No Reserve: 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 SCJ Drag Pack

If you wanted to go fast in 1969, there were many options from which to choose. You could strap yourself to the nose of a Saturn V rocket, but that was a journey you would only take once. Alternatively, you could walk into a Ford dealership and hand over the cash for a classic like this 1969 Mustang Mach 1 428 SCJ Drag Pack. It cost buyers significantly less than the NASA option, and at least the journeys were repeatable. Our feature Mach 1 presents superbly and has no needs beyond finding a new home. The seller listed it here at Barrett-Jackson Auctioneers in Houston, Texas. It will go under the hammer at an auction scheduled for October 20th – 22nd, and the owner’s decision to offer it with No Reserve adds to the appeal.

When I studied the supplied photos searching for flaws and defects, I’m sure I heard the “Mission: Impossible” theme playing in my head. The Raven Black paint looks deep enough to walk into, and like the panels, it appears flawless. There are no dings or dents, and this classic looks completely rust-free. The exterior shows no evidence of bubbles or other nasty surprises, while the underside photos give the impression this classic is fresh off the production line. The graphics look crisp, with no checking or lifting. The trim sparkles to provide an excellent contrast to the Black paint, and the original glass is spotless. The Mach 1 rolls on a set of new Magnum 500 wheels, but the seller includes the original wheels in the sale.

Unfortunately, this photo is as close as we get to a peak at the powerhouse that is this Mustang’s defining feature. Buyers faced a raft of engine choices to power their new ’69 Mach 1, but this car’s original owner picked theirs from the top shelf. They ordered this beast with the 428 Super Cobra Jet V8, and because they selected the Drag Pack, it churns out an earth-shattering 360hp. That power feeds a 3.91 Traction-Lok rear end via a three-speed C6 automatic transmission. Official figures indicate this Mach 1 should blitz the ¼-mile in 14.3 seconds, although contemporary road tests state that journalists broke the 14-second barrier repeatedly and with little effort. For purists, the news this classic is numbers-matching is welcome. The attention to detail is astonishing, down to smaller items like the correct hose clamps and plug wires. There are a couple of aftermarket additions, but they’re the type that the new owner could reverse with little cost or effort. The rear-end ratio means this Mustang’s engine would work hard cruising at highway speeds. The owner added a Gear Vendors overdrive unit to assist the car’s cause. It is an unobtrusive addition that could be easily removed. The other update is an Innovate Motorsports air/fuel ratio monitor and tachometer to ensure this mighty V8 receives the correct fuel mix. Nothing ruins your day like a high-performance engine detonating because it has run lean. The system should ensure that never happens, making it wise insurance. This beauty runs and drives perfectly and comes with an enormous collection of original documentation and a Marti Report confirming its originality and specifications.

Considering the exterior condition, it is unsurprising that this Mustang’s interior looks factory fresh. It features Black vinyl upholstery with no issues, a dash and pad that are faultless, and faux woodgrain trim that is free from wear and lifting. It is worth mentioning that while the seller indicates the car underwent a restoration, the seats and interior components are said to be original. If this is accurate, that makes the condition more impressive. It isn’t loaded with comfort appointments, although the factory AM radio could provide entertainment on the move.

This 1969 Mustang Mach 1 SCJ Drag Pack is a classic car designed to make adults grow weak at the knees. Its performance in 1969 made it a force to be reckoned with, and it would have commanded respect wherever it went. The owner performed a few modifications to make the vehicle more user-friendly and potentially reliable, but the buyer could easily reverse those to return the car to its factory specifications. I’m unsure whether that will happen, but it is an option that the new owner could explore at their leisure. I think there is little doubt the bidding will pass into six figures before the hammer falls, but it is speculation how high the final sale price will be. I won’t be surprised if it passes $170,000, but there’s no guarantee. The No Reserve part of the equation adds some spice, and it will be fascinating to see if that draws in interested parties for a spirited bidding war. Even if it is too rich for you, this auction should be worth watching.


  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    The 1969 Mach 1 is one of my all time favorite cars. [That white/red 428 4-speed one which showed up at my small town dealer back in late 1968 resulted in a seminal moment in my childhood.] Striking in black. The Magnum 500’s look great. High dollar car.

    I hope the new owner has the guts to drive it (at least a little), and takes it to shows for others to see and enjoy. Frankly I’d think it can be unnerving driving such a valuable car in today’s traffic conditions.

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  2. Cadmanls Member

    With the gear vendor OD someone was planning to drive it. Beautiful car and I am confident someone will pay well to own it. Not too many of these left and for sale. New owner should have a big smile on their face.

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    • DSteele

      I had a big smile on my face and I was only reading about it


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  3. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    They didn’t even look this good when they were brand new.

