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No Junk Trades: 1976 Lancia Scorpion


This 1976 Lancia Scorpion supposedly sat for 21 years before the current owner found it and put it back on the road. The car  currently has 47k miles on the odometer, runs, and most importantly is claimed to be solid. The seller also mentions a cache of NOS parts still in their original packaging that is included in the sale. They are asking a very optimistic $8,000 here on Boise’s craigslist. The part of the ad that we found most amusing was the last sentence, “I’m very open to trades for other oddball vehicles (no junk) such as Saab, certain years of Firebird…etc.”. Hmm…


  1. Lon Lofgren

    Wasn’t one of these in the movie, “Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo”?

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  2. Dolphin Member

    These are really “Lancias” assembled from Fiat parts, after Lancia became part of the Fiat empire. As a twin-cam, mid-engine design, it ticks all the right exotic-car boxes, but the small size, blunt front end, and plain interior never appealed to me. I also never took to the large sail panels either, but I admit the car probably looks better with them than without them.

    I’d sooner have a real Lancia and it’s distinctive design and mechanicals and lewel-like finish, but that would take us back to the pre-Fiat era and eat up a lot more cash than this car.

    If the car is as good and the NOS parts are as plentiful as the seller says, this could be a way of getting an exotic design and name for not too much $$ and work….providing you can work a deal on price, maybe including that Firebird that’s sitting in your barn. But if your Firebird is really good, better get HIM to include some cash in the deal.

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  3. John

    Memories. Back to about 1972.

    I once had the most beautiful young woman approach me in a rest area on I-70 in eastern Colorado. It was snowing hard, and we were about the only cars on the road, and she wanted to know if I would stay close enough to know if she ran off the road. I was driving a 69 Camaro. It was quick. The Lancia was quicker. I had dreams of getting her to Kansas City, buying her dinner and marrying her on the spot.

    What I got was a wave, a wink, and a mouthed thank you as she sped off toward St Louis.

    I would buy this car in a heartbeat, just to bring back the dream.

    If the girl came with it.

    Fortunately, I could afford neither.

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  4. Corky

    Might be on the high side, can’t really tell what the paint is like, but it looks dull. Also there were 1806 of these made, I own #20 and #431. Just from the pictures, I’d say $4000 to $5000 would be a better price range, but I wouldn’t pay more than $4000 for it. It does have an aftermarket exhaust.

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  5. FRED


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  6. Steve Donnelly

    You would have to be stupid to trade your great American made old muscle car such as firebird or Buick or etc. hmmm for this piece of metal

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  7. Erik

    I’d be inclined to build a “Monte Carlo” replica from this car…

    Very successful and exciting racing history! for Lancia…

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  8. Robert

    I found one of these with the ragtop sitting at a place in Watertown, MN at http://www.hookedonclassics.com if anyone is interested in it. I wish I could of bought it instead of the 57 I did buy that just sits in storage because now I’m unemployed & looking for work besides the point. The Lancia is Silver with Red interior & a ragtop. I don’t know if I’d even fit into it as I’m tall.

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  9. Will

    Looking at the lines of the body and the dash I would have sworn this car was from the mid 80s. I know nothing about Lancias but the styling was obviously about ten years ahead of its time.

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  10. Rick Prokopchuk

    I believe this is the car that Fiat originally intended to be the X-1/20, but gave it to Lancia instead.

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  11. twwokc1

    I remember looking at these at the local Fiat/Lancia/Triumph/MG/Jag store back when they were new. Thought they were cool then, still do.

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  12. Don Anderson

    Haha, I bought this car at the end of 2013 for $4400.00, And I still have it, The vin number is 223. I had it repainted as the paint looked like chalk and wouldn’t clean up. The interior is good shape and the motor is strong. the AC compressor is missing and the speedo is intermittent (tat is a work in progress!). It is not a bad little car. With the stock 13″wheels the gearing is a little low, as 65mph is around 4000 rpm. supposedly it was originally sold right here in Boise, as there was a dealer here at the time. it is funny I stumbled on this now..

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