Muscle Car Underdog: 1970 AMC AMX

Who doesn’t love a good underdog story? If there is an underdog in the 1970’s muscle car war, it’s AMC’s AMX. Coming from a company known for making cheap transportation, the AMX really came out of no where and it took on some of the Big Three’s heaviest hitters. It offered up muscle car grunt in a good look two seat package that could actually get around a turn. They didn’t blow the competition out of the water, but they definitely proved AMC was capable of building something cool! This example is a bit rough, but it has all the right options and would be a blast to have. You can find it here on eBay in Dayton, Ohio with a current bid of $810 and no reserve.

The AMX was offered with two engine options, either a 360 or a 390 V8. The 360 was rated at 290 horsepower and made the AMX more of a pony car fighter, while the 390 was rated at 325 horse and turned the car into more of a muscle car. This car was optioned with the smaller 360, but with the Hurst 4 speed and Twin-Grip rear end, this thing could still get up and go in a straight line.

AMC refined the car for 1970, with lots of suspension tweaks and an updated interior. Automotive journalists of the day claimed it was one of the better built cars that year and that it was a great blend of muscle and sport car. As you can see, the interior was fairly basic and lacked some of the flash of its competitors. That doesn’t mean they weren’t comfortable or sporty though. This one is going to need a lot of interior work, but everything is here. While replacement parts are available, don’t expect this car to be as cheap as a Camaro or Mustang to restore.

Yes, this AMX is going to need a lot of restoration work, but at the current bid it sure seems like a great deal! There’s some rust that needs to be addressed, but I’ve seen worse fixed and considering they only built 836 of these 360/4-speed equipped AMXs it seems like someone would want to restore it. So who here would enjoy getting this underdog back onto the road?

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  1. Allen Wrench

    At least you will know when it is finished it won’t be lost in the sea of Camaros and Firebirds, et al.

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  2. Mike O

    The AMX also came with a 290 ci motor. My buddy had a red one with a 4 speed. It was a really nice car.

  3. 67rebelsst

    For 1970 I think it was the 304 instead of the 290. 68 & 69 options were 290,343, and 390. 1970 the engine was updated and the options changed to 304,360, 390. Then in 71 you could get the 401 and the 390 went away. Great cars. I have a 73 AMX with 401 and Pierre Cardin interior.


      No 304 till 71 Reb.

      “Factory real 2 seater car. Not a clone.” That’s fricken hilarious!

      The cool thing about this as you can stick a 390 or 401 in this car and no one would know the difference. I don’t care for 70’s but this one is all there. I would have to “Shadow Mask” this one to make it cool.

  4. irocrob

    Since a child I have always loved them. I would only want a perfect one as I would think parts would be expensive and hard to find.

  5. David

    I am now two years into a ’68 AMX, I can report unequivocally that these are not for the feint of heart or thin of wallet! Parts of all kinds are scarce and often expensive, genuine expertise hard to come by.
    But if you want something different than the legions of fake Z/28s and “Shelbized” Mustangs that populate car shows and cruises, a Javelin or AMX are hard to beat.

  6. flmikey

    Bid is at 2,550.00 now…still looks like a bargain, but….it appears to be residing at a shop that does classic restorations….would want to know why they are not turning wrenches on it since that appears to be what they do…an inspection in person would be a must…that being said, I am itching to go look for one more complete than this one…very nice find….

    • LAB3

      “Now that you’re here let me show you around the shop, you can meet the guys and see what we do”


    If you go to completed listings this car was in a different state just a short time ago and has sold several different times, The only difference now is someone squirted primer over the bondo and rust on the passenger door. I thought it to be weird to have an Ohio plate now removed. Sure it has a story.

    The 70 AMX values have been on the rise in recent years. Better hope the key pieces are good. Hopefully the hood isn’t rusted from it’s underside and it has all the Ram Air specific parts. The grille is another big ticket item as the bumper scoops. I can see the dash overlay is shot. That is near unobtanum for an original but think those are reproduced. The 70 AMX only came with a 360 or 390. This is a more base model. Still a 360 is a great motor and is a manual trans. I am afraid of it’s Ohio history though as she appears just as rusty as she looks. Better know what you are looking at. Those 1970 Javelin parts cars are just as hard to find now and just as expensive.

    Funny thing. It’s always a great sign to see an AMC in a garage with Ford signs hanging on the wall and a 71-73 Mustang in the background. Makes me think the guy will be installing a 5.0 if he hangs onto it! Hurry someone trade him a Ford something and save it!!

    • Steve

      Car was in CT a short time ago for 4500. I love 70 AMX’ , but this one is rough.

  8. Paul Daniel

    Holy crap, I’m pretty sure I owned this one for a short time.

  9. Alford Pouse Member

    Anyone know where the AMX III prototype/showcar ended up?

  10. Ron

    I have owned the Amx and Javelin since new in 1968. Lots of plus about them but negative too. The front end, trunion was a big mistake. Every Camaro out turned me but could not out run me. AMC used the cheapest materials they could find. Should have bought the new 68 Camaro and not AMX. The 68 Mustang was out and my little kids heads hit the top of the fast back. My toy now is the 63 Avanti and very pleased.( also used to much pot metal.)Tell me one that did not have several cracks in the steering wheel after a few years. The plastic door lock levers failed. You can use the 68 metal Buick ones.

    • AMCFAN

      In 1970 the front end was changed to a ball joint suspension and the car of choice. In the 1960’s all companies used the cheapest materials and why not? Cars were $2500 new and a majority of people bought a new every few years. Pretty sure you would have been less happy with a new Camaro. I know I would!

  11. Larry Wooten

    I ordered a 1972 AMX from the factory with a 401 Borg Warner t10 red with all the spoilers and black hood t stripe had that car till I got married she got pregnant couldn’t get behind the steering wheel so it had to be sold .oh how I wish I could find that car. Larry Wooten

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