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Nicest One Left? 1974 Oldsmobile 98 Regency

Big and luxurious, and having just two doors and that beautiful waterfall grille, this two-owner 1974 Oldsmobile 98, or Ninety-Eight, Regency is one gorgeous automobile. The longest Olds 98 of all at 232.4 inches, this posh cruiser can be found posted here on craigslist in Englewood, Florida and the seller is asking $17,900. Here is the original listing, and thanks to PRA4SNW for the tip!

A 1974 Oldsmobile 98 Regency brochure proclaims, “1974 Olds Ninety-Eight Regency: The kind of comfort you can live with a long, long time.” The seller purchased this car from the original owner – who bought it new in 1974 – after having recently moved into an assisted living facility with no indoor parking. The seller says that they bought it in North Carolina and drove it home to Florida with no issues and it worked as you’d expect a smooth, quiet, luxury car to operate.

Oldsmobile offered the ninth-generation Ninety-Eight for model years 1971 through 1976 at which point they were downsized for the 1977 model year along with most of General Motors’ full-sized cars. The seller says that this car is straight as an arrow and has never been in an accident. It does appear to have the usual issue with bumper filler material, at least on the rear. The seller says that this Olds had one repaint (Cameo White) about three decades ago and the vinyl top is reportedly original and excellent, with no bubbling underneath.

The interior looks as nice as the exterior does with velour seats that Oldsmobile touts here: “Deeply tufted look of “loose” cushions and backs has the feel of a fine sofa or chair.” I love this era that I refer to as the Barnabas Collins / Dark Shadows / Gothic era. Our house is from this era and we had cool but weird gothic light fixtures and details as seen on this 98, like above the power window switches. The back seat looks great as expected for this price range and this car has an aftermarket radio installed (the original is in the trunk). The cruise control isn’t working, otherwise, it sounds like everything is functioning as it should be.

The engine is Oldsmobiles famous 455-cu.in. OHV V8, which by 1974 had 210 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. As I mentioned, the seller bought it in North Carolina from the original owner and drove it back to Florida and it worked great, including the AC. Have any of you owned a sixth-generation Olds Ninety-Eight?


  1. Driveinstile Driveinstile Member

    1974 was the last year for the true 2 door “Holiday” hardtop. The 71 to 74 98s were my favorite from that generation. 75 you could get a 4 door hardtop with the extra quarter window in the back, but the 2 door had the fixed rear window for 75 and 76. This is so well taken care of, and even though it was detuned by 74 the Olds 455 still had ample torque to move these big cruisers down the road with some authority. Hope it goes to a good home.

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    • Nelson C

      “Holiday” and others were such great names and descriptions of cars years ago. Sadly we no longer do this. It’s like we’ve run out of words. Whenever an old name is resurrected the keyboard warriors jump in with all their trivial experiences and crucify the new vehicle before it gets to the street.

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  2. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    This car only has 4 wheels. Lame-O!!

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    • Jon Rukavina

      Rex, I wasn’t the only one to read the ’71 Electra Ltd. story. Not sure about the 6 figure price tag, though.

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  3. Dave D

    Success. That’s what you would have had to feel when driving this beaut in 1974. Must have been a great pleasure. A great one to have in a collection. Off topic, I no longer see Barn Finds on my news feed. Wondering why?

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  4. Ivan

    What can I say about this amazingly, awesomely 👏🏾😎🤩, beautiful, elegantly magnificent, spacious, splendrous and wondrous looking 👀 ride. The words that i’m expressing cannot tell how great fully to see a vey well preserved very well kept and yes the first owner that brought it brand spanking new deserves a hats off and two thumbs up for taking very well care of that ride and to the send owner the same complement as well.

    Yes to me that ride is $17,000.00 if only i had the funds & the room & space it would be an addition to my antique, classic and vintage automobile collection. Eve the 75 & 76 98 regency brougham top of the editions but with leather interior, factory am/fm stereo with cassette deck
    and moon roof.

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  5. Zen

    Nice car in very nice shape, likely low original miles, and with the Regency option came those gorgeous and comfortable pillow-top seats. In those days, luxury meant comfortable, rather than sporty. It’s nice to find one in such condition, and the low miles too, but that’s a lot of money for a car that isn’t really desirable. Even a Cutlass in the same condition, mileage, and options would have a hard time finding a buyer at that price. That said, I’d put the original radio back in, put dual exhaust so it can breathe better, and preserve and enjoy it for what it is. I love the big luxo cruisers.

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    • JoeR

      Seems fair enough. Better than buying it by the pound!!

