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No Reserve! 1970 Dodge Charger R/T SE 440

Combining creature comforts and excellent performance can be a tricky balancing act for manufacturers to pursue, but Chrylser seemed to take that challenge in its stride across various marques. This 1970 Dodge Charger R/T SE is a perfect example of that approach. Its engine bay houses a V8 guaranteed to pin occupants in their seats at the slightest provocation, and its interior is loaded with factory options designed to make life on the road extremely comfortable. If you are already finding yourself drawn to this classic, the seller’s decision to list it with No Reserve may prove the tipping point. The R/T is listed here on eBay in Groveland, Florida. Bidding has raced to $50,200 as a result of intense interest.

This Charger proves beyond doubt that there are fantastic classics hidden away, awaiting the attention of enthusiasts willing to return them to active service. The seller located the vehicle hidden in a garage, a spot it had occupied for eight years. The previous owner had inherited it from their grandparents, and it seems it never saw the light of day once they took possession. Once it was dragged into the light of day, the seller discovered they had stumbled across something pretty special. The car was repainted in its original Code EB5 Bright Blue in 2002, and the paint still shines beautifully. They confirm it isn’t a trailer queen but should be considered a solid and clean daily driver. The steel is 100% original and has avoided the rust issues that often plague these classics. There are some tiny bubbles in an unspecified location, but this car features rock-solid lower extremities, floors, rear rails, and trunk pan. The glass is spotless, and the trim is above average for a vehicle of this age. The wheels aren’t original, but swapping them for the appropriate items wouldn’t present a hurdle if the winning bidder desires a “factory” appearance.

Lifting the hood reveals further significant positive news for potential buyers. The engine bay houses the car’s numbers-matching 440ci V8, producing 375hp and 480 ft/lbs of torque. The originality extends to the three-speed A-727 TorqueFlite transmission and rear end. The original owner was an older gentleman, so electing to order the Charger with power assistance for the steering and brakes was unsurprising. The history of this classic makes me wonder whether they ever extended the R/T to determine whether the factory’s claimed ¼-mile ET of 14.4 seconds was achievable or if they satisfied themselves with the knowledge it was an effortless cruiser. Following the Dodge’s removal from storage, the revival process included dispatching the V8 to a performance specialist for a rebuild. The motor was slotted back into place, and the seller confirms the car runs and drives perfectly. However, it has zero miles on the engine, leaving it to the buyer to break in that beast.

One glance at this Charger’s interior confirms the original owner’s sole focus wasn’t on outright performance. They ordered the SE with a range of desirable options that guaranteed a comfortable motoring experience. The car features Blue leather and vinyl front bucket seats, air conditioning, power windows, a Tick-Tock-Tach, a woodgrain sports wheel, and the rare and desirable AM radio/8-track player. The optional items remain intact, and there are no visible aftermarket additions. The carpet has faded, and the gauge lenses have become cloudy, but both issues can be easily addressed. A carpet set will lighten the buyer’s wallet by approximately $220, and a lens kit will add $260 to the total. The interior would pop with those items installed because the trim and upholstery are in fantastic condition, with the back seat looking like it has never had occupants. The only other issue worth noting is some deterioration of the dash’s faux woodgrain. It isn’t severe and is acceptable for a driver-grade classic. Replacements are available, but they aren’t cheap. Therefore, most potential bidders will probably leave that aspect untouched unless they crave perfection.

Are you surprised that this 1970 Dodge Charger R/T SE has attracted twenty-seven bids? I am because there is scope for a far higher total courtesy of the car’s condition, specifications, and factory options. Dodge sold 10,337 examples of the Charger R/T in 1970, which means they aren’t the rarest muscle cars on the planet. However, even the 1970 Charger Registry cannot determine the exact total that featured the 440 Magnum V8 and SE Package. Factor that in with options like power windows and the factory 8-track, and this Charger becomes significantly rarer and more desirable. There is scope for the price to comfortably climb beyond $60,000 if two or more bidders are determined. Do you think it will get there?


  1. Mopar Drool

    Sweet color and engine..

    Its expensive but looks like a car to hold value if they cared besides driving to car shows😉

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  2. BA

    Finally a Florida approved muscle car because it’s got factory A/C! never nice to smell like a armpit ! Sexy , sophisticated & yes brutally fast & thirsty but A/C never felt so good!

