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Next to Buckskin: 1979 Pontiac Trans Am


As you may recall, the car jammed in next to our recently profiled Buckskin Corvette was a similarly rough-looking Pontiac Trans Am. We asked the question then as to which car you would choose, but your preference is truly up for discussion since the Trans Am is now listed for sale as a separate purchase, with bidding active but the reserve unmet.


My guess is the seller has acquired the Corvette and Trans Am, plus a 4WD Suburban, also on eBay at the moment. There’s no engine in the bay but the next owner will receive a stock ’79 400 and a modified ’67 400 with the car. The body is said to be largely straight and rust free with no previous metal or paint work to report. It will need a new paint job regardless, thanks to years of bird dung and dirt coating every surface.


The seller says the interior remains in presentable condition and although I’m surprised, it doesn’t look too bad despite the awfulness of the exterior. The stock surfaces look serviceable, and it will be interesting to see how much better it looks after a simple cleaning. Aside from some fading of the door pulls, the seller says you can use it as-is.


While I still prefer the Buckskin Corvette, this Trans Am could make for an interesting project if it’s as honest as the seller claims it to be. You’ll find it here on eBay and can see the Corvette in the picture above next to the Trans Am. There’s a third vehicle here – can anyone identify it? – and my guess is the current seller bought all three out of their dank and dusty barn storage and is now flipping them on eBay, based on the first photo above. What do you think the Trans Am is worth?



  1. Mike

    Man what a mess, it will take a lot of time and effort to get this car even to a condition to work on. I have always said that Bird crap is the hardest killer of bodies on car ever. I think it is even worse than Missouri snow and ice!!!!

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  2. DrinkinGasoline

    The third car looks to be a ’37 Pontiac.
    And I agree….what a mess.

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  3. Bill

    Sad collection. Even the dog looks sad.

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  4. HotRodLincoln

    The 37 is the only one out of the Three Stooges that I would bother with.

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  5. edh

    I wonder how this odd collection came to be.

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  6. MeepMeep

    For some odd reason, I find myself paddling down a river, passing a house with a mongoloid on the porch, playing “Dueling Banjos” …. strange.

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  7. sparkster

    Last year I bought a black Lexus LS 430 from a lady that paid cash for the car new and never would wash it nor detail it. Why buy black ? ? ? . The car actually looked more flat black that anything after 13 years of being parked under trees in the So. California sun. The paint on the hood was burnt on all the areas that bird poop had landed and stayed until the winter rains came. When I went to look at the car she brought out the Kelly Bluebook printout on what the car was worth. I laughed at her and told her the car needed way too much work. I passed on it. two weeks later I got an email from her asking me if I was still interested. I offered 25% of KBB and she accepted my offer.

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  8. Nessy

    Forget Buckskin and forget T/A, I like the 37 Pontiac.

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  9. Luke Fitzgerald

    I’ll take the dog (the one with 4 legs)

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  10. Jeff Staff

    Pretty sure the old Pontiac did find a new owner – it was on eBay last week and hasn’t been relisted.

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  11. Neil

    Given the state of the Trans Am – I’d have said it was pretty close to what its worth at the current auction price – currently standing at $880, I would have thought $1200 tops. Although going by the sellers comments I suspect the reserve is set FAR higher.
    I found his comments re the T-roofs strange too. Some while ago I owned a ’79 T-Roof here in the UK – 400 ci with 4 speed manual Must admit to loving that one. All the US emission control gear had been removed by the previous owner so it was running full power. through straight through exhausts.

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  12. brian

    thank you for noticing it I’m always looking to see what other cars are in the pictures.

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  13. The Chucker

    Too much barn, not enough find.

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