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  4. Jay E. Member

    It is a bit frustrating to see Barn Finds going the way of Hemmings where many of the cars are no longer attainable for me. I wind up skipping 3/4 of the listings now, where a couple of years ago it took me all of breakfast and I read every one. $30,000.00 for a trashed Mopar seems to be the new normal, and that isn’t really a Barn Find in my mind. I don’t visit this site to see basecoat/clear paint or restored cars and I’m kind of sorry to see the BF progression to this,especially anything from the major auction sites. BF is one of the few old car sites worth visiting anymore. I have less, cars cost more. I guess I’m just getting old..

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    • DSteele

      I get it but they are still fun to look at

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    • $ where mouth is

      I concure, its called Barn Finds, and that Mustang is hardly one.

      However .. WOW, just wow.. . Wow

      The sad reality, without getting into currupt governments and the poor state of humanity..
      Though there is a radically increasing poverty class, there is a increase of millionaires and theres a few folks out there that could drop 200k on this and still eat three healthy meals a day.

      To my fellow honest, working class heros i say:
      we ALL need to insist on a respectable and fair wage, or theres gonna be big problems; soon.
      When the boss takes home too much of the pie, its time to take the power back !
      Labor creates all wealth.

      As for this Mustang, there are cars the working class simply wont be able to afford, and this is one.

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  5. Larry

    Why advertise for these auctions? Is BF getting paid? They have nothing to to do with what readers are going to your site for unless it is a barn find there auctioning or a car put away for years.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      We aren’t getting paid. We featured it because it’s a 1969 Mustang Mach 1 428 SCJ Drag Pack!

    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

      When automotive magazines discuss various cars, or feature road tests on specific cars, they are not getting paid. They are reporting the news. The public has an interest in the info in the magazines. Same here on Barn Finds.

      All* the vehicles featured here were sent in by 3rd parties who don’t get paid, not the car owners, dealers, or auction companies. *The vehicles on Barn Finds own auction/sales section ARE from car owners.

      And unlike the car magazines, Barn Finds allows feedback. Having been a gearhead for 60+ years and having owned over 1,500 vehicles during that time, and running a car restoration shop for 30 years, I’ve enjoyed both providing information to other readers, and learning even more.

      For example, while my shop restored many early Mustangs, I was not familiar with the Mach 1 with Super Drag Pack, until I read the various comments about them from several examples of these rare cars featured here.

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  6. Joe

    So if someone pays $170k for this car….I guess we could really could sell snow to Eskimos…..nice car, no doubt & somewhat rare……sorry, no way in hell is it worth that figure…….they say there’s a sucker born every day………..


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    • $ where mouth is

      .. actually Joe, its really worth that, and may likely sell for more.
      Ice melts, this Mustang is ‘fire’ and only increases in value.

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  7. 19sixty5 Member

    The Magnum 500’s look great on the car even though they were not available on the Mach 1. They were only available on the Boss 302/429 cars, and in 15″ as opposed to the Mach 1 with the 14″ wheel. Pretty sweet Mach 1 complete with the Thermactor smog equipment in place. Changing spark plugs (heck, even the wires) in any big block Mustang from 1967-1970 in my experience rates as the worst experience I can remember from back then. It was a nightmare even with the smog system removed.

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  8. Howie

    B&J get those strong drinks ready.

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  9. Stan

    Black paint is the color for this model wow.

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  10. jc

    Click bait- “No Reserve”…lol with Barrett Jackson its more like “No Chance”… some rich collector will get it and store it somewhere. Blah.

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  11. Steve W

    I agree with a number of the comments above…..this is not Barn Finds material. First of all, you can find auction cars like this all day long, it’s not hard to do. Fun to look at? Sure, but out of most people’s reach. So let’s keep this sight as it was intended to be,,,,true barn finds!

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  12. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    I happen to think Barn Finds has a great cross-section of vehicles, from $500 beaters and junk yard rejects, to million Dollar babies! It’s all about introducing a vast array of unique vehicles to a wide viewing public. Probably 90% of readers are here for the entertainment value and even possibly a little bit of trivial education, but I suspect not that many viewers are serious buyers.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      With over 100k enthusiasts subscribed to our email list, there are more than a few serious buyers!

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      • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member


        Glad to hear it, I was basing my comment on the few people I’ve read on here who do report back that they bought a Barn Finds feature car.

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  13. CCFisher

    Yeah, this is about as far as you can get from a “barn find.” I don’t mind seeing a high-dollar car like this once in a while. What I do object to is a Barret-Jackson auction car. I can go to Barret-Jackson’s site to see those.

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  14. Troy s

    Drag pak, super cobra jet 428,,, one of those machines nobody ordered by accident. Purpose built asphalt pounder.

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