How About This “New” 1967 Newport?

This beautiful 1967 Chrysler Newport is listed for sale here on eBay, where it’s listed as a “Bard” find. I would think one of my British finds would be more deserving of that title, but who knows, I did find this Seaside Shakespeare Society listed in Newport–stretching the connection, you say? Ah, the power of search engines! Anyway, this clean survivor is now located in Barrington, Illinois (exactly 1,002 miles from Newport, Rhode Island) and has a buy it now of $23,000. However, the owner is willing to listen to lower offers.

It looks just as nice from back here (and from pretty much every other view). The ad states that 25,858 miles have passed under its wheels, and for once I truly believe a low mileage claim. The paint is original, and while it shows a few very minor issues here and there, shines up beautifully for being so old. As a matter of fact, the original “Certicard” is included in it’s little under hood pocket that shows it was delivered May 5, 1967 to a Stanley F. Kaczor of Little Falls, Minnesota. Interestingly enough, there’s a Stanley Kaczor listed in a resident list on Fish Trap Lake in Minnesota in 2016, so Mr. Kaczor may still be with us! It would certainly be worth a try to contact him.

Interestingly enough, the original window sticker (included, of course) shows it going to a dealer in Indiana. We’re also told that the car eventually went to Illinois, and spent 25 years in a barn. It must have been one heck of a barn to look this nice after being cleaned up. The car has been used as a movie prop, and still sports its original spare tire that has never been on the ground. It really is rare to see a survivor with this kind of documentation and sheer “newness”.

Naturally, the interior looks just as nice. There is said to be a little cracking at the top of the rear seat upholstery, but despite the 169 detailed pictures loaded here, I wasn’t able to find a clear shot of the damage. It can’t be very bad considering what looks nice in the pictures.

Of course, under the hood is largely pristine as well. Not quite perfect, but just right for a 26,000 mile car that’s been well taken care of. A new “factory spec” exhaust system was fitted after extraction from the barn, but everything else is original (I hope they replaced hoses & belts). How would you like this “new” car in your garage?

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  1. Adrian C

    Beautiful machine. I am a huge fan of the mid sixty story mid 70s Chryslers.

  2. John M.

    A very clean and nice looking vintage American land yacht. It’s a good thing that the seller is willing to wheel and deal.

  3. Howard A Member

    All take note: this should be the “poster child” for all low mileage 40 year old cars. I can’t find any evidence to the contrary. These were some of the best engineered Chryslers. This, like I commented on the ’87 New Yorker, was kind of the cheapie. Most aspiring families went from the Newport to the New Yorker.( to Imperial) Kind of like, a Chevy to a Buick.( to a Caddy) Not a sought after car, and may have some trouble with the price, it’s still a 40 year old gas hog, but I’m sure it’s the real deal. Even the cheapie Chrysler, was still one heck of a road car.

    • jerry brentnell

      where do get off calling this a gas hog? it you drive it with respect, you can pull 18 to 20 mpg all day long! I had a 68 saratoga with a 383 that give me that kind of mileage want gas hog try mid 70s gm pickups with 350s in them oink- oink!

      • Loco Mikado

        My ’65 Newport would also get 18-20 on the highway. Nice car but it pained me when Chrysler went to the cheap looking flat Plymouth-Dodge dash as opposed to the Chrysler only half round dash of ’65-66 or the earlier Chrysler only dashes, The one in this one looks almost like the one in my ’70 Sport Fury. I can’t afford this car but someone with deep pockets will be getting a nice car.

  4. Pete

    It’s really just a plain-jane Newport. I do not see anything to do back-flips about… I think they are dreaming when it comes to their asking price.

    • Bill McCoskey

      I agree with Pete, the price is sky-high. the NADA price guide lists a 67 Newport 4-door sedan at just a bit over $6,000 for the high side, so if this car is as mint as it looks, it’s worth $10k at the most. And a big negative is it’s lack of options. It’s a base car without even Air Conditioning or power windows.

      I agree that these are wonderful road cars that really do deliver 20 mpg if you can keep your foot out of the carb. My best friend’s family bought one new, and we used to take long trips in it, a great car to drive non-stop from Washington DC to South Bend, non-stop except for fuel, and not feel tired at the end of the trip.

