New York Barn Find: 1969 Road Runner

Today, the highest horsepower variant of a given car often comes with the highest price tag. Along with the “big motor,” we expect leather seats, air conditioning, touch-screen navigation, and Bluetooth–so we can find out what our spouse needs before we pass the grocery store… hands free. In contrast, this 1969 Plymouth Road Runner came with rubber floor mats, a working man’s MSRP, and a functional mission to dispatch more comfortable cars along with any similar car that was more show than go. This particular Road Runner awaits a new owner with a listing here on Syracuse, New York craigslist, and a price of $12,500 FIRM.

The seller says this numbers-matching Plymouth came with the 383 cid Magnum engine with four-speed manual transmission, and covered about 68,000 miles before entering a deep sleep. Furthermore, this quintessential muscle car has been in the same family since 1973. The car’s “fatties and skinnies,” wide sticky rear tires and lightweight, narrow, low rolling-resistance front tires suggests a drag-racing past. The open trunk with sticker seems to confirm the car’s original color is what you see here, C7 In Violet (Dodge’s Plum Crazy) , but that color began in 1970, so I’ll leave it for our Mopar experts to comment below on whether this might be a 1970 Road Runner and not a ’69 as advertised.

This different 1969 Road Runner at demonstrates one possible end point for our feature car. I fit a set of these “D Hole” rims on my 1966 Dodge Coronet years ago and they looked amazing, but they wouldn’t have worked unless I sawed away a disagreeable quantity of metal from my wheel openings, so I sighed, boxed them up, and returned them. The listing for our featured Road Runner is quite clear that anyone with an offer under $12,500 need not contact the seller. Based on two “as found” pictures and a 68-word description, where do you value this purple muscle machine?


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WANTED 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner Looking for parts for this project. Especially seats Contact

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  1. Aaron Crabtree Member

    The taillights are definitely from a ’69.

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    • TriPowerVette

      What are you people talking about?

      The difference between a 1970 and a 1969 Roadrunner is just about the same as the difference in any two complete revision model cars. 1967/1968 Corvette… 1966/1967 Mustang… 1970/1971 Charger… the list is endless.

      Anyone who doesn’t know the difference in a 1969/1970 Roadrunner should be covering flower shows or stamp collectors, not muscle cars.

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      • HARDBALL

        ab-sa freakin-lootly! No one could confuse a ’69 and a ’70 unless they just didn’t know Mopars.

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      • Todd Fitch Staff

        TPV – 70 to 71 was the complete model revision for the Road Runner. Otherwise you’re right on the money as usual. See you at the flower show.

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      • TriPowerVette

        Senor Fitch. I have the highest regard for your commentary, but this time… yeesh!

        1970 WAS ALL ALONE IN THE ANNALS OF Charger and Satellite/Belvedere BODY STYLES.

        1968 and ’69 Belvederes were essentially the same (except for the addition of a convertible and a 440 Six Pack, etc…). Otherwise; the cars look alike.

        1970 was odd for Dodge AND Plymouth. The 1969 and 1970 Chargers were similar, though much changed, with Charger’s big change coming in 1971. But both the Dodge Coronet as well as the Plymouth Satellite (on which the GTX / Roadrunner were based were 1 hit wonders for the 1970 model year. Both again being redesigned for the 1971 model run.

        I was there, and I owned/drove many. Nothing like first-hand knowledge.

        Let me know how that flower show went.

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      • HARDBALL


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      • Todd Fitch Staff

        TPV, I’ll begin by saying your comments are always welcome and clearly you have experienced many of these awesome machines. It sounds like you’re saying the ’70 Road Runner is like the ’65 Comet or the ’69 Firebird, i.e. the same as the prior year cars underneath but cosmetically different, and followed by a complete redesign and, if so, I agree. I would not agree with the comparison of 67 to 68 Corvette, etc. as you stated above. Either way it’s unlikely either of us will be reporting from a flower show anytime soon, unless you have a confession you’d like to share.

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      • Rocco

        Lol lol

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      • John Martinez

        I agree with what this guy just wrote!! Wow?? Any body that thinks they know Mopars or just musle cars alone. Would have to know the difference between a 69 and ah 70 Road Runner.

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      • Trey

        Your analogy is poor. A 1967/68 Corvette, etc. differ by generations. The 1969/70 Road Runner differ by facelift and restyle.

    • Mi!chael Mansfield

      I am thinking in the 8k range may possibly be a safe bet? I would be an interested candidate for purchasing this machine but 12k is a bit high for this car! This car needs much research to determine if there would be a good return investment after restoration and from what i have read an seen of it i dont think a 12k investment would show a sizeable return after restoration?

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  2. Gunner

    Interesting Todd. This Roadrunner is indeed a 69 and no, there was no “violet” offered that year. In looking at the pics, it does show that tint of color. There was three shades of blue offered for 69: Ice Blue, Blue Fire, and Jamaica Blue and none of these fit this Roadrunner. So then the question is asked, “If this is the original color, then could it be a late 69 special order car for the “In Violet” color? I think in any case that the asking price is fair considering that it is pretty straight and orginial drivetrain is still there.