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  3. Yankeejb

    I’d be surprised if it doesn’t hit $100k +, those 68-70 Chargers are commanding absolutely insane prices 😵

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  4. Stan

    Wow 👀

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  5. The Purple Defender

    Pretty blue color. I think the 68/69s were prettier. Needs a flag on the roof.

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  6. TorinoSCJ69

    Just Wow. And A/C … and
    8 track!

    Stunning. North of $60 thousand, right?

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  7. RoadDog

    A heckuva lot more than I’ve got! 😋

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  8. Cooter Cooter Member

    This is my favorite year for these, clean, crisp lines that all flow together in a tastefully menacing way. I liked the 71 thru 74’s but just never got past that
    over – hunched fastback look. This one’s a true gem!

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  9. BA

    This car must be rare as this is the first charger 440 I have seen with full power & the coveted A/C option!

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  10. JoeNYWF64

    I’m guessing the standard steering wheel would be blue too.
    Is that a 4 wheel drum brake master cylinder? Better suited back in the day for light stripper compact cars in areas with no mountains or floodprone streets,
    Or on a big car you only took to the racetrack.
    Odd how rare cruise control was in the early 70s & prior – i wonder why.

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  11. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Wow! Another great looking Mopar!! Back to back Chargers!! This is real special being a R/T SE. You don’t see that many anymore. Love that bench leather seat with the armrest. Any I noticed the 6-way control on the left side bottom. That’s a first for me on a split bench seat. . We have that on our 70 Challenger R/T with bucket seats. The whole car is very clean looking. No decals aka stripes or spoilers. I noticed on the sellers write up he said the car drove with no problems . Then they rebuilt the engine but didn’t drive it again but they did in his words. It was confusing to me. And on 2 engine shots I noticed the kick down linkage not hook up and the spring is missing. Also no PCV and the right valve cover breather hoses not hooked up. I wonder if they just got the engine in and took the pictures. With 3 days to go on the bidding this may go over $60,000!! The 70 Charger is better looking than the 71. Good luck to the next owner. 🐻🇺🇸

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  12. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Here is a decent walk around video that was posted in February while it was at the engine shop.
    The seller should have included it in the ad.


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  13. Stephen

    In September of 2011, while searching for a second generation B bodied Charger. I came across a very decent low mileage 500 in Clarkston Michigan at Southern Motors.
    Not wasting any time as I knew that if would be gone in the blink of an eye.
    I bought it.
    I loved that car, driving it was a blast especially with the 383, mild cam and throaty exhaust tune, not to mention it was a 4 speed car with the highly desired Pistol grip shifter.
    In August of 22. I sold her and she went to a new home in NC. I miss that car and know I’ll probably never get another one.
    I Originally tried to get 85 as I felt it was a fair price for my #1 in body, color and appearance vehicle. 100 n up was for vehicle’s similar to this “Survivor”. This 70 is worth far more than the owner is asking for her.
    Don’t go to low as my father would tell me when I made my first sale as a teenager trying to sell his first car for a newer model.
    You can always go down bit you cannot go up.
    This is a beautiful 70 second generation Charger R/T. It’s not got the desired options of the split buckets with center console, nor does it have a center console slap stick 727 Torque flight automatic
    It’s column shifted (that to me is minus points and value and hard to convert over to the floor. The padded center portion takes away as well.
    The 440 with factory air is nice for hot summer cruising.
    I would tell the owner not to let her go for cheap as this will command what other 2nd generation Chargers go for.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Stephen, I am hung up on your comment that he is asking too little for this car. Since it is a No Reserve auction, I guess you can say he is asking nothing for it. On the other hand, the sky is the limit and it takes only 2 interested buyers to send this thing into orbit.

      I agree with you, you will probably not get another one. It does open the door to try something different, though.

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    • Ward William

      Agreed. Far too cheap for a numbers matching 1 of few MOPAR. Especially if it is as free of tinworm as the seller states.

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  14. 433jeff

    Wow what a color, what a tough looking muscle car

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  15. Roland

    It must have been a custom order. I cannot imagine the factory releasing a car this loaded and then not including the console and PDB. Still, a beautiful car with the frame connectors to make it more driveable. I like that it has dash speakers, I assume that these were part of the 8-track system.

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  16. Ward William

    Love it but those non original light blue stripes detract from it’s original paintwork. I’d restore the original stripes in accordance with the build sheet and return the wheels to standard and call it done.

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