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  6. ClassicP

    Looks like a pig on the outside. Front end swooping down is awkward and these mammoth beasts should have whitewalls you can see. Otherwise the interior is more comfortable than most couches. I had a 76’ coupe Regency and it was no pig.

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  7. Fox Owner

    Beautiful Olds. That after market radio is a real hack job though. Better to put the original back in and get a blue tooth transceiver plugged into the cigarette lighter socket. I’m sure there’s one in there somewhere. Not sure it’s worth what they’re asking either. Not when there’s Lincolns on this web site going for under 10k.

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  8. Jon Rukavina

    Scotty asked if anyone on here had owned one of these longest-ever 98s.
    I had a ’73 98 LS 4-door ht, red with a white vinyl roof and red bench seat interior. Loaded up including p/ antenna & rust free even in Mn. Had a clock at the front seat back for the rear seaters. Still worked, although the dash one was dead. I found one new in the box to fix that.

    There used to be an ad paper here in the Twin Cities called Tradin’ Times. I’d seen this car in it, but didn’t need a car at the time.
    A year later I needed a car. I was one of these people who used an old paper over my pants hangers to prevent creases (my Mom). I got to thinking about this car and, turns out, I had saved one of those Tradin’ Times with this car!
    So I called the number and they still had it! So I went down and bought it. I had the drivers seat bottom replaced; other than that, the interior was mint.

    To the sale car, surprising it doesn’t have power locks. They apparently eliminated the dash switch for the cruise unless it’s to the right of the steering wheel and out of the picture. My ’73 had that switch near the rear defog. As someone else said, a little pricey.

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  9. kendall

    Now that’s a boat & a half ! had an 84 Regency 2nd best car I ever owned loved it. It was a bit shorter by then but not a whole lot.

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  10. Nelson C

    This is a car! Even though my brother’s GTOs impressed me with fast and loud my eyes were fixed on big land yatchs. Sitting in that new ’74 LS sedan on the showroom floor of the new car intro was enough for me. Wedgewood blue with a white roof and blue cloth. I can still see that car fifty years later.

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  11. George Mattar

    These high quality cars rode as good or better than Pontiacs of the era. I worked at Oldsmobile dealers from 1976 to 1981. Drove plenty of these. Super comfy, terrible on gas, but just beautiful transportation. In contrast today to all the import SUVs, that make me sick. Boring, stupid vehicles with zero class or styling. My favorite driver was a 76 98 Regency. When the downsizing came for the 1977 models, my favorite was my boss’s demo, a white on black leather 1979 98 Regency with every option. Just incredible.

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    • Smokey Smokerson

      My folks went from their 76 Regency Brougham to a 79 back in the mid 80s. Black exterior with red leather interior with the diesel and its 30 mpg. Ran pretty much trouble free for many years, until the head bolts sheared.

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  12. CVPanther Member

    I love it! That is a lot to behold.

    I actually laughed out loud with the “Barnabas Collins” years… Accurate.
    Thanks for the laugh, Scotty.

    I know these are huge and inefficient but they are some of the greatest rides us ‘Merikans’ ever had.
    And they ain’t making any more of them.We should be snatching them up.
    Unfortunately I lack a decent warehouse, um I mean garage to store it.

    Outstanding find, Scotty.

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      You are way too kind, CVPanther, thanks much.

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  13. Billy

    My personal experiences with these Detroit City Madman style automotive products only assisted my past with three all too unforgettable divorces.

    Finally coming to the realization that the factory standard equipment stirrups mounted on the back seat were intended for oars.

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  14. Billyray

    I have to deduct $2k for non-working cruise control. I’m sure the mpg is single digit. I like big cars, but this one is too big. But it has been lovingly maintained and that should count for something.

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    • Smokey Smokerson

      My folks had two of these of the 1976 vintage. I think they were pulling about 14 on highway.

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  15. Roland Schoenke

    Mine was a ’72 ninety-eight dark blue with a black vinyl top 4 door hard top. It had the full length taillights and in my opinion the best looking year. The engine hadn’t had the full emissions hammer drop yet, it had 310hp, 475lbs torque. I loved that car.

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  16. Bobby

    My dad had a Navy Blue 2 dr. 1974 98 Brougham, I bought a 70 Torino Cobra when I was 15 in 1976, but dad thought it be better for me to take my driver’s test in the beast is what I called the 98. The driver examiner told my brother who was a city cop that he didn’t think I’d ever get in or out of the parallel parking posts, I knocked em both down, it was the only thing I flunked. It had a 455 2 bbl. I could stick 8 friends in this beast and still have room for more in the monster trunk. Always took it to the drive in.

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