Needs Metal Work: 1970 Dodge Super Bee

Time can be kinder to some classic cars than to others, and this 1970 Dodge Super Bee has certainly suffered at the hands of time, and the elements. The owner states that it will need a lot of metal-work, and that would probably rate as one of life’s great understatements. Barn Finder Little_Cars referred this sad-looking classic to us, and I have to say thank you for that. The Super Bee is located in Spring Hill, Tennessee, and is listed for sale here on Facebook. If you would like the chance to breathe new life into the Dodge, the owner is asking for you to part with $3,500.

When the owner talks about metal-work, he isn’t joking. This classic certainly has plenty of rust issues that can be seen from the outside, but you can also that there is plenty of rust in the floors. From what we can see in this photo, I am a bit concerned about how much structural rust there might be, as well. Judging by the way that the driver’s door fits into the frame, and how it lines up with the quarter panel, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some problems there. There is also rust visible around both the windshield and rear window frame, and all of this places a real question mark over the car as a viable project.

As you would expect, the interior of the Dodge is also pretty badly trashed, and there isn’t a lot there that is worth salvaging. It looks like the Rally gauges might possibly be okay, but there isn’t a lot else. The owner also says that the car was previously equipped with a 383 and a 4-speed. I don’t doubt the claim about the engine, but the brake pedal and the shifter suggests that it was probably equipped with a Torqueflite at some point. Either way, it’s all pretty academic, because while the rear end is still present, the engine and transmission are both long gone. The tags and title for the car match and a personal inspection would soon confirm exactly what was there originally.

What do you think? When I see a car like this Super Bee with this level of deterioration, it sparks a level of morbid curiosity within me. I hate to see classics looking like this, but part of me would love to take a closer look to see if it is really as bad as the photos would seem to suggest. Would you want to take a closer look as well? More importantly, is this a car that you would be willing to hand over your money for?



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  1. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I’m not sure there’s enough to stick a fork into on this one (it’s done). Is a vin tag worth that much, assuming there’s one still there? I suppose you could keep the vin and replace everything else.

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    • Scott Williams

      And it seems likely that you’re buying a VIN tag for a base engine Super Bee with a Torqueflite. What’s the attraction in that?

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  2. Classic Steel

    Well i’ll be a super bee 🐝 thats not rust free but under 10 grand.

    This is the perfect car to customize and put a six speed plus hemi under.

    One will need a lift and a poss frame to Replace rusty one with much patience too.👀😏

    I am guessing one will be into this with hemi and elbow grease in the 30s to bee 🐝 nice again.

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    • moosie moosie

      No frame on these cars, all unibodies. All you’re buying here is a vin tag and a title if one is available.This car was finished years ago.

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      • AMXBrian

        Maybe this would be possible if you dropped this on the new charger chassis like the Nascar Fabricator that build a Daytona hybrid

  3. Troy s

    Looks like one of those….cars…that someone left abandoned in a field, not so much a barn. 3500 dollars seems a little high.

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  4. 8banger David Mika Member


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    • Mark D

      Knock it on its head. It’s done.

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  5. Kurt


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  6. rpol35

    I loved the ’68, liked the ’69, never warmed up to the ’70 with its goofy twin loop front bumpers.

    That said, metal work? It doesn’t look from the pictures like there is enough structural metal left to work on.

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  7. Benjy58

    Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to the scrapyard it should go.

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    • David Ulrey

      R I P. 😢 always loved these. :(

  8. luke arnott Member

    Restore this?Yeah,right!

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  9. Fran

    That’s a car where you take the radiator cap off and place it on another car and it’s done!

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  10. george mattar

    Even loud mouth Mark Worman would not fix this heap of garbage. You waited to o long to sell it. This hobby has gone insane.

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  11. TimM

    Sell it to Fred and Barney they can take it to the rock quarry and crush it!!!

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  12. bobhess bobhess Member

    At least the Mach 1 Mustang is good for yard art. Not this guy….

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  13. Del

    what year was it parted out ?

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  14. skibum2

    hahahahahahaa… go ahead, what a junker.. $3.5K Hahahahaha

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  15. Arby

    That Bee is far from Super…

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  16. Desert rat

    You know it’s a shame what the classic car word has come to, lm an old guy that always loved muscle cars. Back in the 70s and 80s I’d pick up really good drivers fo 700$ slap on a new set of tires with cragers , check the hoses and belts and drive across Texas, now I am are forced to consider junk like this if I want another muscle car, crap that back in the day you couldn’t give me for free, now it’s 3500$.

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    • NovaTom

      A lot of us on this site feel your pain

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  17. John M.

    I’ll pass.

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  18. Keith

    Wow! Do I really need to comment on this one?

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    • Chris M.

      Actually you don’t need to comment on any one.

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  19. NovaTom

    Someone in Spring Hill Tenn needs to sober up

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  20. JOHN Member

    I doubt there is even $1k in parts left. You can’t weld rust…

  21. Max H.

    I graduated high school in 1981. Me and all by buddies drove as every day drivers, muscle cars that people would kill for today. GTX, 442, GT Torino, 428 Mustang, Javelin etc. Now I’m retired and have time to play with muscle cars again and currently have a project in the garage. With what I know about what’s required for these projects, I wouldn’t take that Super Bee for free. Not worth my money and certainly not worth my time!

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  22. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Surprised the crack head commented on the Mustang…’s always been a numbers came across the board……..

  23. Woody

    I like Mopars,but geez Loisez this is swiss cheez!

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  24. Pete in PA

    Game over for this one.

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  25. theGasHole

    This is why the hobby is moving to 80’s and (gasp!) 90’s cars right here. This Super Bee is “what’s left” out there. Why in the world would I want to plunk down $3500 for this, then spend the next umpteen years and my kid’s college fund to restore this? I don’t know about you guys, but that’s not my idea of fun or smart.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love 70’s, 60’s, and 50’s cars (I’ve had close to 60 at this point in my life), but the sun has finally set on these cars as far as finding a viable restoration candidate that’s not just a couple pieces of rust held together by tape and string.

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    • Kurt

      Would you say that is true for old Porsches as well ? Seems like it.

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  26. mjf

    Grave Yard cars would have a hard time fixing this one…

  27. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    The only way this gets restored is if it were a hemi 4 speed. 383 auto doesn’t cut it.

  28. PeteMcGee

    “Rust never sleeps, pal!”

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