No Reserve Roundie: 1973 BMW 2002

There’s no shortage of kind things I could say about BMW’s 02 Series and its different variations. In my opinion, it’s one of the best models to roll off the company’s assembly line. This 1973 2002 is available here on eBay with no reserve, and it represents an increasingly rare example of an east coast 2002 that’s well-sorted and ready to drive.

This 02 is available in Downingtown, Pennsylvania with a clean and clear title. The seller notes that while the exterior needs some attention in spots, it is mostly in decent shape, along with the undercarriage.

The interior of the coupe is in extraordinary shape, with the seller citing it as one of the main reasons they purchased the vehicle. The seats, door panels, and glass are all in excellent shape, as are the window seals. The entirety of the vehicle’s gauges work, but unfortunately, the radio does not.

Under the hood, you’ll find BMW’s M10 inline 4-cylinder engine, a staple of the company during the 1970s and early 1980s. The engine pairs to a 4-speed manual transmission to drive the rear wheels, and the combination has traveled 140,000 miles. Though the coupe runs and drives without any issues, the seller notes that it could possibly use a tune-up in the near future.

At the time of this article being written, bidding for this 2002 is at $9,600. Spare for some bodywork that most shops could easily handle, this example seems to be an exceptional starting point for someone seeking a solid, but clean driver. Would you take on this 2002, or would you pass it up?


  1. Solosolo UK ken tilly Member

    If I had to live out the rest of my life with only one of the 200+ cars that I have owned so far from Rolls down to Ford Popular, then it would have to be the 1969 BMW 2002 Roundie!

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    • kakerlak

      My mom had a yellow 2002 roundie when I was growing up. Our family was weird, had that, a 510 and a ’70 MB 250 when I was little, plus a pair of Chevy 3100s parked in the side yard, lol.

      Some grandma rear-ended my mom as she was turning into her office and the BMW burst into flames. I don’t think she’s ever loved another car the way she did that one.

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  2. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Wow that’s strong money for a base ’02. I guess it shows how much people really like these little cars. I sure like mine, which is a ’75 with square tail lights and bigger bumpers. I guess the round taillights and chrome bumpers really command a premium.

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    • local_sheriff

      The 02s really present best with the round taillights and brightwork bits. However, your ’75 is nothing to be ashamed of and still has the unmistakingly 02 look. Introduced in 73 the 2002 Turbo version came with square taillights; but did US models keep the round until 74?

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  3. Al

    I am amazed that there is so much interest in Bath-tub ring BMW’s.
    When I see one of them I think of the ring in a bath-tub.
    Possibly a warped idea.

    In the ’90’s, Buick had a similar ring, but on the inside, weird again.

    Then I figure “c’est la guerre, mais c’est la vie” (that is the war, but that is Life).

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  4. Bummer Bimmer

    Can you here me screaming as I kick myself over and over again in the rear!!! 20 years ago a coworker tried to give a roundie to me and because the engine needed a complete rebuild and it needed paint I said no. What has I thinking?! My only defence is I already had 7 cars, all drivable, and didn’t want a project.

    I’ve wanted to get that off my chest for years, and no I don’t feel better for saying it.

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  5. Little_Cars Little Cars Member

    You think that is bad, Bummer Bimmer!??? My 2002 experience was breaking down driving a friend’s blue one just like this BF off Interstate 40 in Tennessee in the late 80s. On a Sunday. Not many service mechanics open and certainly none that wanted to tackle this 2002. I can’t even recall what the issue was, my friend talked me through a temporary roadside repair and I was on my way. A few years earlier my dad purchased a Euro-spec 325 and left it at the dealer when it required a radiator flush. Took the paltry trade in value offered for his non-runner and bought an anemic Fox bodied Mustang with the lamest vinyl graphics, 4 cylinder and automatic.

  6. TimM

    I always like this body style!!! Would really love to have this car

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  7. Justajoe

    My Roundie story is I bought it, a ’69, that had 73k indicated, and the seller said was accurate. Nope. After I went through the service records it was 173, had been totalled and rebuilt twice, and I put 110k of my own on it.

    When I finally sold it to pay for my last semester of college, the buyer, (an independent BMW mechanic) said it was the most-used Bimmer he had ever encountered and pretty much just bought it for the wheels – from a tii. .

    $500, a degree and no regrets.

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  8. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended: May 09, 2019 , 7:00PM
    Winning bid:US $10,100.00
    [ 11 bids ]

  9. Mountainwoodie

    Sigh…………………….had two………..still love ’em. Now I feel better.

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