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The other day one of our good friends, Bradford, emailed us this photo. He had spent some time trying to identify it, but decided it might be easier to just ask for our help. He knew that our reader’s automobile identification skills are second to none. So, what do you think guys? We have cracked ones a lot harder than this so let’s not let him down. Good luck!

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  1. Pete bolton

    Looks like a Santana motor from Spain they’re based on the British land rover defender

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    • outsider

      I agree with you Pete, that’s what it looks like to me.

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    • john

      its Russian UaZ 4×4 look on u tube it’s definitely not an AUSTIN GYPSY

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  2. George

    Land Rover? Looks like a Paris to Dakar entry
    But Ive been wrong before

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    • Steve H

      It’s definitely not a land rover or Santana. Thought it might be a daihatsu but it’s the Russian

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  3. Alan Northcott

    Sure looks like a Land Rover, but it’s a bit curvy? Didn’t Toyota do some similar models?

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  4. David Wright

    Looks to me like a Nissan Patrol

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  5. JAB

    Russian but don’t know the brand…

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  6. oskark

    UAZ 469.
    Cheers from Poland :D

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    • Jim-Bob

      Beat me to it!

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    • Auld Bobby Friendship

      you know it of course, as do a few others here.
      Myself, my everyday car here in the UK is a Lada Niva 4×4.


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    • ToddMember

      My wife and I lived in Uzbekistan for about five years and we owned one of these YAZ vehicles. They were built like tanks and lasted a long time. Everything was serviceable on it but it was necessary too.
      You guys beat me to the description! Just thought I would add our story to it.

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  7. cliffyc

    I think it is a Santana,Spanish built (under licence),Land Rover.?

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  8. Al

    This is Russian UAZ (Ul’yanovsk automotive zavod -factory in Russian)

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  9. David Wright

    It looks very different than my land rovers………I have 3, The Japanese knock offs were difficult to distinguish from each other…….Nissan, Toyota, they may have been built similar by govt contract, like the Ford and Willies jeeps in our country.

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  10. Lucas

    It’s a Nissan Patrol, very rare in the US, common in Japan for the military.
    My dads best friend was a Nissan dealer in the 70’s and had one but could not get any more.
    They were considered to be better than the Toyota in the day and years ahead of the US jeeps that dad’s friend also sold.

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  11. Kenny Smith

    It’s a UAZ-469 (Or one of it’s many variants)

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  12. Eric Faley

    Looks like a Nissan Patrol. Very similar lines to Rover

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  13. Bob in Seattle

    That is a UAZ 469, a Russian vehicle used by Soviet era Warsaw pact countries. I spent time in Bohemia /Czechoslovakia camping in the early 80s with a controversial East German dissident family and we were watched by Peoples Army personnel in these vehicles.

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  14. Tom

    uaz 469

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  15. Tom

    Looks like an Aro, a Romanian SUV.

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  16. Eric

    I think it’s Russian – Lada or something like that.

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  17. Rod

    That’s a Russian UAZ Hunter

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  18. David Casey

    Here is the you tube video of the vehicle but it really doesn’t provide any other clues.

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  19. Geoff Ball

    Early Nissan Patrol late sixties early seventies

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  20. Steve R.

    Looks like a Toyota Landcruiser

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  21. Val

    It is Russian UAZ-469 (УАЗ-469).
    Used extensively by Soviet Union (and Russian) military and police.
    UAZ = Ul’yanovsky Avtomobilniy Zavod. (УАЗ = Ульяновский Автомобильный Завод)

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  22. Morten
  23. kristaps


    he is correct! its called UAZ or people call it just BOBIK.

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  24. Gary

    Russian UAZ

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  25. Edgar

    The picture above is 100% not a Santana or Landrover . I own both

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  26. Jon

    Nissan Patrol

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  27. DT

    Wrong!! Its a Chinese variant(copy) of the UAZ, Bejing jeep

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  28. Jim-Bob

    Here’s the official website of UAZ (In English!).

    They also still make a 4×4 van from Soviet times as well.

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    everyone beat me UAZ 469

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  30. Wiley Robinson

    I was going to say GAZ but I guess the UAZ is a variant of that right?

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    • C

      Well, if a Dodge is a variant of a Chevy… ;)

      UAZ, GAZ, KRAZ and so forth are different brands. There are many more.

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  31. DT

    Beijing Automotive Works,B.A.W…..Bj212….bj stands for Beijing jeep

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  32. Bradford

    Great work guys. I was on the same path as you guys. I had thought about a Nissan Patrol but quickly ruled that out, and I couldn’t quite find a land rover that matched. I did spend some time searching Russian vehicles and didn’t find a match. All I can say is barnfinds followers are second to none. Thanks again every one!

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  33. Paul

    Russian Sapa

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  34. Frank Staron

    The headlights and stance gave it away

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  35. George

    Russian UAZ.

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  36. Nigel Matthews

    A Nissan Patrol or perhaps a Daihatsu

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  37. FRED

    it’s a highly secret project built by an unknown car company in tamale, africa. only a few highly classified car and truck guys know all the may look like it has jeep,toyota,land rover parts but that is to throw you all off. the same goes for the ford looking brakes,chevy looking interior and the hemi power. i have not seen it so i don’t know and a friend of mine that saw it from start to finish being built said that the cia wont give details to anybody. .so if you know what it is please tell me cause i ain’t got a clue and the african government ain’t talkin…

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  38. ron

    Toyota Hilux?

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  39. Neil

    UAZ 469 – Soviet version of the Landrover.

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  40. RonB

    UAZ-469.jpg For sure – look at grill badge( same)

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  41. Patrick Pylant

    At first glance I thought it was a Nissan Patrol, but the emblem on the grill looks like UAZ.

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  42. Phhhhrt

    It cracks me up how many people will guess after the answer was clearly given very early on by definitive sources.

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    • Auld Bobby Friendship

      I have to agree with you on that one, Phhhhrt.

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  43. Duffy

    It’s a UAZ 469. Howdy from Upstate New York. Just rode in one 8 months ago.

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  44. terry carter

    Just for fun how about an Austin Gipsy

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  45. Eric "captain vespa"

    Looks like a Nissan patrol

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  46. Cameron Bater UK

    Looks like the front end of a Jeep has been grafted onto a Series/Defender Land rover, it could be a make do and mend military fix to solve a front end bash, I know that some continental countries (Europe) were producing similar products around the same time as Land Rover and Asia has bought the rights to a few old Layland/Rovergroup designs and slightly altered them in more recent years, the Indian “Ambassor Taxi” is basicly a Morris Oxford for example.

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  47. tim(akasidewaysam)

    Yes it is a Russian Gaz, which was also produced under license in other eastern block countries ,as a uaz 469, and under license in china as well.
    it was also called the Tundra

    Its a god awful car to drive, but is great off road, and you can fix it with a hammer, screwdriver, and adjustable spanner… they are pretty much bomb proof.

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  48. mark lutz

    Looks like a nissan patrol to me. I had a 1969 and they are super rare in the US. I wish I could have kept that beast. Nissan was datsun in the US at that time and all the parts had datsun codes etc. But the badge was Nissan.

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  49. j rivera

    That is a nissan patrol

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  50. Jasper

    definately UAZ, have on of these, so there’s no doubt

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