Mostly Original 1987 Chevrolet Caprice Classic

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The Chevrolet Caprice was among the first to go under the chopping block when GM began downsizing so many of its offerings, with the 1977 model shedding more than 600 pounds and losing over 10 inches in length from the previous model.  However, the third-generation Caprice stayed in production for 14 model years, and all the while remained a popular family car.  It also received a few styling upgrades along the way, such as the composite headlights that can be spotted in this 1987 example.

By today’s sedan standards, this one doesn’t look small at all, and even though the light green may be a bit dated, it was a popular color choice for the time.  The seller believes around 90% of the paint is original, with a quarter panel and one of the doors thought to have been resprayed.  The finish on the top areas is fading, which isn’t uncommon for this period, and even with a few minor cosmetic issues outside this Chevy is still looking pretty good overall, especially considering it’s approaching the 40-year mark.  Wire wheel covers were considered a luxurious option back then, and they look right at home here.

The green theme continues inside, with most of the components in there appearing to still be holding up nicely.  There seems to be just one small flaw on the velour front seat near the driver’s door, but the rest of the fabric is in surprisingly well-preserved condition, with the headliner, sun visors, and sail panels all recently replaced.  Investing in a new carpet would probably work wonders for the interior, or maybe just adding some inexpensive floor mats might do the trick.

A V6 was standard equipment for ’87, but this one’s got the optional 305 V8 with a 4-barrel on top.  Though the actual mileage is in question, the seller says the car runs and drives extremely well, so if you’ve been seeking an eighties GM sedan, this one’s likely worth considering.  It’s located in Chester, New York, and can be seen here on eBay.  Bidding has already reached $6,600, but it’ll take more than that for this one to exchange hands, as the reserve has yet to be met.  How much would you be willing to spend on this 1987 Chevrolet Caprice Classic?

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  1. Mark

    Seems like a pretty clean survivor. I have had 3 of these body styles back in the 1990’s. I had a 1977 4door with a 305 2barrel, a 1986 brougham with a 305 4barrel that I drove across the country in 1996 and a 1990 police interceptor with a 350. All were pretty decent cars at the time and easy to work on and get parts for.

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  2. Driveinstile DriveinstileMember

    This old Caprice looks solid. I know that the drivers side door was repainted somewhere along the line and maybe some other touchups. I’m wondering if you are super careful, perhaps a gentle wet sanding on the roof trunk and hood and a compound and polish would bring some life back to the paint. They were good solid family cars in the day.

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  3. Steve R

    It will look good with 26’s and painted candy apple red, metallic lime or Tangerine. In my area candy apple red seems the preferred color.

    Steve R

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    • Tony Primo

      In my city you would only see them like that under the circus tent.

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  4. Stan

    Id throw all the 9C1 cop pkg goodies on this Caprice, a shorter final drive ⚙️, dual exhaust.. and keep the luxury wire wheeled look.

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  5. William O Lynn

    And maybe some vanilla ice playing and a guy with gold teeth. Lololol

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  6. Troy

    Personally I think at the current bid of $6,600 its hit its value Considering the ding on the title but the seller wants more maybe its worth more on the east Coast where it resides

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  7. John C.

    As someone said above, good basic car and easy to work on, I had a 85, was a little darker green than this one. Don’t see many around anymore.

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  8. Nelson C

    Nice honest Caprice. Good equipment and looks straight. Good for some right lane motoring.

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  9. wjtinfwb

    Great cars. Like the Crown Vic, a solid, full frame sedan that will easily go 250k miles if you’ll occasionally drive by the oil change place. I miss the days of a solid, uncomplicated and spacious sedan designed to get 4 people from point A to point B as comfortably and economically as possible. Plus, both these and the Ford have spectacular Air Conditioning, important down here in the Florida swamp.

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  10. Greg G

    In my life time l can say the Chevy Impala has been an every man’s car No matter what you like the Impala had a model you. SS for muscle Caprice luxury and standard Impala for the rest of us that’s why it’s so beloved by us. This beautiful 3rd gen The Box is one of my favorites and this one is clean. I hope it finds a good home.

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  11. George Mattar

    Have owned 3 Impalas. A 1964, 1965 and a 1988 with the dreadful Olds 307 boat anchor. Bought that one in 1993. Smoked like a chimney. Engine replaced under warranty. Other than that, one of the best cars I ever owned. But I worked in body shops for more than 40 years. GM paint in this era was terrible. The hoods bubble. Just junk. Wet sanding and buffing would give you some shone, buy you are removing the little bit of paint thus cars had from new. I advise against it. The drivers side carpet looks nasty. Needs a good cleaning with an extractor.

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  12. Louis Maya

    Why many sellers state that the A/C is in working condition but need to be charged? maybe after the sell and the A/C is charged it won’t work? sellers should sell with A/C charged and state that blows cold. Otherwise very suspicious.

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