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No Reserve Driver: 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1

When a classic car owner embarks on a project build, there are two approaches they could take. A faithful restoration would recapture the car’s youth, while custom touches could make the vehicle seem timeless. The faithful path also means that the owner may one day come across an identical car during their travels, while custom builds are almost always unique. Those are choices facing the new owner of this 1969 Mustang Mach 1. It is a solid, complete classic with some cosmetic and mechanical changes. Reversing them would be possible, but the winning bidder may find the car has too much character to justify a change. It is listed here on eBay in Moorpark, California. Frantic bidding has pushed the price to $30,000 in a No Reserve auction.

It appears this seller has a creative streak, which may explain the 45° tilt in most of the supplied photos. It probably seemed like a good idea, but some potential buyers may find the approach offputting when trying to assess the car’s paint and panel condition. The Matte Black finish is an acquired taste, marking a radical departure from the Mustang’s original Code P Winter Blue. Some buyers will find the change appealing, while others won’t. There’s no denying it is distinctive. as is their decision to add gloss Black to the hood. The overall effect would be better if the trim and chrome were spotless. However, the bumpers and some other pieces require a trip to the platers, undermining the impact. The glass is in good order, and the underside shots seem to confirm this classic is rust-free.

Considering the attention lavished on this Mustang’s exterior, its interior appearance is underwhelming. It isn’t horrendous but requires time and money to present at its best. The front seatcovers are worn and split, the rim blow wheel has cracked, and the dash pad exhibits UV damage around the speaker grille. They say the headliner is new, but the supplied shots seem to suggest it is pretty baggy and stretched. Add discolored plastic and foggy gauge lenses to the equation, and the winning bidder faces work returning the interior to its best. The acceptable interior components make the concept of a trim kit seem overkill. Still, if we compare the price of individual items with the cost of a complete kit, it could be the most cost-effective option.

The VIN confirms this Mustang rolled off the showroom floor with an H-Code 351 under the hood that produced 250hp. It is unclear whether the Mach 1 retains its original motor with upgrades or if it received an engine change. The existing 351 underwent a rebuild that included a 0.020″ overbore and has clocked around 1,500 miles since. The power output is pure speculation, but a figure around 300hp would seem realistic. The power feeds to the road via a three-speed C6 transmission, with this Mustang also featuring power assistance for the steering and brakes. If my power output estimate proves accurate, this drivetrain combination should place a flat-15-second ¼-mile ET within the driver’s reach. The listing states the car runs and drives well, meaning this is one aspect of the Mach 1 requiring nothing.

The Matte Black paint treatment gives this 1969 Mustang Mach 1 a distinctive appearance but will not appeal to every enthusiast. The Trim Tag confirms its original color, and the car could look stunning if returned to that form. However, the sixty-one submitted bids confirm people can see potential in this classic. If you were the winning bidder, would you reinstate its original shade or prefer its current, more menacing appearance?


  1. Cooter Cooter

    To get this car back to it’s original colors, new interior and all will be $15-20K barring no big surprises. Current prices for a tall 69 Mach1 are in the $70K range.

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  2. Maggy

    I’d bring it back to original if it was mine.I’m not a ford guy but the mustang fastbacks are very sharp looking cars through 1970.If he would have painted the body shiny and the hood matte black it would look better.Looks like a car someone did a quick matte paint job then found a donar hood off another car for whatever reason.I don’t care for the look it has now imo.If it’s a numbers car that’s the first thing I would put in the ad.

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  3. Whiskytango

    A 69 mustang with that motor, if original would have had an FMX tranny, not C-6

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  4. William Maceri

    The 1969 Mach l is the best looking, best equipped and overall great car. I bought a used one in 1972 after I graduated high school. It was Ravin black with black “snake skin high back bucket seats with the red strip on the front of the seat backs, and red rubber floor mats installed into the carpet. The dash and full console were really sporty and well finished. The dash had 2 pods one on each side of the dashboard. The left housed full round gauges two large and two small. The two smaller circles housed oil pressure and alternate. The two larger ones held the speedometer on one and fuel and temp in the other all set in a light color oak woodgrain. The woodgrain followed down the center dash between the pods. That housed the 2 center dash air vents that did a great job of delivering valuable heat and air conditioning. It also housed the excellent HVAC controls. It met the floor mounted center console which contains the FMX automatic transmission. And a small opening center storage compartment. The console and interior door panels all had the matching woodgrain finish, and were an excellent design. Mine had the 351 Windsor with a Motorcraft 4300 4 barrel carburetor. From the night I brought it home it never cooled off. We took it on 3 round trip road trips from California to Maine. It sure turned heads on the road and all the east coast citys. I loved that car more than life it’s self.I thought I would be buried in it. Well life changed things in a different direction and I no longer have it. But I do have a beautiful 1:18 diecast model of it also black, and I will always have the real one in my heart. I’ll stop here as I’m making myself too emotional. To who ever ends up with this car make sure you keep it forever. You won’t regret it.

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  5. markp

    I would make a John Wick replica!

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  6. P

    Flat black paint is a cautionary sign to the initiated… beware of what’s underneath.

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  7. John D

    69 mustang sportsroof is by far my favorite year, it just looks mean. As far as the flat black I don’t care for it , I also don’t care for the winter blue, I like black jade the best and I likely would keep this car to drive I would repaint in black jade and just enjoy it every chance I had. If I only had the cash to buy it I would.

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    What is up with the thumbs up not working most of the time?????

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    • John D

      Had the same problem found Ya have to hit the red thumb not just the box

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