No Reserve Garage Find: 1984 Chevrolet Corvette

This 1984 Chevrolet Corvette may not be at the top of every collector’s must-have list, but if you were going to invest in a C4 ‘Vette, this seems like a good one. The seller reports that it belongs to his very cool mother, who has decided at 79 years old that it’s time to set the Corvette free. It’s been sitting in the garage since 1998, and it wears a color scheme that we don’t see too often on Corvettes of this generation: blue over blue cloth, with the also-rare manual gearbox. The seller reports that the Corvette is overall in nice shape and that it ran when parked, but you’ll be loading up a non-runner when you pick it up. Find the Corvette here on eBay with bids to $4,550 and no reserve.

The C4 still hasn’t shed its somewhat unloved status among collectors, but as 80s vehicles come back into style, this generation of the Corvette will undoubtedly start to appreciate. The best way to experience one of these is just as this car is outfitted, with the hardtop and manual gearbox. While most of them were seemingly ordered in red or black, this car stands out with its sharp ice blue paint that appears to be in excellent condition. The Corvette looks bone stock, retaining its original wheels that will likely need new tires sooner than later. Despite being garage-bound, the bodywork doesn’t appear to have been hit any falling paint cans.

The interior is in respectable condition, with some more obvious signs of wear and tear than on the outside. Still, it’d likely present even better with just a quick detailing. There’s some work to be done here, as the digital instrument cluster suffers from intermittent blackouts. The good news is that the Corvette stayed inside for all of these years of disuse, so there’s no rampant sun damage. The seller doesn’t mention air conditioning or other power features, likely because it needs a new battery to even test it, but I think it’s a safe bet that the air conditioning doesn’t blow cold. The factory radio head unit is nice to see, along with an OEM steering wheel and shift knob. Clearly, mom liked her Corvette exactly as-is.

I am really digging the upholstery, and the seller shares that it was completely redone 24 years ago. So, in essence, the interior was reskinned shortly before the car was parked, which explains why it still looks so good. The cloth option was a rarely chosen trim among C4 owners, with most of the cars optioned with leather. Cloth bucket seats are a rarity and sought after today, and while we normally associate leather with being the preferred choice, I think it makes this nicely spec’d Corvette even more appealing. Get the gas tank flushed out, change the fluids, drop in a battery, and see what happens.


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  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Surprised there is no photo of Mom standing next to her car.

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  2. The Tower The Tower Member

    Jeff, that’s an automatic car. You can see the gear indicator window to the left of the shifter, as well as a button on the top, as well as no manual pattern diagram.

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    • Mriley

      The add even says it’s an automatic.

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    • Michael B Jabczynski

      The manuals that year was a 4+3 with a button on top of the shifter for the overdrive unit in 2nd,third & fourth. I believe they were called a Doug Nash

    • Michael B Jabczynski

      The Doug Nash 4+3 is a standard transmission with a clutch. Its basically a 4 speed with an overdrive in 2nd, third, & fourth. I had one in my 86 C4.

    • Bill

      I concur, when zooming, one can clearly see the “2” and “1” in shift indicator window that is visible in the image, the button on top one presses to shift the automatic transmission.

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  3. DJ

    Some fella needs to call Derek at Vice Grip Garage….

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  4. grant

    Automatic, base spec Vette. It’s already bid to almost it’s value as a driver. And it’s no driver.

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    • Gary

      So much disrespect. Men, this is a really pretty car with a great interior. Never have liked leather to sit my rump on, afraid the ghost of some cow would come calling. The cloth interior really makes this car for me, along with the awesome shade of blue. If I were in the market, this would be a good candidate for my flabby behind. Performance? Over rated, esp at my age. This had more then enough of it to get you into trouble, why ask for more?

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  5. jwzg

    The hatch has been replaced. That’s off an ‘86-‘90 model, as it has a CHMSL. I’m curious about why that may be the case.

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  6. Daniel Wright

    Is it me or is the hood a slightly different shade than the rest of the car?

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    • ccrvtt

      Below the beltline is a darker shade of blue. Chevy did that with other colors as well early in the C4’s life.

      C4s get an inordinate amount of disrespect given their significance in the history of the marque. The oft-repeated complaints are mostly justified but hardly deal breakers as there is a lot more to like than dislike. As with all Corvettes (except the C3s) the later models are the ones to get. My ’95 is one I’d like to get back if I ever win the lottery.

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  7. Scott

    A 4 + 3 trans. Kind of cool auto/stick. Cloth. Blue. Well, not worth big bucks but at a low price you got a conversation piece.. heck, if mom was easy on it it probably had quite a bit of life left. Try it out for a few years and who knows, in today’s crazy market you may get your money back if you decide to sell it. Just be a little easy on it yourself….I would bet rebuilding a 4+3 trans is no cheap task

  8. mikeh

    Throw in the Scott’s fertilizer spreader and I’ll bid 5,000.

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  9. Big Loop

    I had one that was a lot of fun back in the 90’s. My Tuned Port was supposedly better than the Cross fire and I never really had any trouble with the car- except for speeding and minimal ground clearance in the driveway. At the time this model was the largest interior that I could fit my 6’4″ self inside without my knees hitting the dash. Would be a good fun beater if I had the garage space.

  10. Ronald L Norman

    At first glance,I thought someone slipped into my garage and took this photo.

  11. JBD

    I bought a similar RUNNING car for $2,200 last year, also had leather and 3.07 perf axle ratio.

    This is a solid car that appears to be well cared for. Bidding is already almost $7k, still needs probable fuel pump, sock, filter, etc to run.

    FYI, the DN 4+3 manual was the tried and true BW Super T-10, mated to a Powerglide type two-speed OD unit. The biggest problem was slippage due to low oil/ leaks that burnt up the OD. These were reliable and durable as long as the fluid was changed and leaks were fixed. They received a lot of undesirable press even though it was a Doug Nash design, an icon in racing designs.

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    • Kirk

      Is there a clutch pedal with this 4+3 manual automatic stick shift or no? I’ve never been in or driven one of these so I’m still a little confused to me if it has a clutch pedal required it Is a manual no clutch pedal- automatic
      Semi automatic like the old vw beetle?

  12. Brian Weyeneth

    Having owned a 66 C2, two early 70s C3s and a 95 ZR-1 C4, there is little I can say positively about an 84. But that Scott spreader has possibilities.

  13. Bennygazooks

    How can a 1984 Corvette be parked since 1998 in her her barn?

  14. Brad460 Member

    I love my 84. They were a technological and engineering tour de force when they arrived on the scene. Very underappreciated in my opinion.

  15. John Hallam

    It’s not like a VW. It’s a manual transmission with an electrically controlled overdrive.

  16. Frank Sumatra

    It’s a 4+3 manual.

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