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Muscle Bus: 1965 Chrysler New Yorker 9 Passenger Wagon

How can you beat a cool 1960s wagon with a 413 V8, and room for 9? Well, I suppose this combination could be beat, but this New Yorker is a neat option for those that need a useful classic. With tons of space for family, friends, and accessories, this wagon may very well be what you need to get your entire family to the next cool car outing. This daily driver is a solid runner, which is ready to take whatever you can dish out. For just $4,799 you can have all of this valuable real estate wrapped up into this cool looking wagon. Find it here on craigslist out of Dudley, Massachusetts.

The beach boys sang about a 413 powered Dodge Dart, but with the 350 horsepower that this 413 offers, it is likely enough to get this street boat up to speed with a fair amount of propulsion. Backed by a 727 Torqueflite transmission and a sure grip posi-traction, this wagon seems like it would be a fair amount of fun to drive. The seller claims this wagon has only covered 87,000 miles in its lifetime. This Chrysler is in fair condition especially considering it is in New England, so perhaps the low mileage claim is true. The engine and bay look nice, with no obvious rust or paint issues in the engine bay. The engine has some mild rust on the valve covers, but otherwise there isn’t much to make a fuss about.

Looking inside of this street boat shows a very nice interior with only minor flaws holding it back from being prefect.  The driver front seat is split on some of the stitching seams, and the carpet on that side is a little dirty as well. Otherwise, wow. This interior is very nice. There is a swamp cooler installed, so even though this Chrysler is not air conditioning equipped, you can get some semi-cool air going through the interior. The back seats and back-back seats look excellent, to where the interior of this wagon really needs nothing other than to be maintained.

Sharing some similar looks to the Imperial of this time period, this wagon has a great style, with classy looks. The paint on this old girl is a little dry, but would likely polish up well enough. All of the chrome and stainless trim looks excellent with no dents, dings, or rust.  Overall the body looks straight, with no signs of rot. The seller describes the car as having “little rot” but it must be of an underbody concern. The rear of the car is difficult to make out, but the rockers and rear wheel arches on both sides look excellent. The only rust that can be seen is of a surface rust concern, and is located on the passenger fender. Those two small surface rust spots look to be the size of a quarter or a half dollar piece. Very straight with a lot of potential for hauling, and looking way cool, would you jump on this 413 powered wagon?


  1. Michael V.

    The swamp cooler makes me wonder if it is originally from the northeast. They’re useful in dry climates, but less than useless where it’s humid, as it makes it even more humid in the car.

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  2. Terry J

    No Dodge Dart in that race:

    It happened on the strip where the road is wide
    Two cool shorts standin’ side by side
    Yeah, my fuel injected Stingray and a 413
    We’re revvin’ up our engines and it sounds real mean

    Tach it up, tach it up
    Buddy gonna shut you down

    Declinin’ numbers at an even rate
    At the count of one we both accelerate
    My Stingray’s light, the slicks are startin’ to spin
    But the 413’s really diggin’ in

    Gotta be cool now, power shift, here we go

    Superstock Dodge is winding out in low
    But my fuel injected Stingray’s really startin’ to go
    To get the traction, I’m ridin’ the clutch
    My pressure plate’s burnin’, that machine’s too much

    Pedal’s to the floor hear the dual quads drink
    And now the 413’s lead is startin to shrink
    He’s hot with ram induction but it’s understood
    I got a fuel injected engine sittin’ under my hood

    Shut it off, shut it off, buddy now I shut you down
    Beach Boys 1963 Shut Down

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    • Terry J

      CORRECTION, Sorry : Though the song was 1963, the Dodge was a Super Stock 413. In 1963 the SS was a 426 Wedge. In 1962 the Super Stock was a 413 and the Dodge was a Dart, but was NOT the compact car of 1963. :-) Terry J

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      • Boris

        And in real life, a ’62 Dodge (or Plymouth) 413 would have absolutely creamed that small-block Stingray. Whoever wrote the song was a Chevy fan. The crossram 413s were just about unbeatable on the dragstrip for the better part of two years.

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    • ccrvtt

      Two thumbs up!

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  3. Blindmarc

    Good price! An apartment on wheels.

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  4. charlie

    Really, how difficult is it to remove the jugs of coolant from the back seat floor board before taking pictures?

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      Why not swap them out prior to taking the pictures and placing the ad ?? I can’t stand the bait and switch with photos. What you will get is unseen and not what you see on the vehicle.

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  5. Rocko

    413 superstock was a plymouth term ,dodge was Ramcharger, they used a Dart in 61.

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  6. HotWheelsCalgary

    LOL….my 2012 Grand Caravan seats 7…lol…and not nearly as cool looking….but it does get better gas mileage I’m sure..

