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Muscular Wagon: 1970 Chevy Kingswood

1970 Chevrolet Kingswood Wagon

While there are wagons out there with more cubic inches and more horsepower, this Kingswood was built in the height of the muscle car era and came from the factory packing a 400 cui V8, a Turbo 400 automatic and a 12 bolt rear end! That’s quite the combo for a family hauler with room for 8. This wagon has seen better days, but with a BIN of $3,500, seems like a decent buy. It’s going to need just about everything, but it looks complete. You can find this muscle wagon here on eBay in Oak Forest, Illinois with the option to make an offer. So what do you think of this Chevy and how much would you offer the seller?


  1. JW454

    No power steering. I bet this was a hand full with it loaded. That was on biased ply tires. Radials would be even worse. Wagons are popular, this may get back on the road someday.

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  2. Tom Member

    Any one really serious about this car that needs eyes on it, it is 15 minutes away from me. Happy to do it BUT I am really busy so please don’t waste my time.

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  3. Joe M

    My Dad had a car like this, when I was a kid, a gold one. Lots of good memories with that car. Made regular camping trips with my father and brothers from Philly to Canada. Never had any trouble climbing the mountains headed North.

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  4. Denison B

    It may be sacrilege but I’d part out all the wagon specific parts to those restoring one w/o frame rot then I’d put the drive train in a similar vintage barn find with a 6 cylinder. Just think of it like a heart & lungs transplant with a little surgical adornment to the rear end.

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  5. Mark H

    Instead of a 400 small block, look for one with a 454 big block if you are looking for muscle. The 400 only adds 15 HP over the 350. Even with the 454, still a lead sled.

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  6. MJM

    Driving down the road in this one would seem like being in a National Lampoon Vacation fiick ….Clark, Rusty, Cousin Ed and all.

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  7. Mike D

    this is in sad shape.. do I notice an engine repaint?? with the air cleaner having wear and tear, I doubt this is 46K, more like 146K this may be a second go round on E bay, as I have seen this one before …. too bad, this was once a nice car … also note the trailer hitch… it wasn’t haulin trash to the dump

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  8. Prowler

    Who would buy a full size wagon in 1970 with Armstrong steering….what a tight wad
    Long live the long roofs
    But this one should be put back in the lake

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    • jaygryph

      Yeah, that sorta confuses me why it’d have no power steering. My 69 galaxie 500 wagon has power steering and it just has a 302. No power brakes, no AC, no power options, no third seat, heck it only has an AM radio and no clock…and it still has power steering.

      Weird order for that car.

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  9. gregg

    I’d offer him a new camera as long as it was under $175.00

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  10. Howard A Member

    I’m surprised no one mentioned a good demo derby car. ( how this one escaped that fate is anybody’s guess) I too wonder at why someone would not get power steering. What an idiot. Did they even think of the 98 lb. woman trying to back out of a parking space with a wagon full of kids? I had heard, many people didn’t trust those new fangled inventions, like power brakes and steering, obviously, into the 70’s.

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  11. whippeteer

    $3500 sounds stiff since the frame isn’t… As a kid, we had the Kingswood Estate with all of the fake wood, and power steering…

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  12. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    I would be wary of any seller who doesn’t use spellcheck to delineate a motor that hasn’t been “sized” vs a seized engine. Also, embarrassing for them to make it sound like swapping frames is an easy enterprise. I say–demo derby it!

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  13. Loco Mikado

    I started driving in 1966 and my first car with power steering I bought in the early 90’s. People used to ask me where I worked out at and I used to reply at work and driving. I still would prefer cars with no power anything, but that is no longer possible. Unless I buy a car from the 60’s on back and even then it is not easy to find one without power options. In my opinion it made for better and more aware drivers, today everyone is doing everything but driving in their cars today. I have been almost run over, rear ended, T boned or head oned by today’s distracted and disconnected people pretending to be actual drivers of today’s cars that do everything but make it seem you are not driving a car. Give me a car from the 60’s with wing windows, 2-55 air conditioning, no power anything, manual roll up windows, vacuum windshield wipers(with a vacuum canister)radio and heater and I would be perfectly happy. The only modern thing I would prefer is radial tires.

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