Never Restored! 1970 Camaro Z28 RS 4-Speed

No longer fettered by the SCCA’s 307 cid restriction, Chevy’s road-racer, the Z28, flexed its muscles for 1970. The hot 360 HP 350 cid V8 meant business, and a host of other upgrades made the Z28 one serious machine. This 1970 Chevrolet Z28 in Terryville, Connecticut came just as you see it, a double-green Z28 with white stripes, 350, RS package, and a four-speed manual transmission. Though the engine acquired some aftermarket parts, it’s the original mill, and the seller lists a host of other original items here on Craigslist. Drop by with $25,000 cash in a shoebox and this running, driving, never-restored Z28 is all yours. Thanks to reader Rex M. for spotting this high-powered green machine.

The high-strung Z28-specific LT1 utilized an 11:1 compression ratio and other tricks to surpass the vaunted 1+ HP / cubic inch mark, making 360 HP from 350 cubic inches. Real-world horsepower may have been nearer to 400, so those who grew up in an age when every GM family car had a 350 that could barely turn the tires should never dismiss this Z28 as just another ’70s V8 Camaro. Die-hard Z28 fans would note a host of missing factory parts, but you can have fun with the LT1 while you’re chasing them down.

Lower quarter panels and fenders are shot, according to the seller, but the foundation of a running, driving true Z28 will ease that pain. The body tag confirms a Z28 in Forest Green with white stripes. The RS package adds the split bumper, inner front lights, and more. Thanks to lov2xlr8 for some details.

Not everyone goes for green, and luckily there’s plenty of it here. Anyone on the fence about the color choice will probably pass, making it a better buy if you enjoy basking in the color of money. Though Chevy offered an automatic transmission for the first time in a Z28, no one with functional legs and arms would have ordered this street-legal road-racer with a slush box. In describing the Z28, the brochure said “When you come to see the ‘Z,’ make sure you’ve got your driving gloves.” This one will take some work to bring back, but you won’t see too many like it. What’s your favorite version of the Z28?


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  1. Jcs

    “Selling for a friend.”

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    • Chris M.

      “you say he’s just a friend”

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    • John

      It appears or implies this is the original, factory born with solid lifter engine, is this the case?

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      • Rob Collins Member

        The 1970 350 LT1. With hydraulic lifters had 360H.P. The solid lifter LT1. Had 370 to 375 HP

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    • Rey

      If this a real Z what happened to the long go pedal that is supposed to be attached to floor ??

  2. JWK

    Listed in palm springs and map shows Connecticut????????

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    • Steve Bush Member

      Agree JWK, it seems weird. Seller Frank’s phone area code 860 is in Northern Connecticut where the car apparently is. Perhaps he thinks it will get more exposure among wealthy Palm Springs residents but then again there are plenty of such people in the tri-state area and anyway if I were car shopping I’d start looking nearby and the car isn’t particularly nice.

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  3. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    Seller says “Easy car to restore, big bucks when done”. Hagerty says Fair condition $31,100 plus 20% for RS package, 10% for 4-speed plus 10% for COPO spoiler which I presume is the rear spoiler. Guess I’ll scratch one of these off my hope to own one day bucket list.

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    • JCA Member

      Minus 20% for the ugly shade of green,in my opinion . Forest green with a black interior would be nice

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      • Hans L

        48 – 48 Paint code is Forest Green, albeit it has a green interior. Restored, it can look very nice and period correct.

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    • Joe Bru

      the tall spoiler was not manufactured until 71, so it’s not original to the car.

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      • Hans L

        Per NastyZ28’s site: “One-piece low-profile rear spoiler standard; 3-piece high spoiler (COPO 9796) available optionally after Apr. 20, 1970”.

        As the build date is 06D, it’s quite possible it came with the tall 3 piece spoiler from the factory.

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  4. Mike Roberts

    Minus another 20% for what looks like bondo?

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  5. Terry

    the green guts are unfortunate……

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  6. jerry z

    That’s alot of green and I’m not talking about the money!

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  7. gbvette62

    The SCCA Trans Am engine limit was 305 (5 liters), not 307, and the SCCA did not drop the 5 liter limit for 1970.

    Prior to 70, a racer was allowed to bore an engine out up to 30 over, to get closer to 5 liter limit, but destroking a larger engine to meet the limit was not allowed. For 1970, the SCCA dropped the restriction on destroking, so that Pontiac, Plymouth & Dodge could compete.

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  8. Warren Schaefer

    The maximum SCCA Trans AM engine displacement was limited to 5.0 liters / 302 cubic inches.

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  9. Jack Member

    I thought the car was repainted in some off color when first I saw it. I was surprised when they said it was originally Forest Green in 1970 which I am familiar with.

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    • JCA Member

      The more I look at this the more I think the seller just has a really bad camera. Forest Green is supposed to be a lot darker than this and the trim tab shows a dark green interior as well. What are the odds that the interior and exterior were both were changed to a light green? Also, the color of the lawn looks off too.

      As for the car, i’m not an expert on these but I believe it has the wrong spoiler on it. Also, I thought that an RS had “RS” on the steering wheel and also the fake wood trim on the door cards that this car doesn’t have.

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      • JCA Member

        And the console looks suspect. Did the factory leave the shifter boot attached to the floor when they installed a console? Looks odd

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  10. Jack Pruett Member

    I don’t think it is bad pictures since the grass and other colors seem correct.
    A Forest Green interior in 1970 looked similar to this picture of a 1970 Chevelle interior.

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  11. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Just just just if more of the 1970-73 bodies had just survived the market would be full like the 1969’s which are plentiful so to speak. Funny more of these bodies were turn into dirt track Friday/Saturday stars if you didn’t know. So if one is your desire your going to have to pay. Although not a choice color you’d be most likely the only one at cars and coffee. Not up to a full resto but drive and enjoy !

  12. George Mattar

    Wrong spoiler. 70 is small and much more attractive. Smog missing, there’s $4,000 minimum for correct pump and diverter valve if you’re going the correct resto route. Most of these cars had day 2 headers, which made them run better thanks to cheap GM and the single muffler to strangle the best small block ever. Not cheap to restore. Interior is gonna be thousands alone. Quarters and fixing that rubber nose not cheap. Still a far better performing and looking car in contrast to dime a dozen 69s. Boy have prices on these gone up. I remember my college buddy buying a Copper Classic Metallic orig 70 RS Z from the original owner for $1,800 in 1979. He restored it himself, kept it until about 2005 and got $33,000. He was able to buy NOS GM quarters and fenders in 79. Floor sections not available then so he made his own. Just the toeboards were rotted from 10 winters in State College, PA, snow and salt land.

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  13. martinsane

    The steering wheel is incorrect for a true rally sport as it should say RS in the center, which is more elongated not the circle which is shown.

  14. Stratofire

    Intake was changed Doesnt look like thew stock Chevy Aluminum high riser !!

    • Rick

      Take a good look at the intake manifold picture you can clearly see the snowflake emblem

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  15. Wayne Kindle

    The 70 Z28 LT1 was a 350 360 hp it was the same engine as the Corvette LT1 that was listed as 370 hp. The reason given was more free flowing exhaust. The lifters were the same for both LT1s. The original small spoiler was my favorite but SCCA rules did allow the larger spoiler in the end. There weren’t near as many 70 Camaros or any others GM models compared to 69 because of a United Auto Workers strike against GM. The 70 Camaro and Firebird were also delayed because of design finalization issues so the 69 Camaro and Firebird were produced past the usual summer retooling shutdown. The 70 models didn’t even get reviewed by the automotive press until February. This is three or four months late compared to new car launch debuts back then.

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