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  7. flmikey

    …so, who won the race, the stingray or the 413?

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    • Terry J

      Ha Ha, read the last couple of lines in the song. The ‘Vette won. :-) TJ

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      • Sam M

        Stingray,, but he had to work for it.

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      • Boris

        Yeah, the lyrics were not realistic.

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      • Terry J

        The crossram 413s were just about unbeatable on the dragstrip for the better part of two years.

        Then came the 426s. :-) Terry J

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  8. 70kingswood

    good deal on a big engine and loaded cruiser! even a Chevy guy digs this one!

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  9. Rock On Member

    Brian you are really dating yourself in this posting. The last time that I got a 50 cent piece in my change this car was probably brand new.

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  10. gregwnc

    My Dad was GIVEN one of these by a client of his back in the late 70’s. In perfect shape, it was actually his business vehicle. Of course his business was a camera store, so it was Kodak yellow. Dad had it painted white and then had no idea what do with it, him being a Oldsmobile man from day one. Drove it occasionally, hauled stuff every now and again. We were tearing an old house down on the farm and we were trying to pull one of the foundation corners out to collapse it. Dad had a brand new Chevy Silverado 454 Big 10, posi, etc. Gave that a try, nothing. Went for the tractor, nothing. As a last resort-go get that old wagon! Pulled everything loose, I thought it was gonna drag the whole house. Those things were beasts!!

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  11. DrinkinGasoline

    Two Chrysler products I had were, a 67 Plymouth Fury wagon and a 65 New Yorker 4 door in the exact color as this one. Both were built like tanks. In retrospect, gas was $0.55 a gallon though.

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  12. James

    What is the green box on the floor board of the front seat?

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    • Jeff DeWitt

      That’s the “swamp cooler”, an evaporative cooler that’s worse than useless in humid climates.

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  13. Sneke_Eyez

    Not entirely sure whether this is still owned by the owner who had it two years ago, but I was able to inspect this car up close in 2015 at the Worcester, MA Summer Nationals. I guarantee it is the same car.

    It was in surprisingly good shape and the seller of the car (at that time) was kind enough to give me the name of a local power window motor rebuilder – who then did a fantastic job on my Plymouth Satellite Wagon rear window motor. The same guy did all of the window motors on this car and they all work perfectly now.

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  14. Sam M

    I absolutely love this. I like the ’64 dash more, but the ’65 had the whole package right. I would rebuild the 413 with a Holley FI set-up, add an a-513 OD trans and vintage air 2 stage A/C. Maybe a new color as I really don’t like gold cars ( Blue, Green??). The wheels don’t matter as it would get magnum 500s with some beefier tires. Fun for the whole family! (Mine being 5 kids plus my wife and I) Give the suburban a rest for a change.
    I am pretty close to jumping in the car and getting this one. Seems nicer than the red 4 speed wagon from a few months ago.

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  15. Billy

    Spoke with someone online who has gone to see this car, it’s been for sale for quite some time. He said there was alot of rust bubbles here and there that you can’t see in the pic and that it looks like there was moisture inside the car, there was mold.

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  16. GearHead Engineering

    This car has been for sale for a long time. I think the price has dropped.

    Billy’s comment explains it. I suspected something was up when I kept seeing it listed.

    – John

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  17. DRV

    Made of super steel that didn’t rust and had military specs for everything. I had one in college I got for free when found in a field near our family business. You could watch the gas Gauge go down as you drove.
    I had to jack it up for a rear flat with the original jack. It was scary and it lifted the whole side of the monster up. Then when taking the wheel lugs off they were reverse threaded and the bolts were copper coated to keep from seizing. Amazing.
    This would be the most indestructable demo derby car ever made.

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  18. Keith

    This has been on CL FOREVER. And I mean like more than a year. I find that odd as the interest in wagons is way up, and this one is decked out, plus the price isn’t the usual “I gotta gold mine here!” price. Hopefully this awesome wagon’s exposure on BF will get it sold.

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  19. Ben T. Spanner

    In the early 1970’s I wanted a cheap hauler. The requirements were big, fake wood grained and equipped with a roof rack. A Dodge dealer had 2 red and black wagons but I had to take both for one very low price. I settled on a 1966 Chrysler in beige;mostly because I liked the dash. $300 no dealer fees. It fit in my rental garage ($8 a month) if I chained the barn doors shut.

    It served it’s purpose and once hauled a refrigerator on the roof rack. I had an old Jag to store in the garage and traded the wagon in on a new Fiat. I parked it down the street and asked for 5 cents a pound. They had a trailer to pull and took the deal.

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  20. Oscar

    How straight is the body? The last picture, the driver’s side fender looks like it’s taken a hit

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