  5. Kem Jones

    We purchased a 66 New Yorker ,Black 4dr ht , last year with 57,000 miles ,It is a completely original mint condition car . We are using it to do The Canadian Coast to Coast tour for vintage cars .Victoria B.C. to St John Nfld .6,000 miles in 60 days . We will be towing a 1947 Fleet Cabin Car teardrop trailer .

  6. LAB3

    The second car I ever owned was a 68 Newport that my uncle sold to me for $150, this brings back memories for sure! Despite it being a land yacht the 383 two barrel with the air cleaner top turned over really moved and sounded great.

  7. Donny D.

    That is certainly a tack-sharp piece of automotive design if ever there was one. The angles on the front and rear-end are to my eye are stylish without being extravagant, and while I’m sure it’s not easy on the gas mileage, it wasn’t exactly part of the design brief in 1967. My taste really runs more to the look of American cars of ’67 over ’57, and the clean lines on this one are a prime example as to why. Brown never looked so good.

  8. John D.

    My friend and I always joked about flipping the air cleaner lid added 10 extra horsepower. I have always appreciated the design work that went into most Newports. The grilles, tail lights, and gauge clusters always seem to have extra care and time spent on their designs.

  9. Rex Kahrs Member

    If that’s the original spare tire, does it have air from 1967?

    • Bill McCoskey

      As the comic group Fire Sign Theater once said in their album “Don’t crush that dwarf, hand me the pliers”:

      “. . .tires equipped with factory air conditioned air, from our fully factory equipped air conditioned factory!”

      And of course their other automobile statement: “Genuine imitation Masonite, with the look of real wood!”

      • John D.

        I’m high alright, but not false drugs,

        I high on the real thing, I;m high on a clean windshield,

        powerful gasoline,

        and a shoe shine, over!

        Ya gotta love firesign theatre!

  10. Luke Fitzgerald

    Strange isn’t it – the scummiest, entry level model is the one reserved for the highest state of preservation/conservation – I agree with the person who advised that they were bought by people who had to struggle to buy them, then want to hang on to them. Not being so wealthy (or superficial) to just piss them off when the seasons changed- again, well found

  11. Luke Fitzgerald

    Frighteningly good photography – imagine having this resource in past adventures – or having found this beauty – no trunk shots tho’

  12. Rex Kahrs Member

    Gee Mudhead…Morescience High…it’s disappeared!

    Now I gotta change my handle to Porgie Tirebiter.

    • rando

      Wasn’t he a spy and a girl delighter? Or do I have the lyrics completely wrong? Entirely possible…

  13. Keith L

    I really like Newports. Here is my 1966 Chrysler Newport.

    • Rs

      Ugh, it’s got clown shoes.

      • Mark-A

        Made me smile with that comment, but I knew exactly what you meant by it!

  14. Gear Head Engineer

    I’ve seen a similar car (but with a whopping 39k miles) on my local CL for much less. And I prefer the white:

    – John

    • LD

      Nice car close to me, and lower priced than the subject car.
      But am I the only one looking at these prices & remembering Chrysler advertising (perhaps a year or 2 earlier than 66)
      ‘For only $2964’ at the NY Auto Show? LD71😄

    • Mark-A

      Especially like the “Turquious Interior” as I’ve never seen one that color before, looks so like Turquoise too maybe a dealer variant? PS I realise it is a misspelling but with spell check there’s really no excuse nowadays.

  15. Marty Member

    I always loved the razor-sharp knife’s edge styling on these mid 60s Mopars, no matter how much everyone else in my high school hated them. I was never embarrassed to be driving such a “square” car. This one has some of the sharpest edges of them all.

  16. Miguel

    It seems odd to order a car with cornering lights but no air.

  17. RoselandPete

    I wonder what movie it was in? Good luck with the price.

  18. Joe

    My first car,at age 16,was a 1965 Chrysler 300, 4 door with the 383 engine.My second car was a 1966 Chrysler New Yorker with the 440. I would love to have either of them back.

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