No Reserve 427: 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

We’ve seen a couple of project builds in recent days here at Barn Finds where the buyer will need to add the finishing touches, and this 1969 Corvette is a perfect example. A previous owner has poured a significant amount of money into this restoration, and there are now some finer details that will need to be completed. No aspect of the vehicle has escaped attention, and when you consider what is on offer, the owner’s decision to offer it for sale with No Reserve makes it a tempting proposition. Located in Miami, Florida, you will find the Corvette listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has reached $26,100 in this winner-take-all auction.

It seems that the previous owner didn’t mess around with this Corvette and has tackled it as a frame-off restoration. I believe that the seller might be a dealer because I think that I’ve seen other Corvettes listed from them in the past. The vehicle is finished in LeMans Blue, and when you consider that the car has clocked a mere 500 miles since the restoration was completed, it’s no great surprise to discover that the paint appears flawless. There is no evidence of chips or marks, and the fiberglass is free from dramas. The previous owner had the frame sandblasted and powdercoated, and the underside shots indicate that it remains in as-new condition. The Corvette comes with a factory hardtop finished in black vinyl and a new soft-top in white. The latter has a few creases, but I suspect that some time exposed to direct sunlight should see those disappear. The trim and chrome show no significant issues, while the same is true of the tinted glass.

It seems that the previous owner has lavished plenty of TLC on the interior, and at first glance, it presents pretty well. One of the few criticisms that I have is about the fit of the new seatcovers. These are a bit baggy around the edges and detract from what is an otherwise attractive restoration. Stretching them to achieve a better fit would not be difficult, and the final result would be worth the effort. It looks like the carpet and door trims are also new, while the dash and pad are in good condition. The interior isn’t loaded with optional extras, although it does feature a factory AM radio.

When it came to the question of this restoration, the previous owner didn’t stop splashing the cash when it came to the drivetrain. This car features its numbers-matching 427ci V8 and a 4-speed manual transmission. It isn’t clear which version of the 427 we’re talking about here, but the driver should have at least 390hp at their disposal. That means that a ¼ mile ET of 13.8 seconds would be the worst that the buyer could expect, although the figure may be better. The restoration of this car included a rebuild of that big-block, and it has only accrued around 500 miles since the previous owner completed the work. He also replaced virtually the entire braking system and the radiator, exhaust, and numerous other components to ensure the vehicle is in a mechanically sound state. Disappointingly, the seller provides no information on how this Corvette runs or drives. However, with such limited mileage accumulated since a significant rebuild was completed, you would have to expect that all should be well on that front.

This 1969 Corvette Convertible has a lot to offer prospective buyers, particularly if they don’t mind getting their hands dirty completing the few minor details that are left to address on this restoration. Given its overall condition and its mechanical specifications, I believe that there may be some life left in this auction when it comes to bidding. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it work its way close to $40,000, although if two (or more) people want it badly enough, that figure could go higher. This is an auction that could be worth watching, although if you are tempted to make a play for it, I won’t blame you.


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  1. Way2nutz

    “No aspect of the vehicle has escaped attention”

    Like the rusty hood latches, reservoir cap, master cylinder. Seat upholstery installation by 7 year old. No vacuum line to the wiper door actuator just to start. Hate to see the underside.

    A half arsed cosmetic restoration at best.

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    • John S

      Missing fan shroud too.

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    • 1966 coupe

      Totally agree . The seller mentions great gaps in his ad. Did he not look at the front headlights and hood? Looks like they were put back together by someone in kindergarden. This isn’t even a 3rd rate restoration. The bid is up to $26,900. If the seller really put $85,000 into this car he didn’t get much for his money.

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  2. David

    Side-pipes please! What a highway cruiser

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  3. BobbyD

    Totally agree with Way2nutz !!!

  4. BobbyD

    $85 thousand invested ? I think he forgot the decimal point, as in $8.5 thousand invested !

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  5. George Mattar

    You can keep the ugly and crappy sounding side pipes. For $85,000 this guy got robbed. For that much, the wipers should work and buy the proper braided spark plug wires. Even a 435 69 convertible would struggle to reach $85,000 on its best day. This car is worth maybe $35,000.

    Like 5
    • Terrry

      It’s a dealer making that “$85k” claim. Need i say more?

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  6. Terrry

    A little shoddy, but it sure is a nice color! But being sold by a dealer, info is going to be sketchy at best.

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  7. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    Good luck keeping that 427 big block from overheating without a fan shroud. I have to agree with Way2nutz, this looks like a half a$$ed build.

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  8. gbvette62

    Though I love this website, but I wish some of the writers had a better idea of what they were looking at. Way2nutz nailed it, this looks like a quick cosmetic redo for a flip. While the seller doesn’t give any info on the engine, if it is the original engine (a big if), it could only be a 427/390, the 400 and 435 both had 3×2’s.

    The seller claims the car’s had a body off resto, and while the underneath looks cleaned up, it looks like it was really just given a black rattle can restoration. The fit of the hood is horrendous. One door panel has a chunk out of it, and the “Comfortweave” trim strips are falling off both panels. It appears the seat covers were installed without bothering to replace the old, collapsed seat foam. The center gauge bezel has air conditioning vents, but there is no sign of AC under the hood. $85K and they used a set of cheap replacement seat belts, and didn’t replace a $29 shift boot?

    For a frame off, the engine compartment doesn’t look restored. The A.I.R. pump and lines are missing, it has a cast iron intake that’s been painted silver to look like an L36 aluminum one. The ignition shielding’s missing it’s brackets, it’s just sitting on the distributor (a real good way to cause a missfire). Again, $85K spent on the restoration and it has a rubber fuel line instead of spending $50 on a correct, preformed steel pump to carb line? Do I need to go on?

    It could be a nice car, but it’s going to need more than just “some finer details” finished.

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  9. flmikey

    If the would be buyer reads the seller’s feedback pages, they should be very cautious about bidding on this car…the above comments speak for themselves…we have very astute readers on this site, don’t we?

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  10. David

    My grandfather always use to tell me, if you’re going to do a job, do it right
    or don’t do it at all!
    There was no way the owner spent 85 thousand on this car,because if he did it would look better than show room condition!
    There’s so much to question on this car and it seems whoever the owner is just wants to make a quick buck on the poor slob who buys it!

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  11. Lowell Peterson

    In spite of observations above its a great car and is gonna be a fun car to finish and enjoy. I like BF’s positive spin in write ups.

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  12. R.Scot

    That’s some seriously intense BLUE interior… But it goes well with the rest of the car.

  13. LIL RED 69 VETTE

    i’ll tell you what,,,,,! the peanut gallery ( us little folk ) don’t cut no slack . ! if you’re gonna put pictures with it, you better tell it like it is or your gonna get ripped.. 69 dozen different things missing under the hood just for starters !!

  14. LIL RED 69 VETTE

    and i’ve had mine for 49 years ! as of 08 aug 1972. thank you u s army.

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  15. AMCFAN

    I think a little more than a quick flip going on. I believe the owner dealer or not was passionate enough with the car. The tires are right and the blue interior looks inviting.

    The little details like hood hinges? Sometimes it takes a different set of eyes to take things to the next level. What is good enough for one person may be not for another. It’s America.

    Damn I would hate for any of you to look and pick apart my car! Too many want to be Bloomington Gold judges on here. I didn’t know BF attracted the Royal crowd.

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