on these cars. Which leave me wondering what they got the previous owner down to for the whole lot? If anyone knows this dealer, or if they frequent the site themselves, we really would love to hear more about them and the other cars that they have up for grabs! Special thanks to Robert R for the tip!


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WANTED 1984 -1985 Ford EXP Ideally rust free, solid running car w/ man. trans. Prefer ’84, ’85 Turbo model. Or 86 Contact

WANTED 1931 Ford A coupe body no hood grill fenders or running boards or truck cab only with doors Contact

WANTED 60s – 70s TUK TUK Tuk Tuk Looking for a Thailand taxi (tuk tuk) Please give me a shout if you have one for me Contact

WANTED 1950 Oldsmobile 2 dr coupe Super 88 rust free and running Contact

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  1. Jason

    “I also have a Limelight Hemi Cuda 4 speed and Superbird for sale these are over 300K so please no tire kickers.”


  2. Blindmarc

    I’d like the 340 dart, but I wouldn’t pay anything near the “asking” price.

  3. Roger

    A Mopar Nova??

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  4. JW

    The Hemi Cuda caught my attention until he mentioned the price with no specifics on the car except he thinks it’s worth 150K. Some of the people on Ebay & Craigslist are ruining it for the whole hobby just by being A=Holes. When I tried selling the wife’s Mach1 I was honest / specific to detail any small issues it had / willing to answer all question and willing to take a 13K loss because we drove it for 4 years to shows and I still couldn’t sell it.

    • Kenyon

      If you list flaws, people stay away. If you omit flaws and behave as if there are none, people figure you’ve got a flawless car.

      I go out of my way to lost flaws on my sales because it keeps the idiots out and usually invites the person who isn’t afraid of the flaws – exactly the right person for that particular car.

      Remember that asking price isn’t getting price!

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  5. ranger herb

    the language used in this ad makes it sound like Achmed the used camel dealer. You like, very much, drive, no fleas, very good. I just love the out of focus photos of what cars who knows.. looks like a quick wash job and and maybe a wax job, and you pay many shekals and go away, quickly..

  6. JW

    Then quickly he says as he’s counting your money ” Thank You Come Again “.

  7. Kenyon

    And another thing: how is it that so many sellers have so many cameras with Vaseline smeared on the lens and so much caffeine in their veins that they get a shot with triplicate so often? Modern cameras are REALLY GOOD! One has to work pretty hard to get a bad photo off of anything made since they introduced the iPhone 9 years ago, amirite?

    I take photos at high noon. The light flatters the car and tends to hide some minor paint detail, but it’s still broad daylight. Good clear photos. So I’m not hiding anything.

    Perhaps this fellow thinks that shouting about six figures and keeping the car images “mysterious” will draw out suckers?

    Perhaps he’s a hillbilly with a dealers license?

    The world wonders.

  8. Mark E

    Argh, those pictures! What does he think this is, a Craigslist ad?!??

    Oh, wait…

  9. Ian Chorne

    the pictures are terrible, but i did notice what looked to be either a camaro or a firebird…

  10. Graham Line

    How much for that rare red MoPar Nova in the front?

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  11. Graham Lloyd

    Reading the ad verifies any suspicions this is a dealer/flipper. They all elude to how valuable their cars are without revealing the truth about them. Funny how there is no demand for whatever you might have to trade or sell them though.

    Last old car I looked at being sold by a dealer was purported to be safe driving condition. Metal to metal brakes, 2 ball joints ready to fall out, sloppy pitman and idler arms and both rear wheel cylinders were leaking. Maybe in that state it would be considered safe, but certainly not any state that has inspections. Or drivers who have any sense of responsibility.

    What surprised me is the dealer is a very large Toyota dealer. Proves that dealers are all the same.

  12. JD

    This is a damn shame. The eBay/online sharks win again. No one deserves to profit from these awesome barn find cars less than them. They are ruining what was once a fun and reasonable hobby.

    • Jason


  13. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    so….a craigslist add….kinda a cheap seller there…..guess they really do need the money…

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