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Nash Rambler Stash For $1,500!

Stylish and certainly not a common machine to see, these Nash Ramblers are cool cars, but between the two of them, you likely have enough to make one very decent machine. Stored for a few decades, neither of the cars are in running condition. For $1,500 you can take home these uncommon and stylish mid 50’s finds. Check out these Nash’s here on eBay.

The black and white car still retains its drivetrain, but it is not clear the last time either of these cars ran. There is some very obvious rot along the tops of the inner fenders, and there is certainly plenty of dust and dirt from time spent parked.

Although the seats are not in the car, the seats were apparently removed for long term storage decades ago. Grey with pink, it is clear that the black car had an awesome interior. Unfortunately, this car has some serious rot issues, and would likely be a parts car only.  Fortunately, the other car would benefit from those parts.

Seafoam green and in much better shape, this car has only minor rust concerns, but the engine appears to be out of commission. The head is missing, and know knows what else could be missing.

Although it seems the upholstery from the black car survived a little better than the green car, some upholstery work and a good cleaning would likely make this interior fair enough. Overall the body of the green car seems very reasonable with only minor surface rust reported, and a few small holes in the passenger front floor board. It is clear that both cars have been there a while and the dirt and gravel is over the lip of the wheel. Hopefully there is no other hidden rot in the green car. Certainly a neat and affordable project for a Nash fan looking for an uncommon machine. Are you a fan of these Nash Ramblers?


  1. Will Fox

    Holy mother of pearl!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forget the black/white one guys–the green one is an ULTRA RARE 4dr. HARDTOP!!!!!!! No B-pillar, and it’s THE Ramber of this vintage to have, outside of a `57 Rebel!! The pillared sedans are by far more common. THIS is a find indeed!!! I believe it’s a `56 model (1st yr for the 4dr. HT) making even more desirable.

    Guys…..I’d step forward on this one; I really would but no funds. One of you HAS to see the value in the green 4dr. hardtop!! Good luck!!!

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    • That AMC Guy

      The only thing cooler than that would be the even rarer 4-door hardtop station wagon. I believe that Rambler was the first to offer that body style. Few were sold.

      (The photo is of a ’58 Ambassador hardtop wagon, but they were offered starting in 1956.)

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      • Will Fox

        I’ve seen that `58 Ambassador wagon in person, AMC!! A stunning car, extremely rare, and (I think?) the ONLY ONE known of that has survived! And if you had a `56 HT wagon, you’d have the holy grail!

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  2. Dovi65

    I’m a big Nash/Rambler/Hudson/AMC fan. Tho as much as they need, $1500 seems a bit strong.
    Both cars would have been quite the lookers in their day. Hopefully they will go to a good home and at least one of these little orphans will wow visitors to car shows

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  3. Rube Goldberg Member

    If you look at the B&W one, the front coil spring towers rusted, very common. It’s what killed my grandfathers otherwise perfect ’61 Classic. Ramblers outside of Wisconsin were a tough sell. Growing up in Milwaukee, Ramblers were all over, mostly because Rambler was a major employer in the state. Everybody knew someone that worked at AMC and we all drove Ramblers. I don’t see anybody willing to restore these, as the appeal is one that’s already nice, if you can find one. I bet even the green one, while better, is wasted underneath.

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  4. Mitch Ross Member

    If I had the space, I would take this on. Put the drivetrain from the black one in the green one and get it running, do the rest of the work slowly

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    • carbuzzard Member

      These are both 1956 models. They have small running lights in the front fenders. The running lights in the ‘57 are larger comprising most of the front edge of the fender. It’s a much better look, making the ‘56 look like a budget model.

      That said, from personal experience driving an eight year old two-tone green ‘57 in high school (hand-me-down), I can tell you that at that time it was a chick magnet…if both were the same magnetic poles. If nothing else, it proved no girl ever went out with me to be seen in my car.

      Some rust holes in the floor? These are likely to the automotive version of a glass-bottom boat. Front fenders and rockers are also prone to rust.

      Yes, I’d like to have one for nostalgia, but this would be a labor of not love but passion. Good luck, and be prepared to take it down to the unit body.

      • MGSteve

        Yup, I can strongly affirm your comment about these NOT being a chick magnet. I will always believe my father did “this” to me, to intentionally eliminate any possibility of ever dating. He wouldn’t let me, even though I had earned the $$$, to buy my own car, but instead bought a used, 59 full size Rambler sedan. Sucker was PINK with a GRAY “stripe”, and the interior was RED & BLACK. Try to picture how butt ugly that was. Geeez, it was hard enough to get a date when you’re an awkward 16 – 17 year old, and I sure-as-heck wasn’t offering them a ride in ‘Vette or cool Ford or Chevy. But, like you said Car Buzzard, IF you ever got a poor girl to accept your invitation, at least you knew she wasn’t in it for the cool ride. Sorry AMC fans, these just do not light my candles.

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  5. Little_Cars

    Seats were taken out and stored….and no dang photos of them now? Sheesh.

    Will Fox, your enthusiasm is contagious. Wish these were closer to me, I’d love the challenge of getting the pillarless one back on the road.. Let’s all get a GoFundMe page together for Will so he can have his grail and eat it too!

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  6. Carbuzzard Member

    MGSteve, I even got several girls to make out with me in that car (though not at the same time). Names will be withheld, however, because even though they’re probably grandmothers now, I’ll respect a girl’s self respect.

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  7. MGSteve

    Car Buzzard: Yaw, OK, me too. The fact that the front seats laid down, to make sort of a bed . . . now that feature I never got to use . . . not even close.

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    • Carbuzzard Member

      My father, having more confidence in me than I deserved, disabled that feature. And considering the young ladies I dated, it was largely irrelevant. 😁

  8. stillrunners stillrunners Member


  9. robbert

    One rare Nash worth the money worth the effort.

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