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No Reserve: 1967 Ford Galaxie 500 LTD

If the owner’s claim is accurate, then this 1967 Galaxie 500 LTD wears all of its original paint. It has been garage-kept for its whole life and gets used for a spot of weekend cruising. After 5-years of ownership, he has decided that the time has come for the vehicle to move on to a new home. The Galaxie is located in Bronx, New York, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. The bidding currently sits at $4,050 in a No Reserve auction.

If the owner’s claim that the Dark Moss Green paint is original is accurate, then the car is an impressive survivor. The paint shines beautifully, and there are no significant flaws to be found. Complimenting the Green paint is a Black vinyl top, which looks as nice as the rest of the exterior. The panels are laser straight, and the owner states that there is no Bondo to be found anywhere. I can’t see any evidence of external rust, and there is no mention of any problems in the listing. The Ford has always been garage kept, and this will undoubtedly have aided its cause. The external trim and chrome show no evidence of damage or deterioration, while the glass appears perfect. The wheels aren’t original, but they do add a tougher look to this classic. If they aren’t to the buyer’s taste, then locating a replacement set of the original wheels and hubcaps should not be a problem.

Lifting the hood of the Ford reveals a 390ci V8, a C6 automatic transmission, along with power steering and power brakes. The engine is claimed to be original and should be producing 275hp. At 4,043lbs, this Galaxie is not the lightest car on the planet. However, it should still be capable of romping through the ¼ mile in 16.7 seconds. There doesn’t appear to be a lot of negative news with this car. The owner states that the 390 runs nicely, without any odd noises or smoke. He says that it drives smoothly and that the tires are in good shape. Its mechanical condition is good enough that he uses the Ford for regular weekend cruising.

If the Galaxie is showing its age anywhere, it is on the seats and carpet. The upholstery on the front seat is looking slightly tired, and it does have a couple of seam separations and a small rip. The carpet is showing some fading, scuffing, and wear. Both of these areas will require attention if they are to be brought up to the same standard as the rest of the trim. The dash appears to be in good order, with no splits or cracks on either it or the pad. The door trims are also in excellent order and would seem to need nothing. Some gauges are hanging under the dash, but these appear to be the only aftermarket additions. The original AM radio functions well, but there are some issues with the fuel gauge and the turning signals. These are items that will need to be investigated by the buyer.

This 1967 Galaxie 500 LTD is an attractive looking car, and its needs would seem to be minimal. Externally, it presents well, and it also appears to be in sound mechanical health. It has a couple of minor interior trim issues, but these would not need to be addressed immediately. However, with the colder weather on our doorsteps, I can think of worse ways to occupy the Winter months than in the workshop tackling those problems. That would mean that when the sun shines once again, this old Ford would be ready for some serious weekend touring.


  1. Avatar photo angliagt Member

    My favorite year! We had friends that had 4 door
    ’67 LTD,in a goldish brown color,one of the nicest looking
    cars I’ve seen.
    This one’s nice,& might turn out to be a good deal for someone.

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  2. Avatar photo JW454

    I would have gone with different wheels. These are reminiscent of an 80s/90s S10 truck or late 70s Camaro.

    Otherwise, it’s a nice looking car you don’t see too often.

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  3. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    A guy in HS had this exact car. On “senior skip-out day”, he got pretty wasted and wiped out a couple mailboxes, and took out the right fender. We thought it was pretty funny, the mailbox owners, not so much. Ford was, I think, on the top of their game with these cars. Beautiful cars.

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  4. Avatar photo William Fox

    When the 390 V8 debuted in `61, the standard HP rating was 300HP in both the Galaxie & T-Bird lines. This one is rated at 275HP? Was not aware it took a HP dive by `67. Given the size of `67 models, it would need every one of those HP to move these full-size cars.

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    • Avatar photo Greg W

      300HP is a 4 barrel

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    • Avatar photo Bob C.

      1969 and 70 it was rated at 265hp in 2 barrel form.

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  5. Avatar photo Russell Thomas


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  6. Avatar photo tellhimhesdreaming

    nice looking car, not a fan of the vinyl top, saw it on facebook for 12k, pity that site is such a chore to navigate.
    noob question, is this a fastback or hardtop.

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    • Avatar photo Gransedan

      This car is both a fastback and a hardtop. A fastback is generally considered to be a car that has a continuous, unbroken slope from roof to tail end. Hardtop refers to a vehicle, two door, four door or station wagon, that has no B pillar above the belt line meaning no post between front and rear side windows. A hardtop has no frame around the side windows. Variations exist, for example, four doors with B pillars and frameless door windows, two doors with frameless door windows that do have a B pillar.

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  7. Avatar photo Oldog4tz

    Already gone, but with what sure seems like prestigious orange peel on the hood, not sure about original paint claim

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  8. Avatar photo Stephen Kane

    The 2nd car I bought was exactly like this only red and with the factory wheels a covers. The 390 2 bbl had plenty of power and the car was a perfect cruiser. It was however a floater and cornering wasn’t it’s strong suit. The breaks tended to fade and the power steering was probably a tad over boosted. Wth that said I never had any mechanical issues with that 390 or the 3 speed automatic trans. The best looking full size Ford of the 60s imho and this looks to be a great example.

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  9. Avatar photo Troy s

    It’s in amazing condition considering its fifty three year existence. I like the idea of aftermarket wheels just not theses here. Outside of that I won’t even nit pick the carpet or anything else really as a car from 19 and 67 has been around the block several generations now.
    Yea, the low output 390 doesn’t excite me and to start messing around with it, well, would be the beginning of the end for this old Galaxie. Good luck to the new owner…..and dont wreck it.

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  10. Avatar photo gerardfrederick

    That was the age of Ford! Beautiful example of the quintessential american full size car.

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  11. Avatar photo FordGuy1972 Member

    A good-looking car for sure. Personally, I like the vinyl top; I think it compliments the car nicely. I’d also ditch the wheels and maybe go with chrome reverse wheels and baby moon caps. Upgrade to disc brakes, recover the seats, add A/C and you’ll have a very nice car. Even in top condition, these Galaxies won’t put you in the poorhouse and would stand out in a show field full of the more popular intermediates.

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  12. Avatar photo John Oliveri

    Friend of mine had a 4 door version of this car, same color outside, white interior, in the mid 70s, in the Bronx, we went to the Whitestone drive in w our girlfriends to see Saturday night fever in that car, December 77, heater core was bi passed, warmer outside than inside, lotta fun

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  13. Avatar photo Alan

    Nice car. My dad had one just like it same color same vinyl top everything nice Cor I still have the original hubcaps for it.

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