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No Reserve: 1966 Ford Mustang GT A-Code

For today’s review, we have a 1966 Ford Mustang GT “A” Code that isn’t exactly all it appears to be. While there are detractions, let’s see if there are some offsetting positives. This Mustang is located in Binghampton, New York and is available, here on eBay for a current bid of $1,000, one bid tendered.

Ford had a standout year with its third year Mustang in 1966, sending over 600K to new owners. The GT performance package was a nice upgrade and it was available on the coupe, convertible, and fastback body styles. It featured distinctive badging and a choice of a 225 HP (A-Code) engine or a hotter 271 HP (K-Code) version. Best of all, according to 66mustang.net, the GT package was only a $152 option which seems reasonable even in 1966 dollars.

Alas, it is time to declare this Mustang GT a “yousetobee” because it used to have the aforementioned 289 CI A-Code engine but now the only sound emanating from under the hood is the sound of silence – yes, this car is a roller. Hilariously, the seller states, “All numbers under the hood and door match“. What numbers are there under the hood to match? It’s OK to advertise the car as a former A-Code model but it doesn’t matter in the scheme of things if the original engine is gone and it’s no longer available. That by no means precludes this Mustang GT from having value. There are plenty of old cars roaming around with what would be considered the wrong engine, and many are better for it. It’s just the valuation takes a hit and it becomes more of an exercise of equating this subject to its former self than it really being its former self. Unfortunately, the original four-speed manual transmission is gone too.

The seller is emphatic regarding the exterior of his GT with an exclaim of, ” Red with Black…Like the best color combination, you can have.” OK, strictly subjective but if that’s what you like, that’s good enough. Unfortunately, what’s under the red leaves a bit to be desired. The body is rusted and dented with some panel misalignment. It would appear to be no stranger to Bondo and a stranger to some of its trim that has gone missing. I’m not sure what happened to the rear roll pan – it looks like it got in the way of the old chain around the rear axle “American Grafitti” trick. The chrome is poor but the glass looks OK. Of note is the trim around the base of the C-pillar, perhaps it was to cap off a former vinyl top covering? Oh, and as for the black, please step inside…

I would show you an image of the black interior but there really is no interior, the floor, and everything else, is missing. There are a steering wheel and a worn instrument panel still hanging on but that’s about it. The seller suggests, “Car is a project car that needs a complete restoration.” I’d say that is an understatement. At least it has seatbelts…

Well, the data plate checks out, and yes, I agree with the seller that it is unusual to see one crookedly riveted upside down. Nevertheless, considering what is left of this Mustang, with so much steel that has gone missing, one should be concerned about this car’s basic structural integrity. That coupled with the bad quarters, fenders, and the missing 2/3 of the power train (the most important parts) makes this Ford a questionable project. Since there is a day to go in the bidding, and only one bid tendered, methinks others are viewing this Mustang with skepticism. What do you think? Is there enough here to save this, at one time special, Mustang GT, or would it be better to move along and find a better example?


  1. Avatar photo Steve R

    The numbers under the hood and on the door refer to the VIN, not the engine. It is stamped on the top of the drivers side inner fender (under the hood) and on the tag riveted to the door.

    Steve R

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  2. Avatar photo That AMC Guy

    Whatever the seller is smoking I’d like to get my hands on some.

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    • Avatar photo Fran

      I wouldn’t mind smoking what your smoking! amc? LOL

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  3. Avatar photo EPO3

    I think the guy who bid 1000.00 did it for a joke now he has to trailer it home

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  4. Avatar photo R.Lee

    Probably his bid…

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  5. Avatar photo K Gun Offense

    Typical western New York rust bucket. Definitely not worth restoration. Everything you see is rust or bonding which tells you what you don’t see is rust and or bondo. I like to see all cars restored to their look from their era but there is nothing here to work with. Not even enough to use it as a parts car. Probably the seller or a friend of the seller bid the thousand dollars to get some I interest in the car. If anybody else, I would have to certify them ad crazy because you at least need lemons to make lemonade and with this there is no lemons.it kills me to say it, but this is nothing more than metal for the crusher. If you want this style Mustang and have no problem starting without much ad this car is, you would have a lot better luck with one from the south or California. At least you have body parts to work woth!! Just saying!!!

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  6. Avatar photo gaspumpchas

    Gotta admit, this rustang is the first I have ever seen where the tunnel was gone. Something bad got inside this dead horse. There arent even any gt stuff left on it, maybe the fog light switch. Good luck and stay safe.

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  7. Avatar photo Jackie Hollingsworth

    Parts car at best and not much of that!!!!!

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  8. Avatar photo J_Paul Member

    Looking for “offsetting positives”, eh? Well…uhm…it USED to be a nice looking car.

    Does that count?

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  9. Avatar photo Steve Clinton

    Someone alert Fred Flintstone, his car is available.

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  10. Avatar photo Steve Clinton

    If this was a fastback, even in this condition, people would be all over it!

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  11. Avatar photo danny mather

    the only of value is the tags and ownership Dannys Mustangs……….

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  12. Avatar photo Carl Willmon

    Insanely the bidding is over 1700 now . I can’t see 1700 dollars in parts and as scrap metal there isnt 200 so not sure what someone is bidding on.

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  13. Avatar photo Paul Shapiro

    It’s really sad to see this car in this bad a shape, where did all the parts go? engine/trans all the interior?
    Too bad if it ends up in a crusher, but it maybe the best for this baby.

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