April Fool’s or Actual Muscle Car Stash?

There’s a junkyard that’s near me up in Walpole, Mass., called Goldie’s that has a good track record of bringing in neglected classics. I wrote about them a few years ago when I still had the ability (re: pre-children) to spend every Saturday morning in a salvage yard. Fortunately, despite my absence, they are still hauling in rusty cars and trucks and they appear to have snagged quite haul based on their latest post here on Facebook, including this Boss 302 Mustang – but given today’s date, is it too good to be true?

This ‘Cuda is sure to get the attention of Mopar enthusiasts, but it will obviously be some time before it is confirmed as a genuine Hemi car as the fender fins, rear spoiler, hood scoops, and rear fender decals might suggest. While I’m sure all of these cars are dealing with level of rusty floors due to being from New England, there’s also likely to be a major parts haul for anyone interested in buying the cars whole – that is, if they cars exist at all.

Here’s where my BS meter gets tickled: Goldie’s included this photo with the post, even though it appears this Mustang resides on a different property entirely. That being said, since Goldie’s is one of the few yards wise enough to put whole cars out for sale if the vehicle in question is a collector car or survivor, you’d be forgiven if you allow your curiosity to get the better of you and trundle down there to see if these cars are on a flatbed or if they’re just foolin’.

I would have loved to tour this property before the cars were removed, as finds like these just aren’t heard of that much anymore – especially in my neck of the woods. While I want to believe it’s real, I wouldn’t put it past the very good and very fun-loving people at Goldie’s to tease us all with this monster score that is nothing but the stuff of dreams. Is it too good to be true, or will be kicking ourselves if we write this post off as a joke?



  1. brian crowe

    do an image seach for any of the pics and you’ll get your answer

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  2. Adam

    Pretty sure that Mach 1 was on Cars in Barns years ago. I’ve seen that pic before

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  3. irocrobb

    The Cuda shot has been around for years but can not remember where I saw it. Most of them had a factory shaker hood in 1970.

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    • cold340t

      It is a 71′ even rarer still.

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  4. Denn

    Look at the background on each photo. If your saying these are from one location, please have your photographer use the ‘same season’ background, no need to say anything else. But I will, …….someone needs to get a project if your that board !!

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  5. Chris

    Fraud. These are on the now defunked Cars in Barns site. Speaking of which, what ever happened to that site? Just stopped updating a few years ago

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    • grant

      Their Facebook page started posting again a few months ago!

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    • Andrew

      Guy died. At least the guy who ran the website did. Not sure about the facebook

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  6. Troy s

    Tease, tease, tease…Ahh, who cares anyways, just for fun I’ll pick the gold colored Ford Fairlane.
    Cudas, Boss and Mach1’s are really neat, but the big inch Fairlanes and Torino’s have been and always will be a rare treat for me, no foolin’…

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    I’ll tell ya what’s really funny, that blue Ford coupe and the Torino are MY photos! busted.

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  8. michael streuly

    So did anyone think of calling them to see if those cars are there.

  9. delz05

    I did make the call… and had the counter guys laughing like mad when I said I was half way there with my flatbed and a pocket full of cash!

    I am one of their regular “yard hunters”, so I am sure they were laughing “at me, not with me”!!!

  10. Woody

    No fun here,just pics of nice ‘ol cars.

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