Nearly Perfect: 1966 Pontiac Bonneville

Back in the sixties, we could count on American manufacturers updating the cars every year to provide a fresh take on a body style, even if it wasn’t time for an all-new body. The 1965 full-size Pontiac received a major update, but for 1966 this is what would be referred to then as refreshing. If this is what a manufacturer did today, they would call it a major update. Here is a 1966 Pontiac Bonneville 4 door hardtop for sale here on eBay in Denver, Colorado. Thanks to Barn Finds reader local_sheriff for letting us know about this car.

The 1966 full-size Pontiacs received a new look on the front still using the vertically stacked headlights with a new grille and bumper. At the rear, there was a new treatment with a slightly updated bumper and the Bonneville having wider taillights than the lower Catalina and Star Chief Executive models, but sharing its longer wheelbase of 124 inches with the Star Chief Executive.

While this car is being offered for sale by a Vintage car dealer in Denver, they much prefer to toot their dealer’s horn than to given much information about the car. Even a YouTube video link only gives a short view of the car and continues to talk about financing and the dealer itself. This car is missing the standard Bonneville fender skirts in the pictures but they are mentioned on the build information. The car includes the standard deluxe wheel discs. There is about a 3 1/2 inch scratch on the car. This Bonneville is listed as blue, but I believe I would call it green.

Inside the car, we find a full bench front seat with center armrest finished in green Morrokide (vinyl). You will find walnut accented steering wheel and instrument panel. This car has factory air conditioning, power windows, power seat, and AM push button radio. These people cover themselves in the fine print stating that air conditioning may or may not work. They also do not guarantee mileage but list this one at what is showing on the odometer, 9,109 miles. I’m betting the car has that mileage in excess of 100,000 miles.

The engine is the standard 389 cubic inch V-8 with an automatic transmission. The advertised price for this car is $10,900. Are you in the market for a nice GM full-size model from the sixties? This may be the one for you.

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  1. TimS Member

    Ready to be a family/friends cruiser. Price is a tad high but maybe not with the options.

  2. Dave

    My Uncle Joe had a Catalina just like this. He took his family to Pikes Peak one year and had a great story to tell.

  3. jw454

    I would have thought the price was a bit high but, based on what I saw people paying for cars this past weekend, it may not be. It is a nice car for the guy that has a small tribe to move around and would like to do it in a classy older ride.

  4. Jim in FL

    Growing up, we had a silver 66 convertible with white interior. I remember little league games, jersey shore and everything in between in that car. Back in the early 80s, it was rear ended and totaled on our street (back when people used to park on the street). In the 60’s dad worked for a Pontiac dealer and would get a new convertible each year, then sell it and start again. For some reason, in 1966 people started wanting AC in convertibles, and he didn’t have it in the 66, so he kept it for my mom, and my older brother drove it in high school.

    War stories aside, the 389 is a nice motor and a workhorse. With AC, power steering and power brakes, I wouldn’t be afraid to daily drive this. The wood trim on the dash is real. It’s a thin veneer, never could figure out how to keep it polished.

  5. IkeyHeyman Member

    I’ve been to this dealer’s warehouse, and they are very good at the presentation of their inventory. They usually don’t seem to know much about the history of the vehicles they sell because they buy at auctions or are selling on consignment. Not saying this isn’t a good car, but due diligence is, as always, recommended.

  6. jevkie

    My Father owned a 1966 Grande Parisienne , Oshawa Ontario Built , It was powered by a 283 chev , get this in a Pontiac , I remember stopping for gas in california in 1967 and having the gas jockey call the mechanic out cause it had a chevy engine in it , Funny years later customers complained about GM putting engines from different divisions , they had practice already lol

    • That AMC Guy

      In those days the Pontiacs sold in Canada were actually built using Chevrolet chassis, engines, and transmissions with Pontiac-style body panels grafted onto them.

