Museum Find: 1932 Ford Hot Rod

One of the most popular years for hot rods is 1932. While the 2-door coupe is probably the most desirable, this awesome sedan is right up there if you’re looking for more than a one-passenger vehicle. It can be found here on eBay with a current bid of over $35,000 but the reserve hasn’t been met yet. This car was a no-expense-spared build and since it was completed, it has been shown in the Motorsports Hall of Fame Museum in Daytona Beach Speedway. Currently located in Robertsdale, Alabama, this awesome hot rod was built to look like it was built sixty or seventy years ago! Check it out.

The engine is a 1956 322 cubic inch Buick Nailhead that was rebuilt and bored .030″ over. It is topped with an Edmunds intake and two Stromburg 97 carburetors. The transmission is a T5 that is shifted via a 1939 Ford shifter. All the chrome was done by Advanced Plating and the new owner should have no hesitation cruising this one without the hood if desired.

The interior features period pleated upholstery. The carpet is a nice touch for comfort and compliments the upholstery color well. The roof features nice wooden bows with a new headliner and dome light also.

The ad doesn’t say what shade of green the car is, but it sure looks great! The suspension and drive train features a 1935 Ford rear radius rods, ultra-low mile 1946 Ford rear end with fully rebuilt 1940 ford juice brakes at all four corners. The wheels and tires are period correct with 16×3.5 fronts and 16×4 rears wrapped in 500×16 and 750×16 tires. Overall, this is an awesome hot rod that the whole family can enjoy! What do you think?

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  1. Ed VT

    I never liked seeing the gas tank back there.

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    • DavidL Member

      Absolutely!! We should’ve learned from the Pinto.

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      • Phlathead Phil


        Excuse me, but, ah, the ‘32 came nearly 40 years before the Pinto.

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  2. Frank Farrell

    I always liked these type of cars. But are they street legal without any fenders?

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    • Steve R

      It depends on the state.

      Steve R

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      • Richardd Adams

        I like it, but I would fit the fenders back and relocate that fuel tank…

        Who am I fooling ?
        To me there is only one hot rod, a 55 Chevy 2 door, running a hot 454, Muncie and full flip front end…..

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  3. Howard A Member

    The words “Old School” get tossed around a lot lately, mostly from people that missed the era, but in the 50’s, this was as cool as it got. They weren’t museum pieces at $35g’s, but some old hack that escaped the scrap drive, and a motor from Uncle Louies Buick he crashed, 2 or 3 carbs from who knows where, you had the hottest stick out there. There really was method to the song “Hot Rod Lincoln”. It needs several things to be compliant in some states, fenders, bumpers, wipers, etc., depending on the gearing, this would give those new police Chargers a run for your money,,,for a spell, anyway. Very cool hot rod.

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  4. Joe Haska

    This is obviously a very high in build in the style of early 50’s Ford Hot Rods, that got the moniker of Highboys. However in that era it was highly unusual to see a sedan built in this style, maybe a 2-door, but hardly ever a 4 door. The reason for this was because 32 Fords were available and why would a young Hot Rodder want a Sedan ,when coupes and roadsters were available.
    None the less this is a super build and very true to early 50’s Hot Rods. Unfortunately according to the e-bay listing ,it did not sell. That may or may not indicate a trend in this type of car.

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  5. Tony T

    <> Just HOW was this accomplished?

  6. Tony T

    I see that the cut-n-paste does not “paste” asking about shifter “meld”

  7. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended:Feb 22, 2021 , 7:47PM
    Current bid:
    US $34,127.00
    Reserve not met
    [ 46 bids ]

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  8. Lowell Peterson

    Love it! But that was a very generous bid! All of US that relate to this car are too fat and old to buy another one. Uhh..wanna buy a roadster???

  9. Richard Kirschenbaum

    Would still have preferred it bone stock.

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  10. Bimmerbill

    This appears to be a real nice car with the chopped top and all the other updates. For the asking price I would have expected more, not surprised that it did not sell. By the time you added fenders and bumpers and the paint, you would have a small fortune in it. The beautiful thing, those items are available for someone to tackle this project. Just can not see driving it without those items.

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  11. Johnny

    I like it,but wonder how it would handle on the road at about 70-120? My cousin had a model -T- all souped up. He had got it on a trade. I asked him how it handled and he said not good. He sold it later.

  12. vintagehotrods

    The best thing about a Fordor is its easy to bring friends along and they are comfortable to travel in. Pretty nice car and this one is about as period perfect as they get. I’d be proud to own it. It might not bring as much money as the seller would like, but you probably couldn’t build it for less than $50K. There were a few that were well known hot rods in the 50’s that were drag raced or used as push cars at the dry lakes.

    I’ve owned three Fordors, two projects and my current one here.

    It now has a new leather interior with square weave carpeting and I am now installing air conditioning, full fenders and running boards here. and here

    By the way, I’ve driven a South Dakota registered fenderless hiboy ’32 roadster over 50,000 miles all over the states and never been bothered about at all about a lack of fenders or bumpers, even when I’ve been pulled over for speeding. Even when registered in other states, no one ever gets bothered much. And an old car like a ’32 can be made to handle well, even with the stock suspension configuration after you lower it, run a Vega steering box and run sway bars on it. My ’32 pickup is set up like that and it runs like a roller skate in the corners, I love taking roundabouts in it!

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