Must Buy All 3: Trio of Chevrolet Corvairs

One of the biggest disappointments on craigslist can be finding out you don’t have the real estate necessary to bring home a great deal. The seller behind this listing for a batch of Chevrolet Corvair projects is telling buyers they have to take all three cars and related parts for $4,000, crammed into a dark garage somewhere on Massachusetts’ South Shore. While those of us that lack a large outbuilding or vacant lot free from neighbors’ prying eyes can’t play, one of you may be able to take advantage of this collection clean-out. Find the Corvairs here on craigslist in Kingston, MA.

The seller notes that the collection includes a 1963 and 1964 coupe and a 1967 convertible. The latter has no engine but does come with a transmission, and a newer soft top. The ’67 and ’64 have the better bodies of the trio, with the early car needing the most. Note, the seller doesn’t say explicitly that the newer cars don’t have bodywork issues, and given this is New England, I’d expect some rust in each of them. The good news is that with one car potentially too rough to save, it could be an easy decision to make that example a donor for the other two. This interior looks quite tidy.

There’s no official breakdown of what parts are included (I’m assuming everything you see in the pictures) or exactly what you’ll be getting when you pull up with your trailer and car hauler to bring these bits home. Would this spare engine work well once dropped into the convertible, with its empty engine bay, or is it a boat anchor that will simply move along to take up space in someone else’s shop? The vagueness of the listing leads me to believe the seller is not the actual caretaker of this Corvair collection, but rather someone tasked with getting them out of the garage they’re stored in.

This yellow 1964 coupe looks slick with its black stripes, but given the thick coating of dust, it hasn’t torn up any pavement in many years. The Corvairs are truly packed into this dark garage, and while the owner at one time may have had grand ambitions for their rejuvenation, the time has come to find a new caretaker who can make that happen. Fortunately for the next owner, one of the biggest Corvair parts experts is located nearby, a great shop by the name of Clark’s Corvair Parts in Shelburne, Mass. – pick up your spares on the way home. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Ikey H. for the find.

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  1. Maestro1 Member

    A shot in the dark. I am too far away otherwise I’d jump on it at the right price, put everything in a local airport hangar and start the project, the late model car first. My lady would leave me, and my insurance folks would be thrilled. I have other projects underway and I don’t start something until I’ve finished completing a project. One thing at a time. The downside: This is all the way across the country. By the time I transport and do everything else required, the investment starts to get unrealistically high……….

  2. Chris H

    2 of the 3 are showing some troubling rust around the glass. I see how it would be hard to get pics of the lower areas, given they’re packed like sardines, but give the buyer something… $4k is cheap, but beware

  3. On and On On and On Member

    Parts cars. $4000 is fair. Lots there.

  4. Paolo

    Corvairs and Metropolitans. You get them by the litter like puppies and kittens.

  5. John Wiley

    The convertible is 66, not 67 and the cowl rust, while repairable, is not an easy fix on a convertible..

  6. Roy L

    Plenty of good deals out there for Corvairs, find one that is already restored. To have all three and the parts shipped any distance would be very expensive. If you lived in the area, might be worth a look. Other wise, pass on this deal.

  7. scottymac

    Engine shown has a 12 plate oil cooler, so good chance convertible had a 140hp four carb engine at one time.

    • On and On On and On Member

      Good eye buddy.

  8. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    Yes, a 140 horsepower that looked like it burned a ton of oil before the engine was pulled. A 140 with automatic in a convertible would be a unique treat and many in the ‘Vair world could easily get the convert in tip top shape mechanically. But, oh, the scene inside the cabin if there has been any water intrusion. No floors, potentially no bottom to the gas tank, potentially no bottom to the front cross member. The owner should have appeared at the door to Clarks Corvair Parts up the road and asked if they wanted all three for a reduced price. Looks like someone tried to GRIND off the racing stripes on the rear of the yellow car…perhaps vinyl stripes trapped moisture underneath. PASS

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