For Real? No-Reserve 1970 Plymouth Superbird!

How many running but unrestored, four-speed, Six-Pack Plymouth Superbirds have you seen being auctioned at no reserve lately? Me neither, but this one is listed here on eBay where spirited bidding is up to $65,500. Sunny Fort Pierce, Florida is the current home of this winged ‘bird.

Yes, the metal is solid (although as you can see the car originally had a vinyl top). The seller was kind enough to include a picture of a similarly equipped car in the original Lime Light Green so that you can see what the car will end up looking like when someone restores it. The trim tag checks out as a 440 6-Pack car withe the options and colors in the listing according to

Of course, you could always go the direction of a previous owner, who apparently was going to turn the car into a donk. Ouch. The NASCAR-style wheels on the car now are much better, but I’m sure it will get original-type wheels before long. The seller makes it clear that there’s not a lot of rust and that the only previous repair was to the lower passenger quarter panel.

Even the interior looks fairly original, including what I believe to be the original Hurst pistol-grip shifter. Someone expressed their (and my) sentiments with the dash sticker, but I’m afraid it and the floor mats would have to go.

The seller says the car wasn’t running when they purchased it two years ago, and that the block appears to be a warranty replacement one. They have rebuilt the complete fuel system and the entire brake system, saving all the original parts as well. They have also rebuilt the front suspension and put on “factory type exhaust pipes.” That’s the original radiator you see as well. I suspect this winged wonder will be bid considerably higher before it sells — are you in the market for this Superbird?

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  1. J_Paul Member

    The photos of this raised up on massive chrome wheels (see the Ebay listing) are horrifying.

  2. slickb

    Now if it really is a superbird he did a good job making the roof look nice alone with the rear window……. I want it to b real but be cautious.
    good find even if it is a plain old roadrunner tho

  3. Paul

    Heck he found that thing in my backyard, why can’t I find these things.

    • John

      Ditto! I’m just up the road from Lancaster.

  4. Will Fox

    Careful here, guys. I would verify every single VIN and part number on this. I’m no Superbird expert, but it would be worth ANY serious buyer’s time to have this gone over with a fine-toothed comb before commitment. A very tall price for a `Bird that may very well be not what it appears. “IF” it is and I’m wrong, my apologies. But fakes CAN and are made all the time!

  5. PaulG

    Tough to fake the rear window, and once the data plate is verified it’ll certainly be restored to factory spec.
    25 years ago I could have bought a bit nicer example for 25K from a guy moving to Costa Rica…

    • Brian Scott

      LOL Paul, was he in Lansing, Mich., by any chance? I saw an online ad for a guy selling to move to CR in ‘09. Man he was crusty on the phone. “You a dealer looking for a quick flip?” he asked. “Nope, just a guy.” And I proceeded to explain. Had to jump a flight right pronto, but within 18 hours I was on my way home in a perfect 911 (993 series) with just 20k miles on the odo, and for twenty five grand. Had it for 10 years now, just one minor electrical issue ever. Steal of my lifetime (today it’s worth 2X if not 3X)! Every now and then, you stumble across a deal that’s seemingly too good to be true,however IS legitimate. Let’s hope so here…

      • PaulG

        Brian, No, just about an hour east of Phoenix AZ. Funny cause I took 35mm pictures and the camera went into the glovebox of my SUV. Wife drove it to the airport and love and behold broke into and camera stolen. Would love to have those pictures today.

  6. Gaspumpchas

    Anything in primer scares the daylights out of me. a Serious buyer wrould do his due diligence here and verify the numbers, and look this beauty over with a magnifying glass. If this is the real deal its a drop dead cool car ready to cruise. Wow wouldn’t this make the purists pass out if you showed up at a car show with a grey primer superbird!! Another thing that makes a great site!!!



  7. Woody

    Bucket list car here,these “winged warriors”screamed for attention and love it with the 4-speed! Hey maybe add a Mod-top to it? Ok,not.

    • Dave

      No Mod Top, but why not make a Richard Petty tribute car instead?

  8. whmracer99

    $75K with 5 days left. Will it break $200K?

  9. R. P. Pettibone

    Buy it and use it as a daily driver…maybe throw some paint on it….the restoration, if done correctly could cost as much, or more than the current asking price. It will still be a worthwhile long-term investment, and you can say your other car is a Superbird!

  10. Ken Bashara

    Buyers beware make sure it looks like it had a vinyl roof since all Superbirds had vinyl roofs from factory!

  11. Sinestr426

    Many super birds for sale out there fully restored under 200k. The restoration on this will hit in excess of 100k if all the parts are there and good. In the end you’ll never have the original engine. As the owner of four different original survivor cars including a 68 charger big block H code in amazing condition I love original unmolested cars but this is neither original or restored. Only option here is to spend big bucks and get her to concourse condition.

  12. David Steele

    FYI, all Plymouth Superbirds were produced with vinyl tops…

  13. JagManBill

    is it just my imagination, or does that rear wing look like a NASCAR wing (slopes back a bit more)

  14. Andy

    “No reserve” on Ebay doesn’t mean much…

  15. Scuderia

    His feedback, especially with regards to how he responds to negative buyers would make make very cautious dealing with this guy.. buyer beware seems to be his motto.

  16. Moparman Member

    Listing pulled due to “error in the listing”!

  17. Roy L

    Where did it go?

  18. Bodyman68

    I dont see 100g restoration if all correct parts are there. Its a typical restoration on a car with a wing and nose nothing special plus sheet metal is mostly being made for these old cars. If it were me id run it like it is and have fun without the worries of nice paint for a while and drive the purists nuts lol !

  19. 87 MustangGT conv

    My Dad turned down a super bird new that our cousin said Plymouth made him take. Dad said he couldn’t see my mother driving around with that big wing! Dad told me that he could have bought it for cost! Dad had a 69 Road Runner he had bought from the cousins lot! If we had just known!

  20. Wrong Way

    I know that these are pretty valuable cars, but common these things are butt ass ugly. LMAO

    • Dennis

      First one I ever seen was back in late summer of 1969. I would go to the Chrysler Plymouth Imperial dealer twice a week and dream. I was only 9 years old, down the street at a business I saw a B5 blue Super Bird and thought what a stupid looking car. Hey, I was only 9 and loved Roadrunners and 300’s My opinion did change to ridiculous looking for someone to drive everyday. Amazing, back then dealers couldn’t give them away and now they’re 6 figures and a few 7 figure cars…

  21. Millenkneeil

    The Plymouth did not have the rear quarter scoops, that was a Dodge option.

  22. treg forsyth

    the Joe Dirt special

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