Needs A Home: 800-Mile 1978 Sachs Balboa

The great thing about my family is like me, they are always looking for classic cars, trucks, and bikes. This 1978 Sachs Balboa moped was discovered by my dad a few years ago, and it has travelled only 800 miles in its entire life! Find this all-original moped here on eBay in Ottsville, PA, with no bids.

A few years ago, my dad was doing work for a customer in Doylestown, PA, when he stumbled upon this 1978 Sachs Balboa moped. He was able to purchase it, and since then it has been stored in a garage. The moped is all-original, and includes a couple period-correct accessories. The moped is cosmetically in great shape, and I’ve never seen another original one (I’ve seen a couple of restored ones online). I personally love the blue color, and the silver nicely complements the blue gas tank and frame.

Mechanically, this moped is perfect, and that’s without bias. The engine is a Sachs 50X series engine, and is backed by a single-gear automatic transmission. To start the moped, you pedal until the motor kicks in, and the moped can reach speeds of up to 25 to 30 mph. My dad has ridden it up and down our road, and I’ve even ridden it down our driveway. The mileage is original and correct at 888 original miles, and my dad recently rebuilt the carburetor, flushed and cleaned the gas tank, and replaced the fuel line and fuel filter. Overall, this is a brand-new moped, and I’ve seen restored ones go for up to $2,000. Imagine how much this one will be worth! Again, please help my dad find this 1978 Sachs Balboa a new home.

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  1. The Walrus

    A wise man once said… ‘A moped is like a fat chick… a whole lotta fun until your friends catch you on one.’

  2. gene

    Mopeds are like fat girls. Fun to ride but you don’t want to be seen with one.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi gene, I heard it a different way. There’s 2 things you should only do late at night,,,ride a moped and,,,well, this is a family site, so you can figure it out. :0

  3. Tioguishe

    “I’ve seen restored ones go for up to $2,000. Imagine how much this one will be worth!” My best guess is: much less than you imagine!

  4. fhuket

    More character than a late model Harley. ;-)

  5. Howard A Member

    There’s a pretty good reason why this only has 800 miles, mopeds are really for a certain geographical area, and the wide open spaces of America is not the best place for them. They are like one step above walking, and in an area conducive to that, they’re fine, but pretty useless anywhere else. People throw these away at a horrific rate, like gas weed trimmers, recycling centers always have a few. Quite frankly, I’ll take my mountain bike over this anyday. ( unless, of course, I can’t ride my bicycle some day, then guess what looks pretty appealing?)

  6. DougP

    These were popular in the late 70’s in NYC and yes people got laughed at riding them. Present day with all the different delivery services this can be had a lot cheaper then a scooter.

  7. Jay E.

    In my youth I have put thousands of miles on mopeds and this on is nice. Plus, since it is a moped, it doesn’t require a license, which used to make them very attractive to youth. The problem is that speeds on all roads have gone up so much! Even driving a back road you are passed with only inches to spare with a 30+ MPH speed differential. If you are in a slow town, this is ideal. Crazy MPG was great in Europe where gas prices are triple, but even there they aren’t nearly as popular anymore. They used to be everywhere. Hope it finds a good home, but for 2k it is competing with a car. I’m thinking $750.00 tops.

  8. Rock On Member

    These things used to be everywhere in Ontario. People were riding them like bicycles. No helmets. Running stop signs. Riding on sidewalks. The government cracked down and requires helmets, license plates and insurance. Very few on the road now.

  9. kevin edwards

    I live in Omaha, Nebraska and I ride mopeds everyday all year long. In the past 2 yrs I have bought repaired and sold around 40 mopeds. It is to the point where I have to look out of state to find bikes. There is a huge moped subculture in every city and its growing. As far as the reliability and mileage, i have 2 bikes both with close to 8,000 miles on them that will blow by u at 50 mph. Any
    Day of the week. HOWARD A. Ur comments are incorrect and very dated.

    • Howard A Member

      Hey, great, if mopeds are your thing, have at it. I never said anything bad and in the right setting they’re fine. I don’t live in a city, and mopeds are useless to me in the country. And to be clear, the “bike” I ride( with 65K miles) at 50mph, has 3 more gears, so you won’t blow by me.

  10. Dt 1

    The Walrus was absolutely right you don’t want to be caught dead on it

  11. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Being ever the devil’s-advocate, and a lover of every vehicle ever made, big, small, slow, or fast, I 100% disagree with “being afraid” (which is what it is, it’s not embarrassment, it’s being afraid of what others will think) of riding a moped. Who in 2017, seriously, is afraid to own or ride a 50cc motorcycle? Haven’t we progressed past that as humans? Apparently not and that’s super disappointing. Own, ride, and/or drive whatever vehicles you want to and to H with what anyone else thinks! Come on! If you have the guts to say that stuff about mopeds, and moped riders, you should have the guts to ride one.

    • Mitchell Gildea Member

      Finally, someone who understands my point of view. Thanks and God bless.

  12. Lionel Guilbert

    Wow, flashback to 1984 in Morocco when my friend’s Sachs was the only transportation mode we could get our hands on. These things could haul two 16 year old kids, the one in back holding two surfboards and a backpack with wetsuits, and a third kid in tow on a skateboard with his surfboard under arm, heading to the beach break 8 miles away…. Ask me how I know…..

  13. Dickie F.

    I like most things mechanical, but the smaller motorcycles scare me. I have settled on 750cc and bigger – feels much safer for a lot of reasons.

    This one is interesting thou, are those barbeque grills on the rear? Where does the firewood go?

  14. Nevis Beeman

    Google >” 1978 moped trip– 18,660km trip to Yukon, Alaska, and NWT”<
    riders name is Walter Muma.

    Read this fascinating website & be amazed !


    There are several groups that love mopeds and the main one is Moped army. While this one is over priced by about 1200. I have several mopeds and live in dallas ft worth area. They are fun simple and self contained with a magneto and no battery in some cases. I am 64 and could care less what anyone would think.
    anything with a motor still facinates me. Sometimes going slow is the way to go.

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