Nicest Left? 16k Mile 1977 Dodge Sportsman Van

For children of a certain decade, full-size vans were a part of their lives. Big vans were used for hauling large families or by churches taking kids to activities or maybe as school busses in smaller districts. If you’ve got a van-shaped hole in your life, you can fill it with this upscale, low-mileage 1977 Dodge Ram Van Sportsman here on eBay in Woodbury, New Jersey where the bidding is currently at $10,100.00 and four days to go.

This amazing time capsule is absolutely spotless. The paint shines as if it had just been prepped for delivery to its first owner in the late seventies with only a windshield surround looking as though it might need to be replaced to make the outside appearance perfect. Extra touches like the window graphics, chrome-look tape stripe and chrome wheels shod with BFG Radial T/A tires round out the package.

Inside, you would expect to inhale that new-car smell judging from the look of the interior components. Spotless doesn’t begin to describe the perfection found inside this incredible van. The funky wood-look vinyl trim helps to break up the acres of green vinyl panels and green painted surfaces. It’s also amusing to see the number of ashtrays available to the passengers when today we’re looking for cup holders.  The van is set up for eight passengers and there is a ton of space behind the rear seat.

The seller says that this is a V8-powered van so it could be Chrysler’s workhorse 318 cubic inch version, although a 360 was available according to the literature of the day.  Gear shifting is via Dodge’s LoadFlite automatic transmission.  The engine bay – what you can see – looks almost as perfect as the rest of the van.  It doesn’t appear to have air conditioning, but at least you’ll look cool behind the wheel.

What would you do with a van like this one? It could be the perfect transporter for your polka band or you could haul your family and tell the kids that the ashtrays are actually Skittles holders. The seller also has it up for local sale for a cool $19,900.00 and that’s a lot of bucks but then it’s a lot of van.

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  1. TimS Member

    Oh my gosh, green & my favorite old van model again. Add this to my “dry day driver” list. Don’t have the garage space this thing deserves. That interior is nice enough to have business meetings in the winter months.

  2. Coventrycat

    Now that’s cool.

  3. Mark

    Kewl as it is, I would think there would be more of a market for the shorter windowless vans vs the extended people mover. Maybe I’m wrong….thoughts anyone…???

    I luv seing the unloved, under-appreciated vehicles preserved and kept serviceable which is why I’m here everyday. And with that being said, I’d like to know the backstory on why this was kept so nice vs being used up til it fell apart.

    • Fred A.

      I’m a pro GM type guy = = = but have owned 1949 Meteor, 1942 Merc, 1940 Ford Pick Up, 1950 Chevy 2Dr, which I customized back in the early 60’s, 1957 Pontiac Laurentian 2 Dr HT – – owned fr 40 years, 57 Pontiac Laurentian Conv. many more 57 Pontiac 1956 Pontiac Laurentian Conv. 1957 Pontiac Safari Wgn completely bone stock 35K mile car when I landed it, Oh yes – Mom’s 1951 DeSoto 4 Dr ( my Chick Magnet)
      So there’s part of my rap sheet
      Having said all that leads me to this
      I’d add this beauty to my trove any given day,
      I thought they were pretty nice back when I was wrenching and worked on a couple.
      One poster mentioned the asking price outside the auction price – — $20K would be an OK buy if you aren’t a flipper – – – and intended to enjoy it.
      Hell = = =put it in a car show in original stock class and take home a trophy.

    • Scott Brown

      No. The largest Dodge or Ford (maxi or super) vans built as passenger vans are terminally cool. There are some completely unavailable interior trim parts in these stretched out, well insulated and comfortable vans. The cargo versions we’re either trashed out with homemade conversions or destroyed by spilled cargoes and hard use.

  4. Mountainwoodie

    Perfect for a Mormon.

    • mikestuff

      Back in the era of this van, I was a Mormon (long story) and our neighbors, with 8 kids under age 15 had one not unlike this, although this one is nicer now than theirs ever was in an awful brown/beige color.

