No Reserve 1969 Camaro Project


It might not be an SS or even an RS car, but this 350 equipped Camaro might actually be a worthwhile project, well at least for the right price. It’s a base model X44 car and has lots of rust issues. Someone slapped Z/28 badges on it, but hopefully that’s the only “upgrade” it’s received. Given that it’s being offered without a reserve, it could turn out to be a good buy for those who want to take on a major project! You can find this Camaro here on eBay in West Creek, New Jersey with bidding still under $3k.


While it might not be a high performance engine, it’s still a 350! With a new intake and carb you could squeeze quite a bit more power from it. I’d like to know if it was originally optioned with a floor shifter or if it was originally a column shift car and has been upgraded. It would be interesting to know more of the cars past, but I doubt we will ever know the full story.


The rust issues look to be extensive, but the seller claims the trunk isn’t too bad and the areas around the windows are solid. It’s going to need the floors and rockers replaced. Thankfully repair panels are available for both.


The Camaro was offered in several trim levels, with most people wanting SS and RS cars. You don’t often see base model cars anymore, with many of them being upgraded to SS spec, or at least given the cosmetic treatments to look like one. I’d get rid of the Z/28 badges and return it to it’s original configuration, you see far more Z/28s than you do X44s (granted there are more SS and Z/28s today then were ever built). It’s going to need a huge amount of work, but if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, this could be a great buy! What do you think? Is it worth taking on?


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  1. Doug Towsley

    Nice start to a project but needs everything. Not for the faint of heart.

  2. Rustytech Member

    Faint heart? You’d need to be Richard The Lion Heart to take this on as a do it yourself project. I don’t think I have enough years left. The only way a buyer is going to break even on this is to clone an SS, Z28, or restomod, and it’s going to be expensive.

    • Doug Towsley

      Depends Rustytech. The average DIY’er would likely take 2 years or so as a part time project and thats being diligent with a co-operative spouse. But this is a IMHO total rotisserie rebuild but an easy one. Back in the day during my peak productivity period in my shop 2 guys would turn and burn this in 60 days and make a handsome profit. We did a lot of this kind of car. Easy easy easy… I say that because there is so many vendors on these its no sweat for parts. That being said, I know how to weld, do body work and had my own paint booth. I had an upholstery guy who would take a week and simple matter of door panel kit, seats and headliner and a carpet kit all catalog shipped to his door. I also do all my own engine/trans rebuilds and all new suspension and brakes. Seeing as I farmed out very little,, we kept our overhead low. We also carefully budgeted labor.
      SURE! We got skunked a few times but most of the time did quite well. But My health is not what it was and I cant work like that anymore. So,, for the right guy(s) this is a good project. Others??? Not so much.

      • Chris

        I always wanted to work in a shop like that cool story.

      • Rustytech Member

        Doug I see where your coming from. I did two of these 20 and 25 years ago but they started out in better shape than this one, and I was much younger. It took me almost 5 years on each doing most of the work myself, but then I was working 45 hrs a week. I agree parts availability is great on these, but I also think that with the growth in interest in the collector car hobby, that parts, like the price of cars has skyrocketed, If this was a true Z28 or SS it might be worth a try, but for a plane Jane I just don’t see an upside.

  3. Jeffro

    Is it possible to build a new 69 camaro using all new parts? I know that Dynacorn sells new bodies. Anybody have a guess on how much to build it from scratch? Anybody at all? Just for $h!ts and giggles.

    • Tony Goodner II

      Musclecar on SpikeTV did just that. There were a few parts they had to glean from a boneyard, but it can be done……if you’re pockets are deep enough

      • Jeffro

        Found a article online. $62,485 to build a brand new 69 camaro

  4. JW

    If you have the skills in welding and a patient wife over time it could be made in to a decent car that is if the bidding doesn’t get crazy.

  5. Ck

    Lots of time and money and sweat to get this thing pretty again .You can have it.

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  6. Augustiron

    Look at the seller’s other auctions. He currently has 5 first gen camaros listed in ebay, most in similar condition. 3-69, 1-68, 1-67

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