No Reserve: 1989 Cadillac Brougham D’Elegance

With the craziness that has afflicted our world in the last couple of years, sometimes we need to take the opportunity to step back, relax and live life at a quieter pace. If that sounds enticing to you, maybe the ultimate answer is to find a classic car like this 1989 Cadillac Brougham D’Elegance. The vehicle presents nicely and features all of the luxury extras to help make you feel pampered and special. If you find yourself sorely tempted, you will find the Cadillac located in Severn, Maryland, and listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has reached $6,100 in this No Reserve auction.

This Cadillac makes an elegant statement in its Medium Gray Metallic with a charcoal vinyl top. The paint is in good condition with no significant flaws or problems. The vinyl top looks a bit matte, but I think some work with an appropriate conditioning product should return it to its former glory. The panels are laser straight with no evidence of dings or dents and no signs of rust. The external trim and Chrome shine beautifully and contrast nicely with the Gray paint, while the tinted glass is in excellent order. All in all, the presentation of this car is hard to fault. If you long for a classic car that is subtle, restrained, and spotless, this Cadillac could be the car for you.

There’s no doubt that the occupants of any Cadillac will never feel like peasants, but the leather upholstery in this car makes both to driver and passengers feel like royalty. The gray cushioned seats show no wear or problems, while the remaining upholstered surfaces are spotless. The faux-timber trim on the dash exhibits no signs of fading or lifting while the dash pad has no cracks, the carpet is immaculate, and the overall impression this car gives is positive. It goes without saying that as this is a Cadillac, luxury appointments abound. The buyer will find themselves with a vehicle that features climate-control air conditioning, power windows, power locks, power seats, a tilt wheel, cruise control, and an AM FM radio and cassette player. That’s all the comforts of home and then some.

At 4,191 lbs, this Cadillac could never be described as a lightweight. Therefore, its 305ci V8 has some work cut out to get this giant moving at a reasonable rate. That V8 punches out 170 horsepower, which is enough to launch the Brougham through the ¼ mile in a neat 18 seconds. For potential buyers, the news here is pretty positive. The owner says that this Cadillac runs and drives perfectly, which opens the possibility for the buyer to slip behind the wheel immediately for a spot of relaxed cruising. He also claims that the car has a genuine 29,000 miles on the clock, and it seems that he holds evidence to verify his claim.

A car like this 1989 Cadillac Brougham would not make a viable daily commuter in an environment of rising fuel prices. However, for those moments when you want to sit back, relax and enjoy a comfortable weekend touring, there could be no finer car. Its overall condition and presentation are extremely impressive, and with the bidding so solid, its new home is only a few days away. The question is, will that new home be yours?


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  1. AW

    This car actually has the Olds-built 307 4-bbl, with only 140 horsepower. Oldsmobile V-8’s have the oil filler tube in front of the air cleaner slightly toward the right side of the engine.

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    • Ed Sel

      If you look at the engine bay, at the shroud and that main hose – both of them look to have been painted grey – the shroud possibly on purpose, but the hose is overspray.
      My Dad had the De Elegance’ version of this car, and the grey color was lighter – I’m not at all sure this shade of grey is original to Cadillac, and the paint job young with the vinyl top old is often a dead giveaway. the upper picture taken from the passenger side rear shows what looks like wear-through on the vinyl top just forward from the rear window, and the vinyl trim on both sides is exactly the same color as the paint and may have been painted when/if the car was repainted, and the horizontal trunk surface (in the driver side from rear photo) has an uneven dull-ish shine, like that you would see in a lower-cost/quality repaint. Also, look at the metal air cleaner housing in the engine bay, how it is shiny but the black paint is spotty/coming off underneath the shine. The carpets may “be spotless” especially the front passenger side, which shows the marks from carpet cleaning, but which is also missing the floor mat that you see on the driver’s side. Maybe the heater core went out when hot coolant also splashed up on the air-cleaner housing, or maybe that was some other fluid. 29K original miles? Possibly. And, yes, a nice upscale country setting in which to shoot the pics, but I’m guessing this car saw winters outside the garage, with city driving. If it is, as AW asserts, the Olds-built 307 engine, you might look at whether or not that engine was put into the Brougham model for this year as original equipment – maybe that’s a replacement engine, too. CarFAX, anybody?

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      • RKS

        That’s not overspray on the hose or shroud, it’s that glossy stuff they spray on the engine after they shampoo it. It’s all over the place in there.

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      • Chuck Dickinson

        YES, the Olds 307 WAS the engine used in these, NOT the Chevy 305.

  2. KC John

    Cadillac without whitewalls is a crime against nature. Looks so wrong to me. IMHO.

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  3. Mark C

    It wouldn’t be any less a “viable daily commuter” than the giant 4×4 pickups my coworkers daily.

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    • Jon

      I agree with Mark. My job is 6 miles from home so gas economy is not important. A nice comfortable ride is.

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      • Ed Sel

        This comment is a repeat.

  4. Ed Sel

    One more clarification – in the title of this write-up, this car is identified as a Cadillac Brougham De Elegance – but my Dad had a ‘De Elegance’ model, grey, too, but the metal lettering on both rear quarter panels and on both sides of the vinyl top at each rear door READ “De Elegance” – this model does not – it reads only Brougham. Maybe “Brougham” was dropped in later model years (his was a few years newer, I think) and changed to “Sedan De Elegance” which is how my Dad’s read, as I recall, along with a sticker on the inside glass saying it was made in Texas. (After they closed the Michigan facility). It may all be the same, but I think there was a Cadillac Brougham and also a Cadillac Brougham De Elegance.

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    • John

      Look at the pictures in the original ad. The rear quarters have script which says “Brougham” while the bottom edge of the vinyl roof has script which says “d’Elegance” next to the Cadillac crest. So yes, this is the Brougham d’Elegance model.

      • Ed Sel

        If by “original ad” you mean the ebay hot link – there are only 4 pics, none large enough to show what you say, and I personally wouldn’t bet money that De elegance is what it says on the vinyl top based on my experience. But, whether the vehicle has d’Elegance anywhere on it or not, it could still be a De Elegance, I was just pointing out what I remember from a later model made in Texas.

  5. Stan

    A newer camaro motor trans and rear end would pick up the pace in this land yacht-)

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  6. MKG

    Great car, horrible engine. It has to be one of the slowest cars of that year.

  7. Johnny

    I have a 89 Broughram Caddilac–at least the letters says it on the rear fenders. Its gray in color too. One think I DO NOT like about it is the emergency brake. I backed mine up on some ramps to check the back end. When I went to release the emergency brake. It wouldn,t release. I got to looking and in the manual it showed a small stub . You had to pull. Well I had to use vice grips. I couldn,t back up like the manual said and it would not release buy the handle. Very bad Cadillac idea.

  8. Johnny

    This car also has a bad bumper filler part under the liscense. Their room in the trunk to go camping.Very big trunk.

    • Willam r HALL

      Or a few bodies? If your job is a MAFIA hitman.

  9. Troy

    I wish the cars of today rode as comfortable as this thing does but I’m curious why they want almost $500 bucks above purchase price for $30 of paperwork that alone turns me off on even bidding on this.

  10. JEFF S.

    I do not believe the car has just 29,439. Looking at the history report to only average 751 miles per year from 2000 to 2013. Then only add another 1267 miles in 8 years since 2013. Too many questions about the true mileage and the underpowered V8, I will look for a much better Cadillac, that I know is out there.

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