My Bonnie Lies In Ohio: 1970 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible

There’s something special about Bonnevilles. I’ve always liked them. Maybe it’s partly because my dad had a 1960 Pontiac Bonneville 4 door Vista hardtop. That was a special car and as a kid I would ride on the rear center armrest so I could see out. I liked just about any Bonneville in the sixties and this 1970 as well. Then in 1971 Pontiac took the flagship title from the Bonneville and came up with a new model, the Grand Ville (part Grand Prix part Bonneville?). Maybe they didn’t sell as well so in 1976 the Bonneville became the flagship model again. This 1970 Bonneville convertible is for sale here on Craigslist in Creston, Ohio.

I think this one has my name on it. I like Bonnevilles and I like convertibles. The price of $6,900 seems very fair for the condition. And I was just in Ohio no more than 25 miles from Creston three weeks ago. But sadly, I don’t have the garage space. I’ve seen this seller show up in some of the local Craigslist ads before. The seller always has convertibles for sale that are not always in the best condition but aren’t too far gone yet either and are reasonably priced. They apparently specialize in Chevrolet, Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Buick convertibles and has a full list of inventory on their website, but does not list the website in the ad.

This interior looks in top condition, the only flaws I can find there is the lower carpeting on the doors have faded a bit and the driver’s side carpet is either worn or dirty. The car has 110,000 miles. Even though there are no pictures of the engine, it comes with a 455 V-8. I suspect this convertible doesn’t have air conditioning, otherwise, there would be a vent on the dash to the left and above the glove box. But what’s a convertible for but putting the top down and enjoying.

The biggest flaw I see in this car is a couple of small rips around the back glass on the convertible top. Tires may have flat spots and it has a slight manifold exhaust leak sound. The original owner passed away six years ago. There is no explanation of where it has been since his death but the family may have just decided to let it recently go. The seller changed the fluids, adjusted the carburetor, tuned it, got a fresh battery and has the original bill of sale. It has also received a repaint at some point in its past. There’s still plenty of top-down weather left for 2018, so since I can’t buy it, I hope someone can really enjoy this nice Bonneville convertible. Happy cruising!

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  1. Cristian

    Gone in less than 60 sec!!!

    • Will Fox

      Not surprised. Neat as a pin! It may not be loaded with power equipment, but the overall condition makes up for it.

  2. David

    You know it. A very nice car.

  3. Blyndgesser

    I think the website is I’m always intrigued by what shows up there. No personal experience with the seller, though—I’m strictly a tire kicker at this stage of life.

    • Ken Neal-Rosario

      I dealt with him several years ago on a 73 Caprice convertible. He comes off a little gruff at first, but was more than accomodating as the deal progressed. He sent me a ton of photos and helped with shipping arrangements. Just the fact that I’ve been stalking his site for 15 years or so tells me he must be a good guy to deal with.

  4. Miguel

    Has anybody had one of these 1970 Pontiacs? What was the extra air vent next to the headlights for?

    Did it go to the air cleaner or was it just a little more air for the radiator?

    • Pete Kaczmarski

      The extra round air vents were a styling exercise and to help the radiator. This car is already gone and appeared to be a “good buy”. Someone should be smiling today with their top down on this car.

    • Corners

      I believe the horns were behind these small grilles. A friend of mine had a 70 Canadian model Safari wagon and the horns were there.

      • dweezilaz

        Corners: exactly what they were.

        They always got a mention in the rags when features and road tests appeared on the 70 Pontiac at the time.


    Love the front-to-back art deco meets jet age design.Especially the grille.
    Yes I would go with new wheels.paint.and A/C

  6. Howard A

    A friends dad had a car like this, only a hardtop. One of the few cars that could bury the speedometer. It would cruise at 90, it was made to roll. He didn’t get it often, ( his old man knew what we did to it) but when he did, we had a lot of fun with that car. His dad used it to commute from N. Wis. to Milwaukee every weekend, at that time, no 4 lanes, normally a 5+ hour trip, old John could make it 3 in his 455 Poncho. Not much off the line, all these big GM’s were heavy cars, but get ‘er rollin’,,,nothing like it.

  7. Todd Zuercher

    I was born in Wooster, about 15 miles from Creston. This car would’ve been a rusty mess within a few years if it spent its life in the area.

  8. Ben T. Spanner

    I grew up with Pontiac convertibles, 1962, 1964, and 966 Catalinas and a LeMans. This Bonneville is huge. I now live in Southwest FL, where everthing was built in the last 20 years, and all of the garages are small. My 3 car garage is extra long, but the Bonnie would not fit.
    Seller also has a 1975 Buick convertible for $6750. I grew up 30 mlles east of Wooster, LOTS of salt.

  9. JP

    I had a white on white ’62 Bonneville conv w/red int 389 4bbl & wish I kept it!

  10. ICEMAN from Winnieg

    And GM Fans/Ford Haters thought the 58 Edsel was ugly….

  11. Mike B

    Ready for summer date night cruise to Rogue’s Hollow.

  12. dweezilaz

    How the 58 Edsel would have evolved had Ford continued the line and the themes.

    I always loved the 70 for just those styling features. The 71 was a big disappointment.

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