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Needs Nothing! 1964 Mercury Park Lane

Get a load of this! This is an absolutely beautiful 1964 Mercury Park Lane convertible. Sure, we can wax on about how modern cars are so much safer, reliable, cleaner, more fuel-efficient, and possess better road manners, etc. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you and I have heard that before and while there is truth to that argument, where’s the fun factor?  Well, there’s plenty here with this big Merc, and it’s not just the top-down cruising experience, it’s the visuals too – where have those days gone? I like this Park Lane, a lot, and I hope you will too. T.J. found the listing for this big convertible, here on craigslist. It’s located in Jefferson City, Missouri, and is available for $28,000.

Full-size ruled in ’64 and Mercury covered the bases with three different trim levels, Park Lane, Montclair, and Monterey. For the Parklane, there were two and four-door hardtops, a four-door sedan, and a drop-top such as our subject car. Additionally, the Park Lane also offered two and four-door hardtop “Marauder” designated versions that featured slant-back rooflines. A Park Lane convertible is a pretty rare affair, only about 2,000 were assembled though there was also a Monterey convertible which accounted for another 2,500 or so.

Looking resplendent in what appears to be Yellow Mist, there are no nits to pick. The finish, chrome plating, and stainless trim all show like new. The seller mentions that the top side is still wearing its original finish but this car’s flanks have experienced a respray. This convertible is considered a “largely unrestored” example with 55K original miles. No mileage authentication is offered but I’d say that it is a believable claim. There are no included images, or description of the folding top so an inquiry regarding its condition would need to be made.

Powering this wind-in-your-hair sled is a 300-gross HP, 390 CI V8 mill driving a Merc-O-Matic automatic transmission. The seller adds, “Runs and drives perfect. Just had transmission completely gone through by a specialty shop, it had several leaks. Basically, the ignition system is new. Pertronix Ignitor II in a new distributor with matching coil, wires, and Motorcraft plugs“. The engine and its compartment certainly have an original-looking bearing about themselves.

The interior may be the most surprising aspect of this car due to the whiteness of its white vinyl upholstery. Known for yellowing with age, the upholstery is still brilliant. And being upholstered in white tells us that this Park Lane has the optional Sports Package as a white interior was not available with lesser equipped Park Lanes. While the carpet is showing some signs of fade, not at all unusual for a convertible, the dash pad and instrument panel look perfect. The seller states, “All interior is original, nothing redone. All lights gauges, even clock works“. The cleanliness continues through to the trunk, it would seem that it was never used for its intended purpose.

As I so often state, you won’t see the return of a car like this Park Lane convertible again, they only exist in our memories or as rare finds such as this fine example. It’s big, bold, beautiful, powerful, and likely a fun ride, what’s not to like?


  1. MLM

    Big, bad, bold, and beautiful. I’m sure this sweet machine will turn a lot of heads.

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  2. local_sheriff

    Don’t remember ever seeing a Merc in this color, it reminds me of the new-for-’64 Chev Goldwood Yellow. And unlike the black only interior Chev offered with that color, this Merc’s black and white upholstery proves Chev did wrong not offering such a combo…

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  3. Vance

    My Father took one of these as a trade in in the early 70’s. My sister had turned 16, and he surprised her with it on her birthday, it was Robin egg blue with a dark blue interior, powered by a 390 4bbl. I was 7 years younger than her, and she would let me tag a long. Well, it had a problem, a gremlin if you will, and it would just stop running. As a passenger, I got the privilege of being the one to push it when it decided to quit running. It was a 2 door hardtop, but it was pretty to look at, and I was real familiar with the back end due to pushing that 4k pound thing around. He grew tired of her and the car, she got a 1967 Mustang convertible instead. It was a nice car though, it was a gas or spark problem, but I was too young and ill informed to know anything. It was a beautiful ride.

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  4. 8banger 8banger Member

    Nice for sure! But funny how things go, as that 1st gen Bronco lurking in the back would likely sell for 60K…

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  5. Bamapoppy

    If you don’t like this car turn in your birth certificate and move out of the country. This is definitely a U.S.A. born and bred classic!

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  6. Mitch

    Cool cruiser and mean-machine. The driver with a fat Cuban
    cigar and the elbow out, coolness cant be beaten.

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  7. Ricky Member


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  8. Stan

    🎸 🎶
    ” If I had money, I tell you what I’d do
    I’d go downtown and buy a Mercury or two
    I’m crazy ’bout a Mercury
    I’m crazy ’bout a Mercury
    I’m gonna buy me a Mercury and cruise it up and down the road ” 🎵 🥁

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  9. Richard, Old Canadian

    What caught my eye was the ’56 Lincoln. After a few years of production Mechanics Ilustrated Magazine ( TOM McCAHILL) called it the best car EVER..

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  10. James Petropulos

    Back in ’67 while stationed at a Nike site outside of Pgh. PA., an Army buddy of mine had a black ’64 Park Lane convertible, with a red interior. It was as beautiful as this one. Sad to say he totaled it not long after he got it.
    I always liked his car but with around only 2,000 made you don’t see these very often. Probably half are gone now too…..

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  11. George Birth

    A real cream puff!! Ah the sorrows of champagne tastes on a soda pop pocketbook!!! I’d love to own another convertible, but they are getting beyond my reach anymore. My biggest regret is allowing my Mom talking me into selling my 55 Chevy convertible when Uncle Sam came knocking. Wish I still had that car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  12. karl

    “experienced a respray” ? I thought this one one of Adams’ write ups when I read that line !

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  13. Carbob Member

    Being 13 at the time this beauty was made I still remember drooling over the cars of this era. All these years later and I’m still drooling. Like Jim says they will never be cars like these made again. Someone will be getting a nice ride for sure. GLWTS.

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  14. Johnmloghry johnmloghry

    OMG This car is gorgeous, long sleek and fine as frogs hair. You better have a large secure garage to keep this baby in or it will disappear as soon as you’re not looking. Thieves abound these days, and the media makes heroes of some of them (I won’t mention a name but the initial G.F comes to mind). Now these cars are soft riding cars that have a tendency to float and understeer at times. But man are they head turners. With seats large enough to, well use your own imagination. It just don’t get much better than this.

    God Bless America

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  15. Michael Babinetz

    My uncle was a big mercury man. He would load us kids up and jump railroad tracks on the back roads around Bethlehem Pennsylvania
    We would fly up off the back seats. Great memories

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  16. TheOldGeezer

    The side view of this Merc reminds me of the 63 T bird convertible, which I thought was the best looking T bird ever.
    I would love to have this in the Village on a warm day, just cruising the winding, curving, up and down road here in the hills.

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  17. HC Member

    My gosh what a beauty! Head turner, indeed. Very fair price for a turnkey classic like this 64 Mercury with low mileage. I have a 65 Mercury Montclair Marauder that’s my daily driver these days. These
    Mercurys behave like a Lincoln, and move like a muscle car.

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