  3. flmikey

    I am in no way a Mopar expert, but that is definitely not a 70…my grandma would know that….

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  4. JW

    Price may be fair but his write up in the craigslisting is not the best at describing the car and with his F.I.R.M attitude he might be stuck with it since we don’t know what it needs to complete the restorstion or even get it road ready.

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  5. Gustave VonHindenberg

    All this seller can provide are two far away pics? Where’s the engine condition pics? Interior condition? How about the options tag pic to see just what this car is optioned with?
    IDK…Looks plumb crazy to me…

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    • carsofchaos

      Welcome to the world of CL these days. And I gave you a thumbs up for your username!

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  6. Billy

    Wish I had kept junk around for 40 years. Of course, the wife would’a put the cabash on that soon enough, let me tell ya. These really were a great investment, unlike buying an expensive car and sitting on it with 30 miles for 30 years. This in 1980 was worth less then a grand, now he has done better then that, to say the least. No upkeep, no insurance, no climate controlled storage. Just think if it was a Porshe 912? (of course then to get the full profit from it, it would have to be more bent and rusted through)

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    Lotta beta males out there. I rule my castle



    • Mountainwoodie


  8. Mike

    I asked for vin tags and he didn’t have them so I’m not interested anymore

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    • larry

      You nailed it. perfect yep perfect. VIN #,s do count

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    • Steve R

      Isn’t the VIN on some Mopar’s of that era stamped on the radiator support.

      I agree with you, I wouldn’t be interested in the car if the VIN tags were missing after he made claims about matching numbers.

      Steve R

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    Looks like a 68

    • Kevin Pulver

      Gunner, I’m no expert- but I had a 70 Challenger, a 70 roadrunner, and a 68 Charger back in the 80s.
      The charger was equipped with an obviously original slant 6 engine which was not offered either.
      But a letter from the corporate historian at Chrysler told me that while it definitely was not an option that year; Chrysler would give you whatever you wanted- whether it was an option or not!
      She then went on to tell me how many of these non options were produced, and I believe it was around 400 if memory serves correctly.
      So while I agree that you are probably correct- I would never say never.

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    • Kevin Pulver

      They are very similar- but if you put a 68 and 69 side by side you’ll notice the side marker lights go from round to rectangle and the grill and tail lights have subtle differences as well.

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  10. Robert

    If it’s a true numbers matching car and you have the time I’m sure you can get body parts for it and if you flip it ,theres money to be made

  11. Skip Middleton

    I had a ’69 Roadrunner (convertible) in Ice Blue. My friend down the street had a ’70 GTX (same body as a RR.) The fenders, hood and top were the similar, but not identical. The front and rear clips were different, more hard edged, if you know what I mean. There was a fake scoop on the rear fenders and both fronts and rears were missing the eyebrow fold that the ’68 and ’69 had. Of course the hood was different, having to fit the different front clip and fenders. The “Air Grabber” option on the ’70 was a pop up scoop as opposed to drawing through the slots in the hood on the ’69 (not an option on ’68.) Coincidentally, his was In Violet.
    I’d equate this to the ’69 Camaro vs the ’67 and ’68. Still counted as Gen 1, but distinctly different.

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    • Charles G. Van De Sampel

      You forgot one thing about the difference between the 69 and 70 RR’s. The back windows were not of the same design.

  12. Denny Verry

    This^ a simple picture of the fender tag/s would answer many questions.
    Also, a better description of the condition (rust, repairs, anything replaced, interior, running or not) and more/better pictures.
    And as stated above, and I’m sure below.
    68-69 rr, satellites are fairly easy to mistake unless know the grill, taillight, and marker light differences. The 70 rr and satellite is easily distinguished. If I could post pictures of all 3, you would clearly see the differences.

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  13. don

    Really!!! only 68k miles! WOW! Getting deep here!

  14. Keith

    A lot of cars come up for sale with big price tags on them and only a few far away pictures, mainly because their hiding something like maybe a big window in the block or no papers to register the car , if i was listing a legit car for that kind of money i would have pictures of it inside and out along with block casting numbers . and some history on the car,s past .

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  15. Troy s

    Is there a yard sale going on, or is that just a bunch of junk stacked behind the car? Really, the car doesn’t need any help in the “distressed state” of condition. Maybe all that junk was in the trunk.

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  16. Gaspumpchas

    to get 12 large you would think the seller would clean it up and show you what you are buying.that RR with a 383 4 speed is a drop dead blast to drive. By the tine you get her back to her original tire frying glory,you will be in it deep. Hope someone does it proud!!

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  17. SRyan

    Really odd. Looking at pictures it sure appears to be originally in-violet. If not car had completely been changed down to spare tire diagram in trunk, even rear seat braces painted.
    In the condition it’s in it’s story is probably long gone.

  18. Barry Klotz

    69′ Road Runner also came in forest green, red,orange, and black. In case you didn’t know.

    • Charles G. Van De Sampel

      For 68 to 70 . my favorite color of green was what Chrysler called – Oak Leaf Green Metallic. Had it on my 68 Newport, my 69 Road Runner and my 70 Super Bee. Now my 70 Coronet 440 was “Forest Green”.

