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Nice Original Driver: 1986 Alfa Romeo GTV6

Update 5/16/20 – This Alfa has been relisted here on eBay with a $10k starting bid.

From 11/27/19 – If there’s one car I keep coming back to as a “should buy soon” project, it’s this: an Alfa Romeo GTV6. After a few years in the hobby, you start to figure out that there’s a reason for why some of the same cars trade hands among enthusiasts again and again and others fade into obscurity: it’s because they have some intrinsic value that makes them very good at something and worth fixing. The Alfa GTV was a very good driver’s car delivering other-worldly aural pleasures. Find this clean example here on eBay with bids over $11K at the moment.

There’s no reserve, either, so someone is going home with what looks like a well-loved car. The seller notes it has been owned throughout its life by Alfa enthusiasts, which comes as no surprise to me – these cars rarely fall into the hands of owners who don’t know what they’re getting themselves into. The seller has owned the car for seven years and lodged 10,000 miles of seat time in it, and notes no major mechanical needs. The body is rust-free and the car has been lowered slightly on aftermarket suspension.

The interior remains in good shape, with those classic, deeply-bolstered Alfa Romeo sport seats and three-spoke steering wheel. The seller notes the cabin remains quite solid, with just some minor cracks noted in the dash. Carpets look good and the hilariously tall Alfa shifter retains its original leather shift boot. The windows are powered and do work, but go up and down slowly. The Alfa is equipped with A/C but the seller notes it’s not particularly cold, and an aftermarket radio head unit has been fitted.

Engine-wise, the 2.5 V6 is a known entity with plenty of support and knowledgeable shops that can help sort out any running issues; fortunately, if you’ve found a car with a sound body, the mechanical bits are almost easier by comparison. These cars had the fairly easy-to-live-with Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection, and the biggest thing to worry about is the timing belt, as these are interference engines. I’m sure it’s been done, but worth asking about to be sure. I doubt these cars will ever lose value, so buying a nice one today is a safe bet.


  1. flmikey

    Finding one with no rust is almost impossible, as they tended to start rusting at their port of entry…owned one years ago, and loved driving it…and it was fun working on it, which was most of the time…timing belt, water pump, drive shaft donuts, and the inboard brakes in the rear were a real challenge…that being said, I still loved the car…

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  2. Bultaco

    I had the 4-cylinder version (Alfetta GT). The V6 is much cooler and sounds amazing. They are well-designed and built cars. The transaxle synchros are weak, but you get used to shifting carefully. The handling is flat out the most neutral and forgiving of any car I’ve ever driven. The steering is precise and it’s super easy to steer with the throttle. A joy to own of you don’t mind doing the maintenance and keeping the rust at bay.

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  3. Dennis Marth

    One of my all time favs, and still languishing on my bucket list. Back in the 80’s when these were new I worked with a person who owned one and would let me drive her car. I loved the power to handling these cars have, always seemed to be in control at any speed or road type. Has to be red.

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  4. jerry z

    Back in the early 90’s the painter the help restore my Chevelle had a Callaway version of this car. Think it was twin turbocharged.

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  5. alphasud Member

    I owned several Alfa’s over the years. A 88 Milano Verde being one of them. Same underpinnings as the GTV6. Wish I never sold it! People who have never owned Alfa’s won’t understand the love affair we have with the cars until you own one.

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    • Carnuts

      Absolutely correct. I owned a Milano Verde and. gold. Every auto enthusiast should drive one to understand the pure bliss of what a great handling car is really all about. The 3.0 v6 is one of the best sounding and peppy engines ever. I have never had another vehicle that’s so easy to blip throttle between shifts. Pure essence of a sports car

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    • alphasud Member

      Ditto that guys! I had a 88 Gold and a 88 Verde. Wish I kept the Verde. Have said many times to many people once you own a Alfa you are smitten. Loved them so much I worked on them at the dealership.

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  6. Danton

    Although it’s a private seller, why does it have those paper dealer ID tags on the key ring?

    I had an ’84, and the shift lever was significantly shorter than this one.

    The temptation is looming.

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  7. Del

    From comments these seem to be tempremental.

    I am sure it handles well and is fast.

    Its just too darn ugly

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    • Gerald Wilson

      Ugly? Seriously?? Beauty is subjective, but I think it’s very pretty in an 80’s-kind-of way. When new I was fairly young and thought they were beautiful.

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  8. PRA4SNW

    Sold for $12,900.

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  9. H5mind

    I owned one back when I could jump nimbly into those buckets without a groan or creak. The original owner had opted for the ‘Extra Corrosion Package’, so I imagine it took a dirt nap by now. For the ultimate in aural pleasure, I replaced the single restrictive exhaust with full dual with glass packs. It was as close to owning a Ferrari as I will ever get, although people would always say they never saw a Datsun (remember the B210?) that sounded like that.

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    Good looking car, and it went for a decent price.
    The 86 was one of the best years for shifter, interior and some semblance of rust protection.
    One of the best drivers cars out there. Punch it out to 3.2 liters and add a limited slip to complete the package

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  11. t-bone bob

    Where’s it located, Jeff?

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  12. Flash Gumby

    Thanks for those words, Kevin. Back when these were new I had a ’74 GTV with a 5 speed and sunroof and at first, was put off by the looks, then by the rust issues (that were already arising in California a couple of years after sale). They’ve tugged at me ever since. I think I may keep my eyes open for an ’86-’88 in the future.

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  13. t-bone bob

    Ended: May 21, 2020 , 2:00PM
    Winning bid:US $15,000.00
    [ 8 bids ]

    Item location:
    Middletown, New York

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