No Reserve Hot Rod! 1993 GMC Typhoon

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It coulda been a contenda! And this 1993 GMC Typhoon would have been had the General produced more than just 4,600 over a span of just two years (’92 and ’93). But as specialty vehicles go, they’re often short-lived and we’re fortunate that stodgy GM saw clear to produce this stylish two-door, go-fast, SUV at all. Other than the wheels, this example looks like a survivor so let’s check it out. Located in Brooklyn, New York, this no-reserve Typhoon is available, here on eBay for a current bid of $17,800 with twenty bids tendered so far.

While the pedestrian Chevy Blazer/GMC Jimmy had the same smooth lines with the Nomadesque B-pillar as this Typhoon (excluding the unbalanced, awkward-looking four-door version), they were pretty forgettable SUVs. However, aesthetics and image can make all the transformational difference. In this case, the mile-deep black finish combined with the chin spoiler and lower body sills makes for a sinister look. This example looks like it has been lowered and that certainly adds to the vibe too. The wheels, which are not original, help complete the look. The seller mentions that the original hoops are included in the sale.

The Typhoon’s engine’s origin dates to 1985 and stayed in production, in one form or another, through 2013. The 4.3 liter V6 is actually three-quarters of a Chevrolet 350 CI small-block V8 and has seen service in many GM applications. Fuel delivery has been handled by carburetors as well as both throttle body and multiport fuel injection. Over the years, many internal changes occurred and traditional horsepower output was typically in the 195-200 range. In the case of the Typhoon, however,  an intercooled, turbo-charger, as well as other internal and external changes, managed to coax 280 HP from the two valves per cylinder, pushrod engine. The seller states, “It starts right up, runs & drives great and sounds amazing with the turbo spooling“. Power gets to all four wheels with help from a 4L60, four-speed automatic transmission and a Borg-Warner transfer case.

The interior was a surprise to me. I was expecting a typical GM 90s environment, which isn’t always clothed in the highest quality materials, but that’s not the case here. The two-tone leather seats present beautifully as do the carpet and door panels. The dash and instrument panel, which are in fine nick, are representative of the hard plastic, sharp-angled pieces so often making a GM appearance in these years. Regardless, it’s all a nice, neat clean setting and that includes the cargo area too.

GM often takes it on the chin for some of their conservative approaches and resulting bland product results, but that’s really not the entire story. Vehicles such as this Typhoon, the ZR1 Corvette, Pontiac GTO (’04-’06) and G8 sedan, Chevrolet SS, COPO Camaro, and finally, a mid-engined Corvette, to mention just a few, show that some within their Detroit inner sanctum, have shown some true automotive soul in more recent years. We can only hope that they don’t lose that drive and imagination going forward, especially at a time when the automobile’s future seems cloudy. Well, until the dust settles, one can regale the past with a hot rod truck like this Typhoon, right?

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  1. Edo

    I like!

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    • Pasquale Bellomo

      @Michael w Lewis… It’s useless to some people who only like giant off road tires and a jacked up suspension on a truck that’s got more coats of wax on it then 747…and NEVER goes off road…yeah that garage queen “off road” truck is not useless! If I had the money I would snatch this up and drive it on the weekends… changes I would make would be the light GMC emblem,black or gunmetal wheels chrome looks nice but it’s a pain to take care of,put a nice sound system in it…that was popular in the 90s…I can’t think of anything else other then I like it…the true spirit of this lives on in the new RS Blazer, they GM was supposed to make an ICE SS Blazer with a supercharger or Turbo but never did … probably because of all this environmental nonsense raising mpg for car makers. Well that being said nice Typhoon.

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  2. Yblocker

    Totally useless

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    • Connecticut mark

      What about a Ford Lightning?

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  3. Maggy

    Back as a teenager a buddy of mina’s brother had one and it was a little rocket at least on the highway.Cool truck and while I’m not a fan of lowering vehicles and aftermatket wheels this one looks nice and tastefully done.Glwts.Syclone was cool too , I think that was the pick up version but I’m not sure.

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    • Chuck


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  4. Chuck

    I ran the carfax. Looks like it’s only had about 2000 miles pit on it in the last seven years.

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  5. Michael w lewis

    Why totally useless?. Haul light loads, plenty of horsepower and all wheel drive. Doesn’t seem useless

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  6. Joe Haska

    I love these and have always wanted one, I have only driven the truck, but they are identical. I am blown away, that it is In Brooklyn, New York. My daughter lives there and no one in Brooklyn hardly drives or has a car, least of all a Typhoon. Maybe she can go get it for me, or find out where it is, you don’t park a car like this in the streets of Brooklyn. Love the wheels. Would like to know the specifics on them ,because you just can’t throw any after market wheel on these cars. The prices on Typhoons are hard to track, so it will be interesting what the winning bid will be.

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  7. PRA4SNW

    Ad completely removed from EBay.
    That usually happens when it is found to be a scam/fake.

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    • ABikePeddler

      The Ebay listing is active. Does not appear the be a scam. Might need to clear your cache on your puuter.

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      • PRA4SNW

        Definitely odd, haven’t had that happen before that I know of. I didn’t clear cache, just clicked the link again and up it came.

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    • Yblocker

      No loss

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  8. TMK

    I thought i read some were , Clint Eastwood own one.

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