      • TriPowerVette

        +Charles G. Van De Sampel – My least favorite color of ALL TIME is GREEN! However; the complete and perfect absolution for that color is British Racing Green (as long as it’s on a British car). BRG Lotus, Jaguar and Lolas are GORGEOUS.

        Now, the mia culpa; Yes, I had a Phone Booth Green 1970 440 Six Pack 4-speed Coronet R/T. We used to call it Mountain Bell Green, since the telephone company cars, trucks AND phone booths, were all painted a very similar color.

      • carsofchaos

        Had a Jag-u-war in B.R.G. with tan errrr “saddle” leather interior, best color combo of any car I’ve ever owned. Wow, “Mountain Bell”….haven’t heard that referenced since I was a wee lad in Montana….

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      • TriPowerVette

        +carsofchaos – My 2 E-Types were Bronze and Primrose. (Who in his right mind could paint a Jag-u-wuh a color named “Primrose”?)

        My 2 XJ-S’s were Red and Silver. My current XJ-6 is also Metallic Red.

        Never had the privilege of owning a BRG anything British. Yours sounds like you needed a jaunty cap and small mustache. Beautiful.

        About Mt. Bell… I’m old. But, not too old to give you a thumbs up.

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  19. John D

    Heading over to the flower show. I look for the A) fender eyebrows; B) The side markers (68 were round lamps and 69 and 70 were rectangle reflecters; and C) the 1970 only scoops on the quarter panels. Easy Peasy to id them. The basic uni-body rame of the 71 and up is easily recognizable as ‘B’ Body when you get the car in the air. I hope they have hyacinths and rose of sharon at the show, I’m hungry!

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    • TriPowerVette

      +John D – Wish I could give you more than 1 thumbs up.

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  20. Anita

    My husband and I had a 69 Road Runner when we first got married I loved that car, wish we still had it! People came from all over to race us.It was a fast car! Never got beat!!

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  21. Derek

    I like reading the comments on these posts almost more than looking at the pictures at the top. Although these comments are less snarky than usual. I’m beginning to worry about your readers. LOL

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    • TriPowerVette

      +Derek – I promised to try to be less snarky. Glad it’s coming through. Gave you a thumbs up… don’t really know why.

  22. Michelle Wyrick

    My Dad had 69 Road Runner it was gold
    It would scream down the road and it light tires up!

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  23. Jwinters

    sounds to me like TPV should be a writer for barn finds since he knows everything about everything

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    • TriPowerVette

      +Jwinters – Twice, I have tried to answer you, and it is instantly deleted. I can think of no conceivable reason!

      Thank you for your kind wishes. I gave you a thumbs up.

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  24. Richard Gaskill

    Here are the Hagerty values for a ’69 Road Runner with an automatic. Add 10% to these values for the 4 speed.
    I can’t see this car being restored to #2 condition. Could it be brought to #3 condition for less than an additional $18,000? Would it be wiser just to buy a running vehicle with no unknown issues?
    #2 Excellent$40,800
    #3 Good$28,300
    #4 Fair$20,500

    • Charles G. Van De Sampel

      69 with the 383 and 727 in #1 condition, located up in Michigan and the same owner since it rolled off the line into the dealership, listed in an on-line auction went for $33,000 and some odd change last year.

  25. PAUL

    conservable $25,000

  26. Poptheclutch tell him todd!!!
    Love your staffers write ups.
    You people ROCK!

    • Todd Fitch Staff

      Thanks Poptheclutch! Let me know where should I send that $5. :)

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      • Poptheclutch

        Really. Ok 5212 sw 10th Terr.
        Topeka,ks 66604…..thanks!😃

  27. Oingo

    Looks like the tinworm was held at bay but the two picture ad and it not being fully assembled is not promising.

  28. Denny Verry

    Why was my post deleted? I even had picture of my old 70 road runner…

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  29. carsofchaos

    You guys are all wrong….obviously this is a 73 road runner. Sheesh.

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  30. RoughDiamond

    @Todd-your writing is enjoyable to read and also very informative. No one can possibly know everything about every car across the board. Others have been offered the opportunity to pick up the pen and write, but only few takers like yourself have taken up the challenge.

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    • Todd Fitch Staff

      Thanks, RD. I certainly do not know everything — that would be boring. I learn from our reader comments every week and I wouldn’t have it any other way. In this case I really didn’t know there were one-year dies on the ’70 RR, and now I do… and I have the scars to prove it. :) Hopefully we’re all improving in some way as we move through life. Thanks again!

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      • Trey

        The first generation RR was 1968-70. To me, “One-year dies” implies something like GM cars for 1958, which were basically one year only vehicles.

        Don’t let people beat you up. You did alright.

  31. cordo

    Anyone serious knows it is a 69, and went and looked at it; NOT debated on a forum. If it were near me, and had decent floors, it would get a serious look. 12k is fair.

  32. Brian Z.

    I’m thinking if the seller would’ve had to pay for the ad in Craigslist he might have cleaned the car up a bit. Either way it looks like he has an extra 0 in his asking price. The way it sits $1250.00 sounds reasonable.

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