      We had 3 kids who rode lots of places with this family, mostly church and/or scouting and everyone called it The Bowling Alley.

  5. CapNemo

    This thing makes me jiblees tingle.

  6. Jeff

    Not quite as cool as the early-70s green Econoline that sold for $34k on BaT a couple of weeks ago, but this is awesome, regardless.

  7. Jeff

    Not quite as cool as the early-70s green Econoline that sold for $34k on BaT a couple of weeks ago, but this is awesome, regardless.

  8. Classic Steel

    My wife’s parents had this same color van. We used to borrow in college and strap a canoe onto to got to lakes. Their van was 3/4 ton and drank gas and average 10-12 mpg.
    The other remembrance was getting off pavement and lil mud or Loose sand meant stuck and getting tree branches and rocks to wedge under wheels to move forward .

    Those were the days …

    Now a newer car with great comforts and mpg required as this is not a muscle car or weekender for my choosing.

    Good luck and thanks for the memnories

  9. Matt steele

    Used to ride to little league tournaments in one .coach had 9 kids of his own probably was the family car too.great memories

  10. Gay Car Nut

    I’ve always loved Dodge vehicles of the 70s. Probably because I grew up in the late 70s and therefore remember vans like this Dodge Sportsman. I had a neighbour growing up who had one similar to this, except theirs was blue and white. I love the typical Mopar gauge cluster that included gas gauge, temp gauge, oil pressure gauge, and generally the battery.

  11. LAB3

    Back in the day the long wheel base window vans where about as uncool as it gets! If you’re gonna hop the prom queen, host a card game or smoke some green stuff windows are the last thing you want. Let a four eyed mouth breather from the chess club have this one.

  12. ROTAG999

    Nice clean van but with mpg in the 10 to 12 mpg and gas going up here in the North-West about 30 cents or more in the last few weeks to around $3.50 a gallon looking for Hybrid or something with high mpg my car will be off lease in early 19.What are you paying for petrol in you area ?

  13. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Yep, we had one of these while growing up, actually 2, one right after the other. Perfect for hauling us 6 kids around with.

    I was just learning to drive when we had this, and my mother’s RX-4 wagon. Preferred driving the wagon than this giant. My father had me pull this thing up to a gas pump one time. Bad decision, Dad.

  14. Terry Bowman

    I have one almost just like it, with the windows, chrome and a darker Jade Green, i bought new in 1972, while in high school. It was “COOL” with the girls, but not with the parents. LOL Mine is also a Maxi B-300, with AC and power everything, but I installed a hoped up 1970 340 with special made 15 ” X 8.5 in the front and 15′ X 10″ in the rear, with a dana 60 3.54 gear. Sorry to say that I let it sit the last 10 years and the rust took over. I also went through the family thing, camping, traveling and just hauling everyone around. MPG was around 14 with the original 318, but the 340 brought it down to 10. I would love to buy this van and start over, but it is a family ride and a great one at that.

  15. pugsy

    Wow….just…Wow… nice.

  16. JonS

    My parents were the ‘involved parents’ as my older sister and I grew up (chaperoned every school function, volunteered for field days, were present at every single sporting event Sis & I were ever a part of, were active with our church’s youth group when Sis & I were a part of it, etc etc etc)
    A fact that I utterly detested as a kid but am grateful now for just how blessed Sis & I were to have had that life growing up.

    I digress…

    For many years Momma (all 4’10” of her!) drove one identical to the featured van and ferried around scores of kids hither and yon to countless different events of one kind or another. Both my sister’s peer group and my own grew very, very familiar with the sight of the “Great Green Grocery Grabber” as it ultimately became known.

    Great memories of that ole green bus. Lol
    If I wasn’t spoiled to the modern creature comforts plus utility value to our Z71 Suburban I might consider this one gracing our driveway

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Good story, JonS. Reminds me that ours had a nickname too: the Buckmobile, not named by us, but named such because of our last name.

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