      • jevkie

        its about history , and I love that , thanks for the info , it must have driven the people on the line , crazy , putting a pontiac on a chev frame , now i’m on a search for that, history of oshawa

  7. ccrvtt

    Probably the best looking sedan of 1966, and this one’s a beauty. It’s uncanny how the GM stylists were able to make such a large car appear so light and svelte.

    Once again, you have to think what else you could get for this amount of money – a Camry or Altima with 80K on the clock, a decent Silverado, or this gorgeous piece that will only go up in value.

    I choose the Bonneville.

  8. Robert Sabatini

    Dad bought a ’69 Bonneville 4-door with an unbelievably strong-running 428. I always remember our road trips with just my dad and I, cruising comfortably at 90mph. Felt like we were going 65…what a beast it was! Prior to that car was our ’63 Catalina. No wonder I was hooked on Ponchos!

  9. local_sheriff

    These Ponchos are such timeless cruisers and somehow it seems yankees haven’t realized that yet. 65-66 Pontiacs of all body styles have been extremely popular among American car enthusiasts in Scandinavia several years, as they offer a fullsize body at modest prices and are somehow more posh than Chevies.Yet Pontiac parts are almost as available in contrast to low-volume fullsizers.

    This one represents what seems like a sound American iron car for someone entering the hobby.Bet seller knows those doors will scare people off, so I’m sure it’s room for some haggling here. If it wasn’t for me dealing with snow and roadsalt 6 months a year this is the kind of vehicle I’d DD and just maintain and enjoy!

  10. Sunshine

    I always found the four door hardtops to remind me of coach-built cars and therefore seem more sexy than a two door hardtop. Same wheelbase typically as the 2 door counterpart, but always seemed larger, airier, and more luxurious. Of course, keeping FOUR hardtop doors aligned was even a problem back in the day; and let’s not talk about being t-boned in traffic. Still, give me a four door hardtop to lust after any day.

  11. Bill the Engineer

    I took my driver’s test in a Bonneville identical to the featured car, right down to the color. That 389 would really scoot for such a large car.

  12. Bob Member

    Beautiful car! Such style.

  13. T Mel

    They did have a minty green that was much more obviously light green than this “greyish-teal” color, just like the one I had (until I painted in blue).

  14. bog

    I’m still more partial to the one my Dad had. That was a ’65 2-door hardtop Bonny. In the “going” color of the period. That maroon with matching maroon vinyl interior…though it seemed like leather. I had my own car, but was allowed to drive it “sparingly”, and only if I put gas in it from my OWN pocket. Great car ! That 389 w/big 4 barrel had grunt compared to my monstrous ’60 Merc Monterrey w/312. That Pontiac was one of the handsomest full-sized cars my Pops ever owned. Only problem “ever” was once during a tremendous downpour the engine died while I was going about 35 down our main street…since it had power EVERYTHING getting it pulled over to the curb and stopped was a real hand full. As it had power windows and locks, was also locked in car for awhile. Never expected that !

    • r s

      Uh, can’t you just grab the little lock button itself and pull it up without using the electric switch? That has worked in every power-locks car I’ve ever owned.

      • bog

        r s – Sorry I took so long to answer… Having “issues” with internet provider. Answer: NO. The lock button on the door was a slim chrome affair with a rounded over top, and it sat basically flush with the top of it’s “tube” in the top of the door. Absolutely nothing to grab onto. And the door handles themselves were rendered inoperative back the lack of “juice” going to them. I’d also tried the power window switches to perhaps climb out (into the pouring rain) that way. NOPE. So, sat in steamy car until rain let up and whatever had caused the electrics to “short” dried up or drained away. Once car started all the systems were back to normal, I unlocked doors and put passenger window down. Never drove Dad’s car in the rain again ! ! !

  15. az fl Cowboy

    Hello :) Loved this 66 Pontiac I decided to buy it :) Great car in and out :)
    Not a goat but great for family and grand chidlren :) I wonder which grandson will inherit the Pontiac :) Stay well and God Bless


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